JIP: A Game of Truth or Dare

Disclaimer: This adult short story is a work of fiction. It is meant for those eighteen and older. There is sexual and taboo content, some of which may not even be possible. All characters are eighteen or older. Though there are inspirations from other fictional sources, any similarity to real people, live or no, is merely coincidental.

Synopsis: Five coeds just moved into their student housing for the year. The building was a recently renovated cottage, built around 1850. It preceded their university’s founding by sixty years, and was last used about ten years ago. Rumors surrounding the old building ranges from being haunted to being filled with asbestos and mold. The latter was all but confirmed by the need for renovation. Regardless, the five coeds wanted privacy. The cottage was the most separate from the main campus … 


A Game of Truth or Dare

“Well, this place is disappointingly normal!” the somewhat scrawny, fair-haired Ron said lightly.

“You wanted a gothic cathedral, Ron?” his plain, slim-figured brunette, girlfriend Jenny quipped.

“Hey, that’s what I fuckin’ wanted!” Brad chuckled. He had dark hair, and was somewhat short yet athletic. He always threw “fuck” in all his sentences somehow. Never any other curse, to the annoyance of others.

The shy brown-haired, darker-skinned Brianna casually sat on the couch, and thumbed her phone. Her figure was on the voluptuous side, while she usually wore black (currently a floral-patterned, black top, black short-shorts, and black sandals). She was a master of shooing away men and women interested in her.

Gina casually walked in after them. She had long blond hair, gray eyes, freckled olive skin, and a slim figure. While on the quiet-side, she was probably the most friendly of all of them. She was probably the smartest, too, not only on the edge of going into theoretical physics, but also was an A student “since she was born,” as her friends often teased.

They were all friends, since the year before, their freshman year. Jenny and Ron were together starting in high school senior year. The others naturally meshed with Jenny and Ron. It was a loose mix of overlapping interests in Gothic Horror, and living in the same freshman dorm hallway. They also all hated the crush of the freshman dorms.

Exploring their new housing, nothing seemed off. None of them really expected anything unusual, though. The renovation was complete, save for the musty basement.

“I’m surprised they didn’t do much work down here!” Ron stated to Gina.

The others were out buying beer and pizza.

“Always kinda liked these old, stone foundations …” she said, lightly toughing the gray stones. “… Uneven … Haunting …”

“Yup, pretty cool! But … I gotta take a piss, Gina.”

She laughed sarcastically. “Such a gentleman.”

He laughed, and walked up the sturdy wood steps.

Gina then saw a shadowed green door at the far end. She walked toward it. Something about it seemed off, as if it was not supposed to be there. No … That wasn’t it, Gina pondered. It gave the sense that everything around it was not quite right anymore.

She examined it closely. The greenish wood looked old, like something in a 500 year-old castle or older. The wood had deep, visible, almost hypnotic grooves that seemed natural. This design before her looked overly elaborate, with overlapping and crossing slats that had no visible nails or pegs. What eventually struck her was the lack of a latch or doorknob. She reached out to touch it ….

Ron just finished unpacking in his staked out room when the others returned from the store. The Pizza smelled great, while he could hear the beer bottled dinking on the kitchen’s marble counter …

A few casual drinks down, Gina walked over to Jenny.

“Crazy drunk idea!”

“OK, Gina …?”

“Let’s all play truth or dare!”

“Isn’t that a guy’s wet dream?”

Gina shrugged with a giggle-huff. “Saw a guy shove an entire bagel in his mouth on a dare once. We’re not in some stupid porno, Jenny!”

Without much effort, Gina gathered all of them in the living room for the game most considered cliched at best.

“Let’s make this a little different,” Gina forwarded, taking a sip of her beer.

The others shrugged. All but Brianna were truly drunk, but even she was a little tipsy … and apathetic.

“Whatever you choose, everyone else is at the ‘mercy’ of that choice.”

“What?” Ron asked.

“Say, you chose ‘Dare,’ Ron. You could be told to eat a frozen sausage with Jenny, and she would have to go along with it, too. ‘Truth’ would be the same situation, but probably less, err, dramatic. Oh, and we can only go once, and can’t do the same thing another did.”

“Well, I’m game!” Brad said excitedly.

The rest agreed, perhaps with subtle surprise on their faces.

“I’ll start!” Gina said excitedly. “Brad, Truth or Dare?”

Brad had an incredible urge to request a Dare, but resisted, feeding on his inherent shyness. “Truth.”

“Oh, you’re no fun!” Gina teased. “OK, Brad, tell us about the first time you had sex.”

Brad huffed, knowing the answer was super-embarrassing for him. Something deeper pushed him to answer through the awkwardness. “I can’t tell you that …”

“Why?” Gina was genuinely curious.

“Haven’t had sex with anyone yet …” he said with an awkward smile.

“Oh!” Ron chirped.

“Well,” Gina began. “If it makes you feel better, Brad, it’s your turn …”

“Yeah,” he laughed nervously. “Err …Brianna, Truth or Dare.”

Brianna really wanted to go for a Dare. It was confusing her, because she was not really sure why she would want that option over the other. She went against her mental tide, and requested, “Truth, Ron.”

“OK …” He just knew what to ask. “Do you like to masturbate?”

She was taken aback for a moment, but only because of the forwardness of the question. “Yeah, actually I do … a lot. If we are being open-books here. I pleasure myself almost every day.”

“Woah!” Jenny huffed.

“So … Jenny, Truth or Dare?”

Jenny felt a truly intense urge for a Dare. It was inexplicable, but she decided to move things along, whatever that will mean. “Dare.”

Brianna glanced at Ron and back to Jenny. The insane, impossible idea just popped in her head like it was always there. She tried to think of other options, but none would come. “I dare you, Jenny, to become a voluptuous, enhanced pornstar-slut, and fuck Brad.”

“What?” Jenny glanced at the amazed Ron and Brad.

“Become a voluptuous, enhanced pornstar-slut, and fuck Brad!” Jenny repeated with an inexplicable excitement.

“All right …” Jenny agreed in bewilderment.

Jenny then felt very strange. Her ass, breasts, and lips began to tingle uncomfortably. Her whole face felt strange, twitching oddly at the nose, cheekbones, and chin. She felt her lips, breathing wildly: they felt … puffy.

“Holy shit!” Ron exclaimed.

Jenny looked down to her tits. They looked larger, as she felt her bra and T-shirt growing tighter. Indeed, the ass-end of her shorts also became tighter. At the same time, her body began to develop a fuller appearance in general. She lay back, heaving her growing chest wildly. The bra audibly snapped, as did the button on her shorts.

