JIP: Arisia

Disclaimer: This adult short story is a work of fiction. It is meant for those eighteen and older. There is sexual and taboo content, some of which may not even be possible. All characters are eighteen or older. Though there are inspirations from other fictional sources, any similarity to real people, live or no, is merely coincidental.

Forward: While much of the inspiration for this segment comes from superhero comics and Lovecraft, the first transformation sequence here is from elsewhere. It specifically is written in homage to Geniun’s adult one-shot The Tome, with permission.

Synopsis: Arisia, a Cambion of Lust, looses faith in the failing plans of the Protectors. She sets forth on a path of power that does not go as planned …



The very sun of heaven seemed distorted when viewed through the polarizing miasma welling out from this sea-soaked perversion, and twisted menace and suspense lurked leeringly in those crazily elusive angles of carven rock where a second glance shewed concavity after the first shewed convexity. Something very like fright had come over all the explorers before anything more definite than rock and ooze and weed was seen …

Arisia was remarkably pissed. Normally, she had the upmost respect for Enyo, but this time she strutted away feeling brushed aside. Contacting with the Elder Gods was something Enyo inspired her to do, but Enyo just threw it into the back-burner.

“Are you OK, Arisia?” Tezca asked. They sat in their room at the hideout.

“I don’t know. I think the stress of this is actually getting to me.”

“Enyo’s special power has always been getting under people’s skin. You know that.”

“Never said she pissed me off.”

“Things seemed to have slowed. We have the time to gather information.”

“For how long?”

“I don’t know.” He deeply sighed. “I don’t think anyone knows. Already have the impression that even Cthulhu is improvising to a degree. Just an old entity. Even Cthulhu must abide by the rules of the cosmos, at least when not asleep. We will blow this thing into oblivion with a hydrogen bomb on Pluto if it comes to that. Arisia, leaping before we look is not prudent right now.”

“I know …”

* * * * 

“You’re right, Jenny, that text was originally meant for something else. That was the chant Demon Masters like Asmodeus would give to new Demons up to about two-thousand years ago to embolden, when they were not hierarchical. But, it was later used by some half-crazed Sorcerer to boost the latent power within a Demon he summoned in some lame-brained plan to conquer the world. Long story short, it worked, but the Demon Masters did not like this. They came together, captured and calmed the boosted Demon, and then killed the Sorcerer after erasing his mind. That was part of the impetus that led to the creation of the Demon League.”

Arisia sat uncomfortably on the old chair in the middle of the room. A traditional pentagram surrounded, two points at her feet.

Look, Arisia, you know I’ve never done anything like this before. This is fucking Dark Magic for me, and that means it’s dangerous by default.” The fair haired, slim bodied Witch, Jenny, repeated. “That story doesn’t make me feel better …”

They were in an old victorian house next to an even older cemetery. “Yeah, fine, I’m fucking scared shitless. Maybe you’re right. This is crazy, but I don’t think there is another way to contact those ancient entities. You know my father and all those other Demons are too proud to give themselves the kind of boost that would be needed to be real gods. They became happy with their ‘status’ two-thousand years ago. And fucking Enyo and the useless Olympians …”

“I just wanna say I don’t think this has ever been done before with a Progeny. I’ve never read source material. Your father actually wrote this three-thousand years ago with now long absent Lucifer, right? It’s geared toward Demonic Essence not your Demonic DNA.”

“I’m half fucking Demon! Of course it will be different. Just do the God-damned chant!” she yelled with a distinct demonic resonance. Arisia’s dark eyes actually glowed a little yellow from the outburst.

The book “magically” shifted its language to the user. She set aflame the bowl with all the fowl smelling ingredients mixed together, including Arisia’s blood. With a long, deep breath, Jenny read:

Awaken to the world, Demon. See your essence as it is. Know what your true self is, and embrace your true self. Be reminded that your essence is you, as you are your essence. You are your own master. You take what you want. You be what you want. Your essence must be true, so that you may be a true Demon. With the power of your essence that is you, believe your essence is more. Know your essence is more. Become all you were always meant to be, Demon of Lust.

For a the longest of moments, nothing happened. A split second later a blindingly bright crimson light shown through the pentagram circle. Arisia straitened and leaned back onto the chair. Her eyes became a bright yellow, before they rolled into the back of her head. Her mind went completely blank, in spite of the seemingly orgasmic position. Then as soon as it started, the light disappeared.

Jenny scurried over. “Arisia! Are you OK!?”

