JIP: Eternal Pleasures is complete!

All three characters are not playable!
Link: https://www.inklewriter.com/stories/98633

This story features three different Influences: Evil, Good, Neutral. It is possible, and recommended, to slide amongst the paths for a variety of experiences. Choosing to continue on an Evil or Good path for too long will lock the reader out of the opposing branch once a vampire, and these Influences will overarch into the other characters’ choices. The neutral path is always an option, representing a (mostly) passive Influence that can reset the overall Influence, if not leaning too far in either direction.

Candice and Jason are set ten years after Jessica’s story, with Jason’s starting not long after Candice’s. His story overlaps with Candice’s about 50%, and these characters’ narratives can be played separately or together. Characters may be played in any order otherwise. However, that may lead to a “shadowing” affect to maintain continuity. As in, “She was too overwhelmed to see who else was in the room,” but playing the other character(s) may dictate who was there.

Stay Mesmerized!
Mr P