2021 Stories Update!

Here is an update on the state of this year’s stories!

Completed 2021 JIP stories so far:

Of Demons and Choices, a Choose Your Own Adventure with five endings (multiple variations)

Kyle has been a coworker with Rebecca for about a year, and finally admitted he had feelings for her. They meet by chance outside work, and apparently hit it off. He has a crazy erotic dream as a lesbian, and everything changes …

Bimbo Virus, an almost contemporary SciFi story

A virus spreads across the world as silently as noticeably. It technically made no one sick, but forever changed all those infected, especially women. The world will never be the same …

A Method Actor, a stand-alone sequel to Of Demons and Choices featuring two stories in one

Dina is taken off guard by her costar Shannon. She almost could not believe how much Shannon’s personality was matching her demonic character almost too well …

In progress 2021 JIP stories:

The Laser Experiment, a Choose your Own Adventure and spin off of the in progress JIP of the same name

99% complete, all four planned endings possible.
A research team seeks to develop a new, laser-based communications system on Mars. Something went horribly wrong … again …

Cougar World, the sequel to Bimbo Virus

55% written. Coming end of September or October
Synopsis TBA

The Laser Experiment, an erotic SciFi mystery

25% written. Coming in December
A government agent and his team set out to learn the fate of a failed communications experiment on Mars