Blog Flash Halloween Friday!

This Friday will see the next Blog Flash! It will function as this year's Halloween Special. Interview With a Demoniac Succubus Tags: Mind Control, Transformation, lesbian sex I will also be re-releasing last year's special Beachfront (Part1, Part2) as a Blog Unbound monday Nov 3. This will create the precedent of re-releasing multipart Flashes as an … Continue reading Blog Flash Halloween Friday!

Tome of Passions Book II (Rev A)

The Tome of Passions: Book II -- Cosmic Passions is updated! The Silken segment has a different style from the rest of the book, and that initially was a problem at Smashwords. So, the first version has that segment formatted the same as the rest. This update has the segment formatted closer to the original … Continue reading Tome of Passions Book II (Rev A)