The Will of Darkness and Onward

I know its been a little while! Currently working on the merged and expanded JIP: Will of Darkness storyline for paperback and ebook. The new, originally unreleased chapter specifically still needs a bit of retooling. Regardless the story was not put together like its JIP predecessors. Instead, it follows a third person limited style in … Continue reading The Will of Darkness and Onward

Supernatural Unbound Pt2 Paperback!

Surprise! The paperback edition of Supernatural Unbound Part 2 is now available on Amazon! Paperback Link The stories will have some minor edits where necessary. With CreateSpace being phased out in favor of KDP, I decided to avoid any possible confusions and make sure the book was out sooner than later. There will be an … Continue reading Supernatural Unbound Pt2 Paperback!