“I’m now sure …” Arisia shook intangible fog out of her head. Something happened, but she could not fathom what.

Jenny leaned down. “Your tits are getting kinda pointy …”

Arisa looked down in confusion. Her small tits were indeed quite pointed. “I feel so tingly, strange …”

Her very much aroused breasts grew a whole cup size in mere moments, already approaching a D-cup.

“Fuck, they’re gettin’ big, Arisia!”

“Holy shit … What’s happening?”

“How the fuck should I know?” she huffed, greatly concerned.

“Oh, fuck, do something, Jenny! My whole body is burning!” she growled through the bizarre discomfort that was more than her bulging breasts.

Her shirt ripped the moment her breasts definitely ballooned passed D-cup. But that was not all. Her entire body grew firmer, more muscular, the now very tight pants tearing at the hips.

Arisia quickly began to feel her body settle.

“Holy shit, Arisia!” Jenny was wide eyed.

Arisia stood, finding herself at least a foot taller, much taller than her friend.  She almost did not even notice how she gained a few extra inches by naturally standing on the balls of her feet. That increased hight almost ironically made her massive (likely) 34DDs proportional, almost. 

“You’re a fucking Amazon! And really fucking hot! Love how your eyes are still yellow. You know I’m not into girls, but WOW …”

Arisia shook her head amazed. She did not feel emboldened. One might describe her body in that way, but that was not what they were going for.

“How do you feel?” Jenny asked.

“Pretty good,” she breathed. “It doesn’t feel like my demonic powers were enhanced in any way … Oh shit …”

“What is it?”

“Feeling strange again …” Arisia held her head in her growing dizziness. She fell back onto the chair.

“I think your breasts are big enough …” Jenny always masked discomfort with sarcasm laced with truth.

“No … It’s different this time.” She held her crotch. “Feels strange … down there …”


“Fuck …” she growled. “Feels like I’m pushing out a massive dildo!”

Arisia’s already tightly stretched pants began to bulge at the crotch.

“Is that …?”

“A dick!? Are you sure you did the incantation right?”

“I’ll look at the book. Don’t worry, Arisia. We’ll fix this!”

The dick’s growth seemed to stall for the moment, to her relief.

“Maybe we should call another Witch. Another … brain …”

The sexy blonde Witch was down on her knees quickly thumbing through the book. Her tight ass, covered in tighter shorts, was directly facing Arisia.

The unintentional view was so, so hot. Arisia always found Jenny sexy, and as a Demon Progeny of Lust, she was indeed omnisexual. Wide-eyed, Arisia felt that arousal go straight to her crotch, specifically her now rapidly growing dick. She could see the outline of the thick, growing rod already inches away from her knee. It was a miracle it did not rip through the pants yet.

“Oh, fuck … OH …” 

“Hold on!”

“Yeah!” The dick moving up her leg began to feel so damned good. Her pants suddenly, finally began to split around the member, which was now at her knee joint.

“There’s gotta be a way to undo that little dick you got …” she mumble to herself.

“Oh, fuck, it won’t stop!” What must have been twenty inches worth of flesh sprung through the torn pants in all its glory. Perhaps ironically, besides its monstrous size, it looked like a Human dick.

“Holy shit, Arisia!” Jenny said, turning from the noise the thing made tearing through the pants. “That’s not a dick! That’s an adult anaconda!” She stared at it for a moment, leaning closer. “How does it feel …?”

“I feel it, Jenny! It’s a real fucking, throbbing dick! You gotta do something. I have no control here.” Arisia then held her suddenly aching sides. “Something’s happening again …”


“They’re pushing out of me …” she growled.

Two lumps on either side of her began to tent her skin. What looked like holes began to form at the apex of the bulges. In a loud grunt, red tipped tentacles forced their way out.

“Fuck!” Jenny said, back away, seeing how the red tips had dick-like holes.

“I can feel them. So strange …” Arisia huffed in more amazement than revulsion.

“Holy shit? Will they stop growing?” Jenny asked in shock. “That one’s getting close to me! Get it away, Arisia!”

“… I have no control over these things!”

Suddenly, a tentacle wrapped itself around the frozen Jenny’s waist, picking her up effortlessly. The other three began to move toward her.

“Oh, God, Arisia, tentacle porn is not my fantasy!”

“I’m sorry, Jenny! I’m really trying … Fuck, I can feel you!”

“Please put me down! Shit, one’s under my panty straps … You’re not a rapist, Arisia!”

“I’m really fuckin’ trying! They’re too strong!”

