Blog Flash Friday and alternate cover art

Friday June 5th will see the next Blog Flash! It is called Taken by Her. Synopsis: A mature woman calls for an escort, and is surprised at who appears later that night. On the Tome of Passions, I will be posting alternative cover art for Books I-VII at semi-regular intervals. This will be part of the lead … Continue reading Blog Flash Friday and alternate cover art

Update on current and future publications

Though it should go unseen by the enduser, I am moving to a different account on Amazon. If there is any issue grabbing my free books there for the next day or two, that's probably why. I am still on track for publishing the Complete Tome of Passions by September. I am thinking it will be $6 flat or … Continue reading Update on current and future publications

The Darkness Inside Amazon!

The Darkness Inside is now available for preorder on Amazon for download on Oct 10. While it may currently state .99c, it should be price matched to $0 by the time its released. If I understand the preorder system, it should give the purchaser the lowest price by the time its available ($0). Link to ebook … Continue reading The Darkness Inside Amazon!

Roleplaying in the Amazon!

Rolplaying is now also available at Amazon for their Kindle! As it is on Smashwords, this Unbound Story is free. Having worked out smoothly, the following stories will appear on Amazon in the near future: The Demoniac Method (An Unbound Story) The Darkness Inside (An Unbound Story) The Tome of Passions (Individual Books I-VII) The Tome of Passions: An Anthology of Weird Erotica* *Includes … Continue reading Roleplaying in the Amazon!