This Month’s Journey!

Feb 25th will see the next Journeys into Passion story. Title: Lust from DarknessSynopsis: The story follows Witch Lucinda and Knight Hunter Alena, who have been fighting monsters for nearly a decade. Demons were never their speciality, but they soon find themselves against Demons with an unexpected plan …Tags: Mind control, female-female sex, male-female sex,... Continue Reading →

This month’s Journey!

Dec 24th will have the next Journey's into Passion story! Title: Threshold Technologies: TypewriterOSSynopsis: In this third and final installment of the Threshold Trilogy, the stories of Threshold revitalizer Jack Fauno in 2018 and Detective Juliana Black in 2030 are interwoven. Jack works to revitalize Threshold Technologies, while Juliana works a case of missing persons that leads... Continue Reading →

This Month’s Journeys!

This month will see two Journeys into Passion stories, following the tradition of an October Halloween Special! October 22 Title: Threshold Technologies -- An Old Typewriter Synopsis: In this second story of the Threshold Trilogy, Jack, a software engineer major at his university, finds a Threshold film. He watches the erotic sci-fi drama, An Old Typewriter, and is quickly... Continue Reading →

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