“Oh, fuck, Arisia! It’s under my shirt! Is a titty-fuck what you want? Get it out of there!”

“I can’t control them!” Through the madness of it, Arisia found herself unable to deny how arousing it was to see Jenny all tied up and held in the air by what were apparently her tentacles. Jenny’s crotch looked especially inviting held above.

That newfound arousal seemed to go straight to her tongue. Arisia felt it grow thicker, rounder in her mouth. She held her mouth closed as hard as she could, knowing what was happening in there.

“What the fuck is happening now!”

The tongue turned red-tipped tentacle forced its way past Arisia lips, making her go wide eyed.

“What the fuck!? Another!” Jenny screamed. “Oh, shit! It’s in in my shorts now! I’m fucking serious! Stop … Oh, fuck, it’s inside me! No!”

Arisia could actually taste the insides of Jenny’s pussy, as she could feel everything from the tentacles. She knew she had no control, but the sensory input suggested to her otherwise. She could feel herself raping her friend Jenny.

“Shit, you are of lust, Arisia! You may seriously be raping me right now, but it’s startin’ to actually feel good … Fuck! That thing moves like nothing … WOW …

The whole experience was so damned confusing for Arisia. It tasted good; it felt even better. Jenny was even starting to like it. But this was not her, Arisia. This was not right. Arisia never dreamed of forcing tentacles into a Human, let alone thought forcing sex on anyone was right.

But again, it really did feel good. Arisia admitted that to herself, paying close attention to the penetrating tentacle. In that moment, she inexplicably found herself having some minor control over the thing.

Oh yeah. That’s good. I like a change of pace! Your young tentacles are so good at this!”

Something then clicked in Arisia’s head, maybe. She admitted how hot Jenny looked on the floor, ass up: her dick grew hard and long. She did not deny how hot Jenny looked all tied up with tentacles above, loving the crotch: her tongue became another tentacle that forced its way into Jenny’s pussy. She then admitted just how good this all felt: she gained some control over a tentacle.

It was risky, but it was also truth. This might be the only way to help her friend …

Yes, this really did feel fucking good. There really was no part of this that did not feel good to Arisia. To be turned on is to want to fuck, so seeing Jenny’s ass made her want to fuck Jenny. Maybe Arisia never imagined using tentacles to fuck a Human before, but they felt and looked so damn good wrapped around Jenny.

In that moment admission, Arisia found herself actively moving the tentacles fully on her own will. She began to move them in ways that felt up and down Jenny’s quivering, sweating body. Yes, it felt like soft skin of a sexy woman, but the source of the data was new, different, more profound. 

She moved one tentacle between and around Jenny’s breasts. 

“Now you titty-fuck me?” Jenny huffed.

She moved another, coiling, groping from thigh to ankle. Wanting to test dexterity, she grasped the short heal, slipped off the shoe, and carefully put it on the floor. Then groping the bare foot with the coiling tentacle, Arisia was now finding this just as pleasurable as fun. With that admission, Arisia found herself able to multitask, moving each tentacle however she wished at virtually the same time.

Arisia then began to move the penetrating member more forcefully willfully, truly enjoying the taste of the pussy juices on her tentacle.

Deeper. Harder. FASTER. FUCK YEAH!” 

She pealed off her shirt with a free tentacle, visibly embracing the lustful pleasure of the tentacles wrapped around and shoved deep within Jenny, as Arisia ripped away Jenny’s panties and shorts with a tentacle.

The feeling of a coming orgasm was beginning to wash over Arisia. It was different, though, being centered on the tips of the tentacles. It was simply amazing! And then, Arisia came unlike how she ever came before. The tongue-member deep within Jenny blew a thick stream of cum into the cavity, the tentacle visibly moving the cum through itself. Jenny herself came hard …

Arisia placed the passed out Jenny onto the floor, dark cum leaking from the Human’s holes. She quickly realized how different everything was. Standing and looking down on Jenny, she could literally see the lust she could give, while the lust and flesh made her mouth water. She then found herself looking past the flesh, into the Human’s very soul. It was somehow clear that it was not tainted but capable of lustful demonic corruption. She actually wanted it, wanting it all and more.