None of the physical enhancing hurt, but the discomfort was still overwhelming her. No, it was not just that. She … started to feel different. Through the surreal discomfort, thoughts, urges that were totally alien to her began to surface like they were always there. Thoughts of sex, arousal, penetration, cum in her mouth, cum on her body. Those aberrant thoughts, urges began to mesh with familiar ones. Images of the times she had sex with Ron. That time he felt down her leg to her foot was almost forgotten, but now she felt the urge to have him grope and suck her toes, to rub her wrinkled, silken arches. She remembered seeing him in the shower, and now imagined joining him, jerking him from behind, and then going to her knees to suck him off. She remembered all the times she caught Ron staring at other woman, and now wanting them to join her in bed with Ron — or just fuck the women herself. She now wanted to fuck him, while he watched the lesbian porn she once found on his computer. And finally, she began to think about all the men that caught her eye while with Ron, and wanting all of their dicks inside her, wanting to fill her belly with their cum. 

Those sexualized thoughts came from her now. They came naturally, like they were always there. Her deep intellect somehow accentuated those thoughts, making them feel like they were always a part of her.

Jenny slowly sat up before her amazed friends. Her breasts and ass literally busting out, she just removed her top and bottom. She smiled at what must have been a 34DD now, from 36A, while they now had that artificial, rounded look. Her juicy ass followed suit. Her face was now subtly more ovular, sharper thanks to the more distinct cheekbones, straighter nose, and more shallow and sharper oval of her eyes. Even her skin was changed: hairless, no imperfections, and a deep tan. It all felt so normal and right, in spite of how she literally looked “enhanced.” She slowly licked her large, pink, pillowy lips, and looked at her shocked boyfriend. Her eyes fell to the wide-eyed Ron on the chair.

All of their jaws were dropped. They still recognized her as “Jenny,” but could not believe how different she suddenly was.

“Holy shit, Ron! I’m a totally enhanced slut like those pornstars now!” She turned to the wide-eyed Brad. “Now, I’m gonna fuck you, until you forget you were ever a virgin!”

“Oh, wow, shit …” Ron huffed.

The transformed Jenny went to her knees before the seated, super-aroused Brad. She teasingly looked to Ron. “Don’t worry, Stud, this slut can’t wait to fuck you, too!”

She quickly, desperately pulled off Brad’s pants, and began sucking off his surprisingly large dick like she had done it a thousand times. No gagging, just joy. Her super-sensitive, pink lips wrapped around his shaft like she was some kind of sex-doll.

“Oh, yeah …” she said with her mouth full. “UMMM!”

“Oh, FUCK …. uh …” Brad grunted.

“Feels too good in my mouth!” she purred, drool everywhere.

She stroked the wet shaft with one hand, while she sucked off the top half. Her other hand fingered her ass and pussy. Brad’s hands groped everywhere they could, spending most of their time on her ass-cheeks.

“UUUmm-err!” she cooed, deep-throating the length of the thing.

“Wow, yeah!”

Jenny then stocked the shaft between her firm globes. “OH, FUCK YEAH!” she growled. Using her body like this was something she never imagined before, but it came to her instinctually now.

“My pussy’s so fucking hungry!” she squeaked.

The slutty Jenny then crawled up onto the breathless Ron’s lap, slipped off her flip-flops, and teasingly felt her wrongly soles. She then grabbed the back of Ron’s head to give him a deep, tongue-laden kiss. Leaning back, she let Ron sloppily grope her orbs, making her moan. Well, she passively guided him with her moans and chest heaves. He still was a bit undisciplined, but she loved it anyway. Her new tits, now wet with spit, were so damned sensitive.

Like it was always there, Ron’s cock was fully consumed by Jenny’s perfect, sultry, sensitized, pussy, instantly loosing his virgin card.

Ron was almost catatonic from the pleasure, face buried between the firm beach balls, while Jenny felt more pleasure than she ever did before. Her entire body was tighter, more sensitive. There was no doubt she was addicted to this truly orgasmic pleasure. She loved how good it felt to let herself be addicted to this. 

“UHHH-oh … So fuckin’ good!” she cooed orgasmically.

“Oh, fuck, I’m gonna cum!”

Jenny then slowed her wild humping, and framed the bottom of his face with her perfectly round breasts to wetly make out with him.

“Cum all over me, Brad, like the slut I am!” she huffed excitedly.

Jenny dismounted, and leaned back on the floor, legs folded under her.

“I want your God-dammed, mother-fucking cum!” she growled, squeezing her tits together.

“Oh, errr,” Brad grunted, jerking his wet did wildly.

“I want you to cum all over me!” she purred in epic excitement.

“Oh, fuck … Oh, God …” he huffed, stroking insanely.

“I deserve it!” 


“I want your cum!”


“I fucking need it!” She groped her firm orbs aggressively.

“I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna a cum!” he yelled.

Even though she never did or saw such a position before, she leaned back further, opened her mouth wide, and stuck her tongue out all the way.

“OHHH!” he grunted nasally.

The first blast of hot, thick slime split, and landed on the side of her mouth, top of her tit, and just below it. The succeeding blasts laded all over her face, in her mouth and on her tits. She fingered her G-spot widely.

“OH FUCK YES!” Brad grunted.

Jenny sneaked and grunted and shook in orgasm just from the feel and taste of the musky goo. She definitely squirted all over herself, but was barely aware of it. Indeed, her ultimate orgasm was like an overpowering bliss of nothingness washing over her.

The moment some conscious thought came back to her, she grabbed the shaft, sat up, and shoved the cock in her mouth. Squealing in pleasure, she sucked out the last blobs of cum, of which there was a surprising amount still. It tasted so fucking good! 

Brad, out of breath, lovingly stroked her soft, dark hair, assuming the virginity-destroying act was done. The next thing he knew, though, was Jenny toes were groping his balls.

Jenny loved how sensitive her feet were now, the pleasurable tingling she felt from feeling the man’s crotch with them. She really just wanted to squeeze out more cum, and let her transformed self show her ways to do that.

She happily, lustfully stroked the shaft between her toes, before leaving forward to lick and suck on the wet tip. Eventually, she put her feet down, and took the length of the cock down her throat, forcing Brad to have an aftershock of an orgasm. He grunted out another stream of his essence down her throat.

Satisfied, Jenny leaned back, popping the cock out of her mouth. She made sultry eye contact with the exhausted Brad.

“Umm, that was great, Brad,” she purred.

“You, too …” he barely said, sitting back on his chair, naked, in amazement.

Jenny sat back on her spot on the couch.

“Would you, uh, like a tissue or something?” Brad huffed.

“Nah, thanks, I’ll just eat it all!” Jenny exclaimed. She happily scooped off and sucked down all the cum she could find on her. 

They all looked at Jenny with aroused amazement. A profound sense of liking what the Dare made her be and do washed over them, Jenny perhaps more so.

Jenny slowly looked up and down her boyfriend, Ron, hungrily licking her lips.

“Ron,” she purred.


“Truth or Dare?”

Almost like it was not his will, he exclaimed, “Dare!”

