Discord Server

Working on a Discord server, relating to Twitter's recent issues. Already have an account over there to follow erotica and related author's. Might not be a true replacement, like how Twitter largely replaced Tumblr, but we'll see. Discord may replace WordPress in the long run, with the help of Google Drive. Once I'm happy with … Continue reading Discord Server

Post-retirement update

So … while I still consider myself retired, I’ve still been tweaking JIP: A Game of Truth or Dare (CYOA). The main and final update will be an alternate play mode. There will be some alternate dares, and removed limitations on Truth v Dare. This mode will allow the reader to play as many times as … Continue reading Post-retirement update

Truth or Dare!

JIP: A Game of Truth or Dare (CYOA) is finally nearing completion! It will be ready for play September 26. The story is internally somewhat complex, with an overlapping and malleable storyline. Overall adventure: Five characters. Each has a turn to choose a Truth or a Dare, in most circumstances. If too many Dares are … Continue reading Truth or Dare!