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Passions MultiverseThe Tome of Passions -- eBook contains books 1-8Supernatural UnboundSci-Fi UnboundSupernatural Unbound Pt2 Journeys Into PassionAll ebooks in the anthology series.Multipart stories are conglomerated into individual folders. Blog FlashesContains all ebook volumes (1-7) of conglomerated micro-stories.

JIP: Truth or Dare V.2 Gina’s Game

The Gina's Game Expansion is now playable for Truth or Dare. It contains tweaks to the main game and original endings, a new play mode "controlled" by Gina, and a new possible ending, there now be four main ones. The new ending can only be achieved by playing both Gina's game and the main one … Continue reading JIP: Truth or Dare V.2 Gina’s Game