Opening the door with the tall mirror, Arisia almost gasped at what she saw. Yes, she was still a buxom Amazon, but to put it bluntly, a Demon looked back at her now. Her shimmering skin was a crimson, blood red. Her feet were elongated (she was standing on their balls unknowingly) with short black claws. Her hands had matching claws, but were much longer. Her nipples and areolae was a shimmering, textured black. Her lips were a soft black, as was the hair on her head. Her ears were as pointed as her cute black horns. Her long, thick snake of a pointed tail swayed seductively behind. What struck her the most were her catlike Demon eyes: yellow in color, while the white had subtle red streaks. Arisia then happily felt her upper and lower fangs with a tongue as black as it was fleshy.

There was nothing Human in her anymore. Her Humanity was completely gone. The spell had transformed her Demon DNA into Demonic Essence, which promptly worked to corrupt and consume her Human DNA and soul. Indeed, Demon DNA is just corrupted Human DNA that lacked the power to go the next metaphysical step, a power the spell provided. She now understood that giving into the pleasure was a trick that ensured her complete transformation.

Arisia smiled hungrily, realizing a glorious irony. The spell worked. She was a truly emboldened and powerful Demon now. In fact, one not neutered by the hierarchy of the Demon League or anything else. This was assured by the fact that the spell was traditionally done on those already Demon, forcing her fledgling Demonic Essence to prove itself.

With a thought, she grew large, functional wings with red fingers, black spikes, and textured black skin in between. 

She turned to the slowly awaking Jenny, and felt nothing besides the pleasure Arisia wanted to derive from her. A part of her was surprised that she did not feel saddened by the loss of Human feeling, but she knew better. Demons and Demonic Essence were one and the same. Her life as a Progeny no longer mattered. She’ll have to rethink her part in the struggle against the monster from beyond the stars. Arisia was now a Demon of Lust, and perhaps the purest, more powerful Demon to have ever existed. She wanted to not only explore her new power, but also gain even more.

Arisa stroked her still present crotch-anaconda, just looking at Jenny, for a few moments. She then willed the Human awake and on to the bed.

“Holy shit, Arisia! Are you a fucking Demon now?”

“No,” she lied. Technically lust and lies did not go well together, but her demonic purity confirmed ends justified the means in terms of truth. “I think its just a by product of the spell. It worked! I can feel power running through me. I literally willed you to awake and onto the bed.”

Jenny looked at the rock solid, and deep red, monstrosity. “And that thing?”

“The tentacles went away when I came through them. But … Since this one is rock hard now, I somehow just know I need to cum through it to make it go away.”

“You want me to fuck it, Arisia? That thing’s fucking huge.”

“Or let me fuck you with it! Seriously, I can literally see your lust growing in my presence. Once we take care of this throbbing dick, it should go away, and we can get on with everything.” 

Looking at the dick with an odd smirk, Jenny went to her knees and almost tentatively put her lips around the tip, sucking it off.

“Oh, that’s fucking good!” Arisia cooed, leaning back.

While not quite thrown, Arisia plopped Jenny onto the bed on all fours. “Shit, you’re more aggressive than before …”

“Felt like asserting dominance!” Arisia said honestly yet jovially. “Here it comes!”

“FUCK! TO BIG, TO BIG!” Jenny wailed at the sudden insertion of the much of the monster shaft into her wet pussy.

“Oh, wow, Jenny! Feels amazing. Can’t believe I can fit so much of me into you first thrust.”

“Oh, God, your tearing me in half! Something’s wrong here … ERRR-guh … Stop, STOP!” she huffed. 

Arisia was forcing more in, aggressively humping her.

“Arisia, ugh … This is too much! Please stop! STO-uhhumph …

Suddenly, Arisia forced her virgin tail-member down Jenny’s throat. “What was that, Jenny? Could you repeat that?” Arisia laughed loudly in the lustful pleasure. Be honored, Jenny! You’re now being raped by the most powerful Demon to have ever existed. Arisia said loudly, forcibly into Jenny’s mind. The very lust we are creating is corrupting you!

Jenny tried to scream with the thing down her throat, only succeeding in letting out a loud, gagging gurgle. For a Human, the lust levels were indeed quite torturous, beyond what most would experience even in Hell, let alone lifetimes.

Arisia lowered her massive wings around them to reflect the lust back into their forced coupling. 

YOU ARE NOW MINE NOW AND FOREVER! This is my gift to you. Thanks to you, I am now powerful and desire more than the stars. You deserve all the lust I can give.

Arisia then lifted the grunting, gurgling Human up with her powerful wings. The anaconda was now all the way into the hapless Human’s body, up into the womb, as the thick tail-member joyously moved up and down the length of the throat. She then let loose a very special batch of cum through her tail and dick in the most pleasurable, lustful orgasm she had yet to experience. 

