Review: Forgotten Paradise

Forgotten Paradise (mind control, male-female sex, female-female sex, anal, scifi, futa, transformation)  by Void Star
A semi-retired soldier is ticked into a mind-wipe experiment on a spaceship that unexpectedly includes his family. However, that mystery soon becomes overwhelmed by larger events

[spoilers included!]

This was very much a choose-your-own-adventure visual novel that tried very hard to have it all. Overall, it succeeded. I will, however, jump into the negatives to better highlight the positives. A major issue with the final release of this game is that a significant amount of content from the first couple episodes was removed, and very awkwardly so. The content was pseudo-incest in nature, but no real explanation was given, in the ironic context of the fact that it is possible to shut off the cuckold scenes that only really affect the ending. Technically, though, it is possible to get the lost content by downloading an earlier version (chapter). Another issue is how most of the endings are really not all that satisfying on their own.

However, that leads directly to the story’s strengths. In the context of the time travel plot, all the choices and endings combined actually make a lot of sense. That is assuming every ending is canon to the story as a whole. Earth is saved, the survivors are saved, etc. And of course, the eroticism is top-notch here. It is possible to, ahem, enjoy just about every character, even in the technically edited final version. The visuals are amazingly detailed. The story and visuals give away the hidden element that a significant portion of this is actually an erotic parody of popular sci-fi and fantasy. Long review short, the best way to get the most out of the game is to save at key points and do the various choices and endings. The protagonist might not remember it all, be we can come out of this seeing things you people wouldn’t believe!

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