2021 Grand Finale!

December 27, Monday, will see the last story of the year!

Title: The Laser Experiment
Synopsis: In 2350, UN detectives team up to learn the fate of a failed communications experiment on poorly overseen Mars. The once great Federated Martian Union collapsed in the year 2300. The planet became a backwater, after many habitable worlds in the galaxy finally became accessible to humanity. Crimelords and poorly regulated science became a hallmark of the martian dust bowl … 
Tags: Mind control, transformation, futa, male-female sex, female-female sex, sci-fi

General Updates:

There are some tentative plans for 2022. I will likely continue the more casual release approach, while it looks like I will have more free time again for at least the earlier part of the year. What I really want to expand on is the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure offerings. On and off, I’ve been working on a dark vampire JIP story that will receive that treatment. It will feature at least three “playable” characters. There will be an option to play each in turn, with choices affecting the next two characters. Will certainly be a “God Mode” to give the reader extra features.

All that means is that JIP will have two writing branches: Short Story and CYOA. The blog will be updated soon to reflect this change.

So …

Stay Mesmerized
Mr P