Truth or Dare!

JIP: A Game of Truth or Dare (short story) is now officially in the editing process!

Synopsis: Five co-eds just moved into their student housing for the year. The building was a recently renovated cottage, built around 1850. It preceded their university’s founding by sixty years, and was last used about ten years ago. Rumors surrounding the old building ranges from being haunted to being filled with asbestos and mold. The latter was all but confirmed by the need for renovation. Regardless, the five co-eds wanted privacy. The cottage was the most separate from the main campus … 

Tags: Mind control, transformation, demonic, male-female sex, female-female sex, foot fetish, anal

Release: May 30th

The CYOA version is still being worked on, as well as the other CYOA, JIP: Eternal Pleasures. Progress should speed up some by the end of May.

Stay Mesmerized
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