Jenny found herself to be in the most powerful yet first forced orgasm she ever experienced. She would be completely traumatized if her mind was not already mushed, Arisia sensed.

None of that mattered. Arisia’s cum was specially made to make Jenny into her personal thrall Demon, a sex toy that could handle the necessary extremes. She was being made just that much more special by how her Demonic Essence will be directly connected to Arisia’s, allowing for total physical and mental control. Lust Demons technically always had their will an extension of Asmodeus — or whoever was the Lust Origin, but Jenny’s connection was just that much deeper.

The semi-orgasmic, transforming woman on the floor was not changing much outwardly. Her skin shifted to a rubbery red, while her body became visibly more muscular. Her blonde hair became natural, even if it developed a more “unnatural” yellow appearance. Cute little nubs formed at the top of her forehead, almost covered by her unnaturally yellow hair. Ears pointed, while little fangs became apparent.. Her little black claws were just as cute.

After the transformation slowly settled, Arisia told Jenny to stand before her.

“Who am I?” Arisia asked, not masking a hint of her powerful demonic resonance.

“You are the True Empress of Demons,” she said in a subtle demonic resonance, not making eye contact.

“Correct. Who are you?”

“I am yours, Empress.”

“Correct,” she smiled, petting her thrall. “I want you to go to all fours. You cannot presently cum until I say you can. At this moment, you exist only for my pleasure.”

She went to all fours without question.

Arisia grew out her dick, but this time made it even longer and fatter. Without warning, she mounted and penetrated the hapless thrall’s asshole. Arisia could feel how Jenny felt no pleasure in this, and was definitely just there for Arisia’s pleasure. It was a subtle conflict that was no conflict. The best part was how the thrall’s body automatically adapted to the growing member, leading to the thrall’s entire body becoming a sex toy. And for extra fun, Arisia shoved her tail up into the thrall’s womb, and wrapped her wings around herself to capture and reflect back all the lust into herself. The pleasure was glorious, beyond orgasmic. It lasted for hours. Her cum was everywhere.

Jenny was lapping up all the cum, as ordered, while Arisia was pondering her next move. She made some tentative plans.

She decided that calling forth some of the oldest beings in the universe was something she no longer wanted to do, but still felt that Cthulhu was a threat to her own ascension into great power. She will flex her new power, take control of the Demon League, and go from there.

Smirking, she then made some plans for her thrall, based on the fact that she had a life before all this. Jenny will go back to her husband and life looking “normal.” She’ll corrupt her coven from within, shifting them to the up and coming Empress of Demons. A major part of this will be through her husband, who’s also a part of that coven. They will make consensual love whenever he wants at first, with Jenny’s cum geared to corrupt him. She will cum with him, ensuring it was the best sex for both. She will cyclically hasten the corruption by convincing him that it would be OK to enact his darkest fantasies. The more he enacts his truest lust, the more he will be corrupted. Arisia will keep close tabs, and complete his transformation. Jenny will then of course complete the coven’s descent to Arisia … 

* * * *

While Jenny was out spreading the true lust, Arisia wanted to flex her demonic muscles just that much more. She desired to try something that no Demon tried in over two millennia. Arisia wanted to eat a Human soul.

She quickly targeted a super-hot university co-ed eating lunch by herself in a local park. The woman had deep olive skin, jet black hair, and a voluptuous figure. Arisia sensed a great lust hiding deep within this women.

Arisia actually did not know consciously how to go about this, let alone exactly would it would do to her. However, wanting to eat a soul was enough to guide her instinctually.

“Hi, mind if I sit?” Arisia asked in her “human” form.

“Oh, sure. I’m Luna … Are you …”

“Arisia, yeah. Nice to meet a fan!” Arisia said lightly.

They shook.

“Never met a superhero before …”

“What brings you out here?”

“Just need a break sometimes, you know?”

Arisia agreed.

While they made small talk, Arisia began to silently tickle the woman’s deep-seated lust. Luna was really just sexually attracted to man, but Arisia was quietly altering her genetically and mentally.

Within twenty minutes, the two were inside Luna’s apartment. Luna’s roommates were elsewhere. The woman was as sexually aroused as confused, but excited at the same time.

“Are you OK, Luna?”

“Uh … yeah …” she said looking over Arisia body with total amazement.

Arisia guided her to the bed.

“How do you like to be fucked?” Arisia just stated.

“Umm … A little rough, maybe dominated. Well, err. That’s how I’ve always wanted it …”

“Good,” Arisia smiled with all her lust. That was it. All Arisia’s tinkering merely unlocked what Luna really desired.

