I am still working on JIP: Eternal Pleasures. At this point, about 80% of this CYOA story is written. Jessica is more or less done and playable of course, but any issues may be reported. The other two characters, Candace and Jason, may or may not be opened separately. They overlap significantly, and can be played as such. The “canonical” planned order is Jessica, Candice (first part), Jason, Candice (latter part). However, it will still be possible to play each through individually and in any order. Dialogue and perhaps even some choices that would have been affected by playing canonically will be altered in that situation. I internally like to call that the “Shadow Effect,” loosely inspired by how the original Dracula never showed vampires biting, but the act was more than implied. Hopefully that will give replay value.

The other story I started working on is JIP: A Game of Truth or Dare. This will feature both CYOA and short story versions. It brings back a lot of elements from prior works, while not necessarily a direct sequel to any of them. The CYOA will allow revealing Truths and transformative Dares to be asked to any character at any point, in most circumstances, with the short story featuring one possible path. In the CYOA, it will only be possible to choose a character and act once. For example, Brad turns to Brianna, who chooses Truth, and Brad asks if she likes to masturbate. You will not be able to go back to Brianna or ask the masturbation question again. Truths might be “disallowed” if too many Dares were given. There will be two endings, with variations. That system is on the complex side, in terms of maintaining continuity, so the CYOA might take a while.

So …

Stay Mesmerized
Mr P