Eternal Pleasures etc

Eternal Pleasures (CYOA) will be fully playable by July 20th!

Some teasers … The characters of Candice and Jason may be played separately or as a single subplot. Characters may be played in any order, while the influence system has built in limitations to allow for more variations in plot. There will be a total of seven different endings, with variations affected by prior choices.

In the meantime, enjoy Jessica’s story!

Other updates …

The final Blog Flash eBook, Compendium VII, will be released within the month, whenever its ready. It will feature an unreleased Flash. I do not plan to simultaneously release the eBook on Smashwords, as I have done with the prior.

I will keep up eBooks that were already released on Smashowrds and Amazon for the time being, but have taken down the paperbacks on Amazon.

So …

Stay Mesmerized
Mr P