Of Demons and Choices has begun!

The first two days of JIP: Of Demons and Choices is now available for play. That also includes the first non-cannon ending. Consider this version 0.3.

Link: https://www.inklewriter.com/stories/39376

“Monday” is being outlined now, update currently TBD.

Images may be added beyond the cover-art, but the story is purely text-based for now.

The plan is to have five different endings. Three of those five will have notably different alternate versions depending on the choices made. One of those five will be the true cannon ending

After the story is “complete” I will go back and make a special ebook version that should work as a kind of walkthrough.

This being my first Choose Your Own Adventure, do not hesitate to reach out if there are any issues or ideas.

And now for something completely different!

I consider the writing hiatus to be over at this point. However, I will not likely be able to keep up with the monthly story posts I had been doing. Stories will instead be posted as they are completed, including new days for Of Demons and Choices.

2021 Plans:
JIP: Of Demons and Choices (an ongoing CYOA)
JIP: Bimbo Virus & JIP: Cougar World (two part miniseries)
JIP: A Method Actor (title subject to change)
Blog Flash: Compendium VII (free ebook)

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