Of Demons and Choices Friday!

Friday and all conclusions are now playable for JIP: Of Demons and Choices: https://www.inklewriter.com/stories/39376

There are a total of now six different endings, including “The Normal Path.” Each ending may have variations depending on the choices made. Technically, only one of the endings is essentially the “true” one. However, the reader is encouraged to re-read with different choices, as each Day is connected to the last regardless of choice, providing a hopefully deeper understanding of the characters when other choices are made.

Given the size and complexity of the story, tweaks may continue. Not a priority due to present time constraints, but God Mode eventually may be expanded to feature some degree of rewind capability, allowing for the reader to change past choices almost on the fly. A lot work for that due to the nature of Inklewriter!

A “Walkthrough” eBook will be available by the early summer that will feature writer’s commentary, particularly on how each choice affects the story. The layout should resemble old-fashioned print choose-your-own-advanture stories via internal hyperlinks.

On a related note, of the new stories planned, A Method Actor is connected with one of the endings of the above story’s endings.

Stay mesmerized
Mr P

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