Here are some major updates …

Eternal Pleasures (CYOA) is tentatively planned for late July completion. The characters of Candice and Jason will be opened for play simultaneously. Please enjoy playing Jessica’s story until then!

A Game of Truth or Dare (CYOA) is tentatively planned for release in late August. Please enjoy the short story until then!

And now for the most major update: I plan to retire from writing erotica. The stories above are my last planned pieces. This website will continue to be up for a presently indefinite amount of time after. Shifts in interests and life slowly pulled me away from this rather elaborate adventure. Truth or Dare will serve as the final paragraphs, pulling together some of my favorite erotic text.

This was a fun ride, with textural twists and turns I did not always expect. Some characters just wrote themselves. Some ideas just appeared from the chaotic ether of dreams. So glad that many joined me on this side-quest of erotic madness.

Until this ride hits that inevitable conclusion …

Stay Mesmerized
Mr P