The next JIP story!

The next JIP story will be A Method Actor. This one will be done a little differently. The editing process led to two closely interconnected stories: Mirror Image and Dark Image. In fact, they are so interconnected that they will share at least two-thirds of the same story. The plan is to release them at the same time, but only one will be given the full blog post. Mirror Image sort of being part 1 will be posted in its entirety, while both stories will be linked as separate ebooks in that post. While I do not have a category as such, it should be noted that Dark Image is one of my few stories with truly non-consensual themes.

Release: June 7

A Method Actor
Synopsis: Dina is taken off guard by her costar Shannon. She almost could not believe how much Shannon’s personality was matching her demonic character almost too well …
Tags: Mind control, transformation, demonic, female-female sex, male-female sex, film industry