She glanced at the smirking Gina. “Have Gina fuck you up the ass, so that she can become a Succubus.”

“What?” Gina chimed.

“Your rules, babe,” Jenny smirked with her large, shimmering lips.

“OK …” Gina said with a distinct casualness. She did not fully understand why she was so casual about this …

At first, Ron was not really sure about the anal part of the Dare, from both the “anal” part and the apparent lack of dildo.

Gina opened up the cabinet behind Ron, not consciously sure if anything in there would help him with his Dare. To her surprise, a very red, double-sided, strapless dildo was on the bottom of the otherwise empty space. She picked up the fleshy thing. The color was almost exactly the same as the mysterious door in the basement. An odd thought passed through her mind. She did not remember walking back up the steps after touching the old wood. Or did she? Did the door open on its own? Something was wrong here, and she was not sure what. Ron then broke her thoughts …

“Maybe I’ll fuckin’ like it!” Ron said in his amazement, taking off his clothes.

“OK!” Gina said in her own amazement. The crazy “succubus” part aside, she never did anything like this before. Yet, she really wanted to do this.

Gina removed her clothes, and shoved the curved end into her surprisingly most pussy. It felt so fucking good! She never used a dildo before. She was … excited!

She walked over to the seated, naked, expectant Ron.

“Holy shit!” Ron exclaimed. “That thing’s huge!”

“Shut up!” she said seriously. For the first time in her life, Gina felt dominant. “Go to your knees.”

He did so, wide-eyed.

She teasingly tickled his face with the dildo. “You like that?”

“Well …” he huffed. “Putting his hand on her thighs.”

Gina quickly removed his hand. “You’ll only touch me when I say. Understand?”

“Yeah …”

“Spit on it! Needs to slide up your ass, you know.”

He did so.

“Lick it!”

He did so.

“Suck it!”

The member fell into his mouth. 

Damn, Gina loved being in control like this!

“Yeah, take it all in, Ron … Good … Enough … Get on your hands and knees.”

Almost the moment he did so, Gina folded her legs under her, and rimmed his ass, making it wet with her spit. Remarkably, she knew just what to do here with her tongue and fingers. His asshole started to look really relaxed!

“Umm, that, that actually really feels good, Gina …”

She then went to her knees, and slowly inserted the large member into his rear. He grunted in amazement, but not in pain. Gina could feel it all through the other part of the dildo inside her. Fuck, this felt good … Too good.

“Oh, fuck,” Ron huffed. “So damned deep.”

Damned, indeed,” Gina chuckled. This was supposed to turn her into a “succubus,” even if she didn’t really think that was going to happen.

Regardless, Gina slowly increased the intensity of her thrusts. Her whole body felt alive with pleasure.

So fucking good …” Gina grunted. “You like me inside you, Ron?”

“Yeah,” he moaned. “I actually do … Wow …” 

Already drooling, she spit on the green cock for more lube. Squeezing her tits, she only picked up her pace slightly, taking in a deeper pleasure than she ever knew. Yet, she found herself concentrating more on Ron’s pleasure. Grope his balls. She teasingly groped his balls, the idea just coming to her. She quickly found the perfect rhythm to make him feel the optimal pleasure. It was his pleasure that felt so good!

“Damn, you like this so much, maybe I will become a succubus from this!” she purred. It was meant to be a joke, a tease, but she felt a genuine exhilaration from the notion.

Fuck his ass missionary. The thought came to her like it was her own, and yet not at the same time. It will feel even better with him on his back. Gina removed her cock, and had him lay on the coffee table on his back.

Gina slipped back into his gaping asshole. She grunted a cooed louder than Ron, a half-moment after his grunts. Stroke his dick and balls. Gina followed the apparent thought, jerking off his solid member. Their eyes met, the lust between them powerful.

“Like it when I stroke your cock, while I fuck your ass?”

“Oh, yeah …” he grunted.

I want to just feel his pleasure, she heard herself say in her head. I’ll make him stroke his own cock.

“Jerk yourself,” she huffed.

I feel so good, she heard her mind say. His pleasure his everything I need! 

“Oh, yeah … OH FUCK … OOOO-AH!” Gina cooed excitedly.

Now stroke and suck his tasty dick, and thrust harder!

Gina followed the thoughts that could only be her own. She never sucked a cock before, but then again, she never fucked anyone up the ass before! The cock just slipped into her mouth like she did it a thousand times. 

Holy shit, pre-cum tastes amazing!” she said to herself, eyes affixed on the throbbing member, before consuming it again. She moaned and grunted wildly, with her mouth full of cock. His pre-cum is starting to transform me! I need more! Gina began to suck harder, more aggressively. I need his cum!

The thoughts beyond her control started to not feel so alien. Yes, I won’t stop until he cums! It felt like she was the one thinking them now. The once alien voice was now her internal voice. Yes, this is me! I want this!

“Oh, fuck, I’m gonna cum, Gina!”

Fuck yes!” she screamed in her mind and out loud, while grunting loudly. Ron then ejaculated more than he ever did before. The very taste of the semen made her body feel invigorated in orgasmic ways she never thought possible. She thrust and such, and stroked harder, forcing him to orgasm just that much more.

“UMMMM …. UMMMM …. UHHHH!” Gina grunted in orgasm, swallowing up to the last drop desperately.

Gina pulled back, feeling her body burn in orgasm. No, it wasn’t just her body … I can feel my soul burning from orgasmic corruption! Through the minds of the others, she could somehow see herself transform, as much as she could feel it. The orgasmic nature of the apparent feed negated any physical pain, but she felt the discomfort nonetheless.

Her nails turned black and thick like claws, becoming retractable claws, she proved on her own accord. Her upper and lower canines sharpened and slightly lengthened. A tingling sensation overwhelmed her ears: they developed distinct points at the top. Her lips became black and somewhat puffy, as did her nipples and areolae. She then realized how she became stronger, more muscular. Her skin color then began to shift to a crimson, shimmering, alluring red, while the texture shifted, too. The skin lost all imperfections and hair, as it become more akin to latex. She could see how her palms and soles no longer had wrinkles, while they settled on a lighter red then the rest of her. Without warning, her bangs than twisted into distinct golden horns, flowing backward along the side of her head.

My soul! she cried in her mind. The orgasmic fire is destroying all the light in it! And it feels fucking incredible!

Suddenly, her eyes felt incredibly uncomfortable. Their color shifted to deep, hypnotic black, as if her pupils consumed it all. That blackness corrupted the whites of her eyes with a subtle red. She looked around at her shocked friends with literally different eyes, senses, needs. Their wants and desires, particularly sexual, were like a sweet perfume that she could manipulate, or she could grasp those desires like a cable, connect to it, and alter them in any way she wished. They all smelled like the best food she ever had, but she never knew existed.

