The Will of Darkness and Onward

I know its been a little while! Currently working on the merged and expanded JIP: Will of Darkness storyline for paperback and ebook. The new, originally unreleased chapter specifically still needs a bit of retooling. Regardless the story was not put together like its JIP predecessors. Instead, it follows a third person limited style in a kind of modernized epistolary format. I tentatively plan to release the full story by the end of January.

On the future of The Realms. My next JIP storyline will be released either January or February. It is currently outlined as a somewhat lighter toned two-parter: Bimbo Virus and Cougar World. Another JIP story is in the works as well, and will follow a much darker plot. However, I will unlikely be able to keep up with the prior monthly schedule, relating to time constraints in the real life. The time is not there anymore for such regular output. Stories will be instead posted whenever they are ready.

I am definitely not done yet! So …

Stay Mesmerized
Mr P

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