Oh, fuck me all over this campus! I don’t feel human anymore. The ashes of my soul are mixing with that orgasmic corruption to become my new essence that’s already replacing my DNA …

Gina then grabbed what she thought was her tail bone, feeling intense discomfort traveling up her spine. Her hand instead landed on a growing, fleshy tail. It grew to at least three feet long, with a pointed tip that almost looked like the head of a cock. Indeed, it was in a way. She could use it to fill others with her semen to mate. Or she could shoot blanks, because her thick, black slime was addicting, corrupting, and dominating. Her pussy can and will ejaculate the dark substance as well. She moved the new tail naturally like it was her arm or leg.

And then, she remembered the green door. She touched it, and it opened to utter darkness. There was something just beyond her humans senses, something giving her orders that she could not consciously perceive. Those orders corrupted her somewhat, using her as a conduit for the insanity of the Dares or the undeniable responses of the Truths.

She looked down on the man she was still inside, feeling a completeness within her. Ron was lost in utter amazement and desire. Holy shit … I really am a …

“That was a hell of a thing, Gina …” Ron huffed.

“Yeah …” She could not feel any human emotion toward him.

I could suck it all out of him. Fuck him like a personal buffet until he no longer existed. No, I can’t do that … Why not? I only remember the feeling of being human … Maybe that’s enough …

Gina ejected herself, and removed the dildo. Her shimmering, pitch-black semen coated it. She put it back in the cabinet, and took back her seat. It was all so clear now. Well, it was obvious now. Asmodeus itself spoke to her, and the power of those words created this game, this ritual. Their free will here was subverted. They had the power to resist through choosing Truth, but every Dare chosen made that harder. They still had one more Truth or Dare. There was another chance to not become a servant of a lustful demon. Yet, she wondered if it was too late for herself …

The very tired Ron began the final sequence. “Gina, Truth or Dare?”

She tried. She really tried. It was the last Dare, the one that changed her, that made her response impossible to change: “… Dare.”

“I dare you to become a busty, enhanced pornstar and feed on us all individually.”

Of course, that was the Dare. I’m a puppet that sees the strings, but have no scissors to cut myself free. Maybe, just maybe, I can hold on to that spark of humanity …

There was an amusing irony for Gina on the first part of the Dare. It was that demonic power coming up from the basement that allowed them to transform, but Gina could just alter herself on her own will now.

Her ass and tits grew like balloons. The asscheeks became quite bubbly, while her  tits became large and round. She even made her lips quite puffy to conclude this task.

Looking at Ron, she wanted that feeling of being like being a stranger in her own body, but she did not feel that at all.

Ron stood up, and they instantly began to make out. The sensations were intense for them both.

“Holy shit! Fuck!” Ron exclaimed. “Are you already feeding on me?”

“I guess so …” she said, feeling up and down his heaving chest, and groping his back with her sensitive tail.

Gina resisted taking total control over him, barely. Instead, she decided to just give him what he wanted, which was not terribly elaborate.

Without any nudging, they went down onto the carpet. She let him suckle and grope her massive orbs, sitting up on her knees. He moaned from the boobs he clearly lusted over, and she automatically absorbed his lust with great pleasure. Well, he groped her bubble butt, too. She could only tingle in pleasure from it all.

“Your body, Gina …” he huffed. “Your body feels like warm, soft rubber …”

“Do you like it, Ron?”

“Oh, fuck yeah, Gina! It’s better than anything …”

Ron’s dick soon found its way into her perfect, tight pussy. She could only thrust her hips passionately, lustfully. It felt so fucking good for Ron, but Gina much more so.

She knew exactly what would drive him wild. She groped her own tits above his face. They bit one another’s lips in turn. He bit her nipples hard. It was everything he ever wanted.

Even eventually, he blew his massive load into her hungry body. This was the first time she truly fed on a human. Yes, when she first fucked Ron, his lust fueled her transformation, but it was not really a true feed. This was something else. This was something more. All she could compare it to was the best food she ever had all rolled into one orgasmic insanity. Her black eyes began to glow red from her own orgasm, induced from the feed. This was not like any orgasm she had as a human. It was like an implosion of lustful pleasure. She could literally see their lust being sucked in by her own body. This felt like pure power. This felt like everything.

Ron was utterly exhausted when she dismounted. Her dark semen coated his balls and deflating cock. Such exposure would literally make him crawling back for more, but he would not be some addicted thrall as long as he didn’t eat any of it.

Looking down on him again, she realized something. She remembered feeling so much for others that she had to hold those emotions back. Now, she could see and understand Ron’s emotions — his lustful potential mouth watering, but she could not really share his feelings anymore.

She moved toward the nervous Brianna at the waist height table on the far end of the room. Gina uncontrollably licked her lips at the sight of the nervous human. Brianna had the potential for great lust. Gina’s urge to rip off the woman’s clothes and fuck her until there was nothing left was potent.

“I, um …” Brianna said quietly. “I’m not attracted to women …”

I will have to give in to some of my power to change her, she thought to her self. I’m OK with that.

“Don’t worry about it, Brianna. I’ll just change your sexuality.”

“What …?”

Gina looked deep into Brianna’s dark green eyes, while grasping at her lust. Within moments, Gina could feel the woman’s DNA and derived desires. She could change everything about this woman, and wanted to. In fact, she needed to much more than she said she would to Brianna to derive the greatest level of pleasure from this. The hands of her demonic essence resequenced Brianna’s DNA to make her desire men, women, and everything in between. She continued to alter both Brianna’s DNA and mind. Brianna quickly was made into a submissive slut, who loved busty woman, especially blondes. Gina specifically gave her a fetish for demons.

When Gina metaphysically pulled away, Brianna felt confused. The human briefly felt like a stranger in her own body, feeling deep sexual attraction to everyone in the room, including herself in the mirror. Her attraction toward Gina now was overwhelming.

“What the fuck did you do to me?”

Gina smiled, and teasingly brushed the woman’s breasts. “You know. You feel it.”

“Yeah …”

“Then let me eat your sapphic virginity.”

“OK …”

They began to deeply make out. It was an explosion of lust for Brianna that Gina literally absorbed. While Gina aggressively held the woman’s head at the base, Brianna found herself groping Gina’s large, full ass. She excitedly felt the base of the saying tail, too.

Gena teasingly felt down Brianna’s quivering, ripe body, grabbed her at the hips, and plopped her on the table like she weighed nothing. She ripped off Brianna’s top, and groped the huffing woman’s large tits. Gina pulled Brianna back for a deep kiss, literally sucking out the human’s lust. She then down to round to suck and grope the woman’s breast, before grabbing at her most pussy. Brianna huffed and purred.

Their eyes periodically met. Gina knew how Brianna observed — and was turned on by — the look of pure, uncaring hunger in Gina’s eyes. Gina wanted to be concerned about that, but really wasn’t. Instead, she just groped and smooched and absorbed.

Gina then pushed Brianna down onto the table, grabbed the woman’s legs, and pulled Brianna into her waist. She possessively groped Brianna’s tits, before reaching down into Brianna’s pants. Brianna arched her back and huffed wildly at the touch of the rubber skin on her wet pussy. No one ever touched Brianna quite like that before. She never knew anyone could make her feel such epically lustful pleasure.

“Fuck, I really am gonna feed on everything you’ve got!” Gina stated, more to herself. She was forcing disbelief that wasn’t really there. She held back before, but found herself unable to do so with Brianna.

“Oh, yes …” she huffed erratically.

This frenzy I put her in tastes so fucking good! Gina admitted to herself.

Gina then grabbed and lifted Brianna’s legs, and yanked Brianna back to her. She yanked the human’s tight pants up to the knees. Holding Brianna’s legs up and playing with the wet pussy, Gina lustfully smooched the mesmerized woman. Gina literally sipped the sexualized energies out like some kind of appetizer.

Still smooching and sucking, Gina moved her hand around, and let Brianna’s legs fall. Gina continued to rub the dripping pussy, directly absorbing the energies through her hand and mouth. 

Brianna could not believe how insanely orgasmic she felt. It just flowed out of her, quite literally. No man ever made her orgasm like that. Her whole body tingled.

“I wanna eat out you pussy so bad,” Gina purred.

“OK …” They kissed deeply.

Gina moved around, and aggressively groped Gina’s breasts, making the human moan. She then flipped Brianna around like a leaf. Lifting her up to her elbows and knees, Gina hurried her face into the woman’s asscheeks. She consumed Brianna’s ass and pussy at practically the same time.

Brianna could only coo and moan in utter pleasure beyond anything she knew possible. Gina spanked her, too, making Brianna moan louder. Spanking was a desire present prior, but it was not something Brianna was fully aware of. No sexual desire went past Gina anymore.

Brianna soon fell onto the table in a growing continuous orgasm. There was nothing but the pleasure flowing out of her. Gina could only feed on it all, her eyes glowing a deep red. Brianna had no idea when the orgasmic madness would stop, as Gina was actively forcing the orgasm to continue with her mouth and demonic will.

Gina eventually let go of the orgasm. She took the mesmerized Briana’s hand, and led her to the unused couch opposite the others. Brianna’s shoes subtly clunked on the door.

Brianna found herself practically thrown to the couch. Gina quickly pulled off Brianna’s shoes and ripped off the pants. Gina crawled on top of her, groping and kissing Brianna possessively from breasts to ass. She was actually putting a touch of the energy she fed on back into Brianna, instinctually investing in the continuing feed.

Gina loved how Brianna wrapped her legs around her, bringing their wet pussies together. It was amazing to Gina now how easily she could take control over a human’s desires so completely.

She then kissed and groped her way down the squirming Brianna’s body. Gina slowly, passionately bad out with Brianna’s pussy. Brianna huffed and cooed, lost in the lust inflicted upon her.

“Feels good?” Gina asked jokingly.

“Oh, yeah, feels fuckin’ great …” Brianna purred.

Brianna leaned into Gina’s mouth and skillful tongue. Her orgasmic energies again began to flow out of her, and into Gina. Brianna actually found herself wanting Gina to take every ounce of energy she had, feeling fingers thrusting into her wildly, as Gina wanted every ounce from the human. Maybe, deep down, Gina did not care what that meant for Brianna. The energy flowing out of this woman made Gina feel so alive!

Gina took control of the orgasm again, and forced it to continue past any natural length of time. Eventually, though, she stopped. She crawled back up Brianna, and made out with her again, slipping just a pinch of energy back to keep this going. Gina’s tail swayed joyously.

“I want you to eat my pussy now,” Gina said, knowing what it would mean if the woman ate the dark semen that was indeed leaking out.

“That sounds amazing!”

Gina lay on her back, and Brianna went between her legs. The tail made laying on her back a touch awkward, but the way it forced her pussy up, made her just that much more enticing for Brianna.

UMMMM!” Brianna cooed, eating the strangely delicious, thick pre-cum.

Gina moaned and cooed. She wanted to feel bad for taking such total control over this woman, but just couldn’t.

“Umm, that feels so good, Brianna! You’re a natural,” Gina purred.

Gina thrust her hips into the source of pleasure, groping her own tits. This pleasure was making her hungry, and she loved it. 

“So good! Don’t hold back … I’m gonna cum in your mouth!” She grabbed the back of Brianna’s head. “Oh … YEEEAH … OOHH OHH, ERR … YEAHHH!” Gina came hard, squiring her dark, corrupting slime down Brianna’s throat.

The taste and feel of Gina’s cum was strange, not that she ever ate ejaculate before. It was also the most amazing thing she ever tasted! Her whole body felt orgasmic pleasure in an instant. Brianna somehow she knew was not only addicted to that substance, but also now felt completely subservient to Gina.

“Come up here. You were great!” Gina cooed.

“OK …”

The made out aggressively, Gina’s legs possessively wrapping around Brianna. Gina loved the taste of her own semen in another’s mouth. Gina asked herself why she was all right with this, but refused to comprehend the answer she already knew.

Gina then propped the human upright, and began to grope her pussy, smooshing her face.

“Oh, that’s so fucking good …” Brianna cooed, Gina fingering her G-spot. She moaned and cooed, feeling yet another orgasm coming.

“It makes you feel good?” Gina teased, voice weirdly deep.

“Yeah …” she purred. “UHHH … ooooh, fuck … Feels so amazing …”

Gina found herself truly enjoying this “light tasting.” It wasn’t orgasmic, but the lustful energy was still flowing into her.

“Oh, gah … I’m cuming … So good …” Brianna cooed, grasping at Gina.

Brianna’s mouth was wide open over Gina’s, which actively sucked out just that much more energy.

Brianna screamed in yet another orgasm, squiring all over Gina’s hand, which visibly absorbed all the liquid. 

“I’m not done feeding on you yet. Sit on my face, Brianna.”

Excitedly, though starting to feel the strain of literally being consumed, Brianna did as ordered. Final instantly began to comma Brianna’s wet pussy, as Brianna’s leaned down to eat the one that excreted the substance she was hopelessly addicted to.

An idea hit Gina to turn her tongue into a cock not unlike her happy tail, and followed the idea without thinking. She then thrust her tongue-member in and out of the moaning woman’s pussy.

“Holy shit!” Brianna huffed. “Your tongue is so deep in my pussy … Feels like a dick … Wow …”

I actually want to mate with her! I need to make her ovulate first … Gina almost did it, but held herself back. She told herself that it was the wrong time to do such a thing, but the notion felt utterly right.

“OH, fuck … it’s so deep! Cum inside me!” she begged, near another orgasm.

Gina willed Brianna back down to her pussy. She consumed Gina like the edict she was. The Brianna came, Gina grasped at the energy, forcing the woman to again have a much greater orgasm than what was natural.

Unable to hold back her own orgasm from the glorious feed, Gina blew her loads threw her pussy and tongue …

Gina looked down on the semiconscious Brianna. Black cum leaked from the human’s mouth and pussy. Gina felt so … good.

She glanced at Ron, who had clearly eaten some of her addictive cum. She turned to the expectant Brad. There was confusion over her lack of concern for either of them, on her part. Indeed, it all somehow made her happy. It was in that moment she started to realize that she, more or less, still had the same range of emotions. The difference was that those emotions were not firing as they did before all this. Her emotions were now all geared to what sustained her: pure sexual lust.

Gina walked back to the table where she first feed on Brianna. She hopped up and teasingly beckoned Brad. 

He looked surprisingly excited to be fed on like some steak. Indeed, he did look quite tasty, but lacked certain things that would make the feed filling.

“Hi, Brad.”

“Uh, hi …” he said somewhat awkwardly. He only just lost his virginity.

Gina grabbed hold of his desires and lust on her own will. The shy and submissive Brad really was boring! So, she flooded his mind with submissive sexual behaviors to enhance that submissiveness in delicious ways. She specifically gave him a deeply seated foot fetish. For fun, she made sure he was not yet fully aware of these changes.

“You know, we never talked much, Brad.”

“I guess I’m a little shy,” he said with a nervous laugh.

“How bout you tell me something you’re into, and then I’ll tell you something I’m into … Well, something I’m into, now.” She swayed her tail suggestively, playfully crossing and uncrossing her legs. I’m really messing with him! I can taste the lust from this … Wow …

“I’ve kinda like lesbian porn a lot,” he croaked, looking up and down her naked, demonic body. “Now that I think about it … I think I really like how dominant you were with Ron and Brianna …”

“Oh, I think I kinda liked it, too, Brad!” she said, playfully touching Brad’s shoulder. “You know, Brad, I’ve been having trouble admitting this to myself, but I’m just gonna say it … I’m really getting into this whole thing: The seduction, the mental and physical domination, how good it feels to feed on sexual lust!”

Gina brushed her bare, soft feet on Brad’s bare legs in a way that seemed accidental. She really liked, well, lusted over his hard dick. The thought of sucking lust out of it until he dropped was actually exciting her. “I really wanted to retain my humanity after I was roped into the Dare that changed me. That was delusion, I think. I knew from the start that my humanity became a memory, a kind of boring dream …” Oh, fuck, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it’s all true! “I am now an actual succubus, a real-life demon that feeds on the sexual lust of others. Lust in all forms is who and what I am now. It is the core of all I see and feel.” In that moment she understood that she no longer had independent will, and that her will was intimately tied to Asmodeus’. She then exclaimed with a deep, hypnotic resonance, “I am the embodiment of lust!”

“Holy shit!” Brad huffed.

“It feels so good to admit what you really are.” She teasingly rubbed his inner thigh with the side of her foot. 


“Humans are such easy prey,” she purred in her hypnotic resonance.

Gina teasingly brushed her toes on his cock and balls. She licked her lips, tasting the lust he excreted from it.

“Your feet are so sexy …” Brad huffed in utter amazement. He looked super-shy and sheepish about it.

“Oh, don’t feel bad, Brad. Ron liked being fucked up the ass by me!”

“I just … uh, never thought about feet like this before …”

“You have a fetish for feet?” she teased.

“I guess so … Is that … weird?”

She very lightly rubbed the top of her foot under his shaft. “I don’t think so,” she said quietly, with a big smile. “No stranger than my becoming a demon that eats the lust out of humans.”

“What, what are you doin!?” He backed up slightly.  It would seem he was just that much more sheepish now, to Gina’s actual amusement.

“Oh, come on, Brad! I wanna put a smile on that shy face, before I really start to feed on you. Get over here!”

He did so like the sub he was.

“Now tell me how much you’re liking my feet.”

“You’re not gonna think it’s dirty?”

She chuckled. “I’m a fucking succubus! I like it good. I like it bad. I like it dirty. It’s all fucking delicious to me!”

He started to breathe heavily, Gina’s feet rubbing his inner thighs, and ever so slightly brushing up against his twitching cock. He quickly licked his lips. “Their so pretty and curvy … I love the black nails. So soft … Such inhumanly soft yet rubbery skin …”

“Really?” she smiled.

“Actually, I wanna know what they smell like …”


Gina brushed her toes up his body, and actively pumped out her mind-numbing pheromones through her soles.

“Oh, wow …” he huffed, taking in their scent. The scent and feel of the succubus’ perfectly smooth foot drove him wild.

“Ummmm,” she purred deeply, eating his deep lust. “You like that?”

He subtly nodded.

She pressed her toes practically up his nose. “Smell it.”

He inhaled so desperately.

She then dropped her toes down his lips and neck.

“Your feet are so fucking hot.”

“Yeah,” she purred.

Gina rubbed her toes on his chest and belly, while the almost delirious Brad took it all in. Well, Gina was the one taking it all in! She then pulled him closer with her feet, and rubbed his cheek with her sole.

“That feels so good.”

“Oh, yeah? You like my feet on your face?”

“Uh, huh …”

She possessively rubbed his face with her soles

“This is so fucking awesome,” he huffed quietly. “I don’t think any woman would do this to me.”

“Uhhhh … I like it,” she resonated to herself. “It tastes so good.”

Gina shoved her foot deep into his receptive, humid mouth. He gagged a little.

“Ahhh … suck on my foot, human!” she cooed, rubbing his firm chest with her other foot.

She pulled her foot out, and he huffed. “That was so deep …”

“Oh … Too deep for you?”

Before Brad could answer, she shoved her foot back in, thrusting it back and forth.

“Fucking suck it!” she loudly resonated.

Brad genuinely enjoyed this beyond anything he thought possible. He moaned in subservience.

She pulled her wet foot out, and rubbed it on his face. He could not stop licking it. “It tastes good?”

“It’s so good …” he huffed.

The succubus smiled largely. She gave him a deep smooch, and brought up both feet to his face. She rubbed his face, while he licked every moment he could. Gina was perhaps in more ecstasy than Brad, who was just pouring out lust.

He desperately suckled her heel.

“Oh, your lust tastes so good …” she purred.

Gina rubbed his cock with the top of her foot, while he licked and sucked the sole of the other. He felt up and down her calf at the same time.

“You’re so fucking awesome …” he barely said through a sole.

“Well, you’re fucking turning me on!” Her shin and knee now rubbed against his stomach, while the top of her foot rubbed the bottom of his twitching shaft.

Clearly aroused by the rest of her, he would desperately lick from the top of her foot to her shins, and back down to her sole.

“I should make you my foot-slave, Brad. Go out for runs, and have you lick my feet clean.”

“Oh, yeah …” he moaned, actually wanting that.

Gina brought her other foot back up to his, influencing him to shove it down his throat. With her foot resting on her shin as a base, Brad shoved the foot deeper into his mouth.

“OOOO, yeah. Shove it all down your throat.”

He eventually pulled himself back to breath, leaving a massive amount of soil all over her foot.

“OOOH, yes!”

Brad hungrily licked and sucked every inch of her foot. It dripped with spit.

“Oh, yeah …” she cooed.

He twisted downward, back toward the table, to suck off the heel of the other foot. He moaned almost as loudly and Gina.

“Oh, uh-huh …” She thrust the heel up and down in his mouth, with the held of her other foot at the ankle. She then moved her free foot all around his head, giggling from how good this food was. “Oh, you like when I rub my foot all over like that, don’t you?”

“Uh-hmmmm” he affirmed with his mouth full of heel.

Eventually, she was rubbing both feet on his face at the same time. Brad licked and sucked and huffed, while feeling her ankles. He lowered his hands and just enjoyed.

“Oh, yeah, that’s it, Brad,” she purred, while playing with her large tits. “Your wet mouth and tongue feel so good … Yeah, lick those toes, yeah. Lick between. UMMM!” Gina laughed darkly from the pleasure.

Brad could only grunt in pleasure. He then twisted, and began to suck off the toes of just one foot. Gina shifted to her side, the consumed foot practically pointing toward his mouth. He alternated between sucking one and all of them. She then grabbed his hair, and puled him back and forth. Strings of drool from her foot and his mouth fell onto the table.

“Uh-huh! Oooooh, yeah!” she cooed joyously. She rolled to her back, strings of spit just hung from her feet. “Can’t get enough of that, can you, food-bag?”

“Oh, so good …”

She guided him toward her with her legs for a deep, tongue-filled kiss. The taste of her own feet on his tongue made her coo excitedly. At the same time, she rubbed his solid cock with her toes. It did not take long for him to lean back, and lick the foot over his shoulder, rubbing it on his face.

“Oh, I like how hard you are,” she cooed, licking her lips. “Ooooh, yeah …”

Eventually, Gina rolled to her other side, and brad suckled her toes on his knees.

“I’m gonna play with my evil pussy!”


Gina excitedly rubbed her wet pussy, while he suck and licked her spit-soaked feet. “Oh, I fuckin’ like that … Oh … OOOOOH, yeah. Ummm.” She rubbed the most wildly when he shoved her hole foot in his mouth. “UHHHH, of fuck. So good … Yes …”

Brad was utterly lost in the lust. All that was left for him was pleasuring this succubus’ delicious, hypnotic feet. He no longer wanted anything else in his life.

Gina fingered herself wildly at the site and feel of him shoving both sets of toes in his mouth at that same time. “UHHH … Oh, yes … ERRR … Oh, FUCK!” She squirted her dark, enthralling cum all over him. 

Brad almost instantly leaned over to eat more of the addictive goo out of her pussy. Brad felt what little was left of his free will slip away, consumed by the demon he only wanted to pleasure.

Gina felt so pleased with herself. I really do enjoy tuning these humans into my thralls! She moaned and cooed and cursed at his hungry suckling. Strings of spit fell for her feet to his back. “Oh, fuck yeah!” He just kept licking and sucking, making her juices pour out. He then began to lick her asshole, while she fingered her G-spot. She ejaculated more; he consumed more. “Eat my demonic semen!” she cooed in a deep resonance.

When there was no more cum to consume, he quickly went back to her foot. That did not last too long. He stood top, and Gina began to rub his long dick between her soaked sole.

“Oh, so slippery. Your lust for my feet tastes so good, thrall!”

She aggressively stroked the length of it, moaning at the lust she felt and consumed.  

“Oh, yes!” Brad growled.

She then spit on his cock for just that much more lube. Brad moaned deeply and the feel of his cock between her slippery toes.

“Grab my ankles, and fuck my foot-pussy!” she huffed.

He did so, thrusting wildly.

“Oh, my Great Asmodeus, that’s good!” Gina drooled. She huffed and moaned in a deep, inhuman resonance. Making eye contact, she rubbed her pussy, feeling his balls slap against her feet. She took control of his orgasm to make this last even longer. “Oh, my Asmodeus,” she cooed darkly. “I love watching and feeling your cock between my feet like that!”

“Oh, fuck, so good!” Brad cooed.

She practically played with his cock and balls, rubbing them from her toes to her arched. Sometimes he would fuck her feet on his thrusts, and sometimes she just stroked. His inability to orgasm made just that much more lust flow out of him and into her.

“Oh, fuck,” Brad grunted.

“Yeah! You like it tight” Wanting his mouth again, she willed him to go to his knees.

She fingered herself wildly while he suckled like the addict he was. Brad could taste his own pre-cum on the soles and toes, but kind of liked it. “So fucking good!” she cooed.

“Carry your parasitic goddess to the couch, slave,” she ordered.

He did so. She was happy that he was actually strong enough to carry her like that. They kissed on the way over, Gina sucking lust right out of him. He placed her down, being mindful of her happy tail, and quickly went back to sucking off her feet.

“Let me fuck your mouth, food-bag,”

“Ah-yah …” he said with her mouth full.

“Oh, yeah! So fucking deep … Yeah.” She held his head in place with her other foot. She turned to her side. “Eat my ass for a sec.”

He did so.

“OHHHHH, yeah!” she cooed. “Uh, oh, fuck.

He soon went back to her arches, not knowing much else anymore.

She went on her hands and knees, and ordered, “Just fuck me.”

Leg up on the couch, he did so. His thrusts were perfect. Gina implanted more than enough in his mind to be the perfect food. “Oh, fuck, yes,” she cooed over and over.

She then flipped around, for him to eat out her pussy, rubbing his dick with her foot at the same time. Her other four wrapped around the back of his head. “Uh, yeah, fuck from, from behind!”

He called up, and thrust into her on his side. They kissed and made eye contact, allowing her to eat just that much more lust. 

“Yeah, yeah, fuck yeah!” she cooed, keeping eyes locked on her food. Her tail slithered between them, highlighting her ecstasy.

She then practically threw him to his back to fuck him on her knees. A moment was actively taken to grope his balls. They thrust their hips wildly, until she came all over his throbbing cock.

“You want to taste my dark seed?”

“Oh, yeah!”

She crawled up, and thrust her pussy right onto his wide open mouth. She moaned and cooed and resonated wildly, holding herself up on her knee and ball of her foot. “Yeah, eat that semen. Show me how addicted you are! … Yeah, slide up. Good, right there.”

Gina began to wildly stroke his cock between her soles again, essentially sitting next to him, while he was held on the floor. “Look how hard you are!” She was starting to wonder if he would actually survive his own orgasm, having consumed so much of him already. It would be inconvenient if he didn’t, but she didn’t really care.

She lay on her back, and lifted her feet over her head. He dutifully ate out her cum-dripping pussy. At the same time, she licked and sucked her own soles and toes. The taste of spit, feet, and pre-cum were all fantastic. Her feet were so fucking sexy, especially when she blasted out her pheromones for fun.

Eventually, he fucked her pussy with his cock, while they sucked off her feet. She laughed evilly, being so gorged with lust.

“Oh, yeah, yeah, cum on my feet NOW!” she finally ordered.

He quickly pulled out and squirt practically a gallon of his gray slime all over her feet, ankles, and calves. She squirted herself, absorbing the ultimate lust. Her eyes glowed brightly.

“It feels so good …” she breathed to herself, eyes still glowing. Her skin was naturally absorbing it for sustenance, tasting the delicious human cum all over her.

She grabbed her feet, and hungrily ate the thick strings and blobs. Impressed he did not collapse right there, she noticed some semen at the tip of his cock. “Put your dick in my mouth.” 

He shoved it in, and she willed him to cum again down her throat. That did it. He was utterly spent, but conveniently he would live. Brad collapsed onto the couch, while she finished eating his cum off her feet. She felt utterly gorged, but there was always room for more.

Gina walked over to the busty porn star Jenny, feet still visibly wet from all the spit.

“Holy, shit, Gina …” Jenny exclaimed. “Is he OK?”

She looked back to the sleeping Brad, and shrugged. “Yeah … Your turn.”

“You still have room for more?”

“Of course!” she resonated seductively, swaying her tail. “I’m a fucking succubus!”

“There really is nothing human left in you, is there?”

Gina shook her head with a dark smile. “Just a distant memory of someone small and weak. My human DNA and soul were converted into pure demonic essence …”

Almost like she was teleported, Jenny found herself pinned to the wall by Gina. They were several inches above the floor, practically defying gravity.

“I, I thought you liked the seduction …” Jenny huffed.

“You are obsessed with sex now, you fucking pornstar slut. I like lust. You were seduced the moment I walked up to you.”

Gina’s voice resonated in a way that almost made Jenny orgasm right there. When they kissed, Jenny could feel lust being sucked out of her. A thick string of spit connected then, when Gina pulled back.

“Would you like to make a special request, Jenny?”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m a fucking demon that likes changing people’s lusts to make them more ripe!”

Jenny saw Gina’s tail subtly swaying. “Your tail is so cool! Give me a tentacle fetish!”

Gina smirked, licking her lips. “Your wish is my command!”

Moments later, Jenny’s eyes became affixed on Gina’s swing tail.

“I wanna fuck your face first!” Gina purred.

Gina opened her mouth wide, and willed her tongue to grow. Instead of making it exactly like a cock, she modeled its growth after her slithering tail. The long, wet, tubular, fleshy thing, teasingly licked Jenny’s face. 

Jenny licked and sucked the tip in pure, fetishistic joy. The tongue-tentacle being super sensitive, Gina moaned in great pleasure, while absorbing Jenny’s enhanced lust. Without warning, Gina shoved her slithering tongue down Jenny’s throat, and fucked Jenny’s face. The human gagged some, but there was no real protest. Gina then moved her tail between her legs, and shoved it up Jenny’s warm, dripping pussy. The human moaned and cooed wildly with her mouth full. Gina willed the woman to ovulate. She then forced the human to orgasm hard and fast, leading to Gina blowing her dark, semen-filled slime into Jenny’s throat and now fertile womb.

Gina then removed her members from the woman. The semen on her retracted tongue tasted quite good. Gina had the orgasmic woman fall to her knees before the giant tail between muscular legs. 

Jenny hungrily, lustfully began to suck off the cum-covered end, while rubbing her cum-soaked pussy. She then moved down to the base behind Gina’s asshole, licking hungrily, before moving back to the tip. Jenny could not take much of the thick tail down her throat, but she was more than satisfied by groping the rest of it. Gina more than enjoyed the tail worship.

Gina then grabbed the back of Jenny’s head and thrust her tail in and out of the hungry mouth, forcing more down than before. 

Eventually, Gina had Jenny lay down on the empty couch, and teased the tip of her tail on Jenny’s pussy. The pre-cum made her pussy twitch as much as it made her moan. Gina then shoved it in as far as it would go, and thrust it wildly. They partly fell to their sides, and Gina thrust more widely, while now holding back Jenny’s inevitable orgasm. She regularly suckled the human’s perfectly shaped tits. At the same time, Gina willed Jenny’s womb to pump out more eggs. 

“Oh, my fuck, FUCK!” Jenny cooed.

Gina began to finger Jenny’s ass, while exploring Jenny’s body with her slimy tentacle-tongue. 

“Yes, yes, FUCK!” Jenny screamed, at the edge of orgasm.

Jenny happily sucked off Gina’s massive, writhing tongue. Gina, moaning in dark pleasure, then felt that Jenny was at critical mass, and released her orgasm. Moments later, Jenny exploded in a truly epic, wet orgasm. Gina came herself, absorbing the pure, orgasmic lust. Her demonic semen poured into the human’s stomach and womb. The thought of Jenny now being impregnated and addicted excited Gina!

* * * *

After looking over her exhausted, forever changed friends, Gina silently led them into the basement. The green door was wide open. Only darkness was visible, but they all knew it was not an empty void.

One after the other, they walked into the darkness, into Hell. They were not there for torture or punishment. Quite the opposite, in most senses. They were given an audience with the Great Asmodeus to pledge themselves as the demon’s loyal Acolytes.

“I have been gone for some time,” Asmodeus stated on his dark throne of ultimate lust. “Stories had been told of my exploits, and the exploits of my counterparts in other realities. I decided to return to my roots with a simple game. It was a game of choice: To submit to me through the Dares, or to resist my lustful pull through the revealing Truths. Every Dare influenced you to submit just that much more. You all did not entirely submit, but your choices were enough to submit yourselves to my goals of bringing great lust to humanity …”

The five friends turned Cultists of Asmodeus returned to Earth. Gina was their natural leader. They finished their studies, and followed the Will of Asmodeus through their transformed selves.

Their family and other friends noticed how much they changed, while Gina mesmerized them in a way they they were fine with it (before feeding on them for fun). She especially enjoyed asserting her dominance onto new cult members. The five started their own pornographic entertainment company. It seemed the logical choice, with Gina and Jenny being Dared to transform into pornstars. Gina especially enjoyed “pretending” to be a succubus in front of the camera, albeit settling on a more athletically lithe form, unlike Jenny’s enhanced pornstar body. It was a very popular porn web series where Gina would actively feed on humans, with Jenny her loyal servant. Basically, they just secretly played themselves. They regularly swept the awards.

At the same time, they slowly, almost casually grew the cult. Gina’s quickly matured offspring (six succubi and five incubi) certainly helped! And over the next ten years, they not only dominated the porn industry, but also brought the world together through great lust …