“Fuck, so horny …”

Arisia guided the breathless Luna onto the bed.

“Never thought about being with a woman before today. I mean, I love my boyfriend’s hard dick inside me …”

“That can be arranged, Luna.”

Arisia pulled up her red dress, and began to grow a hard dick identical to the one in Luna’s memory. The thick, eight inch snake tore right through Arisia’s black lace panties.

Luna’s eyes went wide.

Arisia pressed the sensitive tip of it on Luna’s mouth. “Is this what you want?”

Luna naturally opened her mouth to let the thing go down her throat. “ERRGer … GOOD!”

Arisia forced the dick back in, playing with Luna’s wet pussy at the same time. “This is what you wanted? Yeah?”

“UHUH!” Luna gurgled in the affirmative.

Arisia than easily threw Luna to the other side of the bed, onto her stomach. She ripped the whimpering human’s pants and panties off. At a hard spank, Luna yelled in lust.

“That’s what you wanted?” Arisia growled. She roughly handled Luna’s ass and thighs, while agreeably massaging the wet pussy. “You wanted this?”

“Yes!” Luna cried.


Arisia practically tossed Luna off the bed. The moment Luna sat up, Arisia straddled her mouth with that asshole of lust. With the aggressive Demoness grinding against the mouth, Luna consumed without a second thought.

“I’m gonna fuck you so hard, Human. I’m gonna fuck you so hard you won’t even be Human anymore!” Arisia growled in her lustful resonance.

Luna joyously consumed the delicious ass, loosing all sense of reality.

“UMMMM! Good, Human! Yeah,” Arisia resonated through sharp teeth.

“You wanted dick, huh?” 

“Uh, huh,” Luna barely answered.

Arisia quickly dismounted, and presented her member. “Oh, yeah?”

Luna now forced to her knees, Arisia playfully, repeatedly slapped the dick onto Luna’s desperate face. Arisia even forced the dick down her throat, pre-cum and all, at random. Every time Arisia removed the dick, Luna would keep her mouth and throat open wide to beg for the dick to return. The more Arisia shoved the dick back in Luna’s mouth, the longer, more forcibly Arisia thrust, more than enjoying the pleasure herself. 

“Fuck, you’re a natural dick sucker! Do this every day with your lover?”

Arisia pulled Luna’s head away from the dick so the Human could answer. “Always wanted to!”

“Now’s your chance!”

Luna was then sucking and stroking wildly, literally making countless dreams come true.

Arisia pulled out, and grabbed Luna’s head at the chin, and spit down her throat. Luna was quickly back to deep throating again, gagging occasionally, wanting every second. It was actually too much for the woman, but she was too lost in the moment to realize that. Sometimes Arisia would hump her face, and sometimes Luna would deep throat on her own. 

Luna was then pushed back up onto the bed, ass slapped, and ended up on all fours. Arisia then began to make out with Luna’s dripping pussy-flesh with that snakelike tongue-member. Luna cried out in more pleasure than she knew possible.

Arisia mounted the woman’s pussy from behind without warning. Luna grunted and cooed at the incessant thrusting.  All but jumping up and down, and forcing Luna down to her stomach, Arisia thrust with more force than Luna ever felt with a man.

“OH FUCK FUCK!” Luna cried, almost telling Arisia to stop.

In a brief respite, Arisia brought her dick up to Luna’s mouth. The almost mindless Human automatically licked and sucked off her own juices mixed with demonic pre-cum.

Arisia went back to fucking Luna from behind, but this time with even more ferocity.


“That’s right, Human! I’m your God now!” Arisia growled in the most lustful of resonance. “Tell me you want more!”

“OHH FUCK!” was all Luna could blurt out.


Arisia began to thrust even harder, practically making Luna’s entire body convulse from the attack.

Luna was then turned to her side, before Arisia straddled her from there. The thrusts were rough, inhuman. If Luna was not so consumed by lust in that moment, she would have screamed for Arisia to stop the assault.

Arisia finally unmounted to whimpering woman, stood before her, and had her suck the dick clean. Of course, the deep throating quickly became Arisia fucking the woman’s face.

Luna was quickly flipped onto her back. Feet up in the air, Arisia thrust back into the hapless woman. Arisia thrust with an epic, domineering passion, holding the woman’s legs back over Luna’s head.

“SHIT FUCK!” Luna cried. The pleasure was beyond any pleasure she ever knew. The pleasure was destroying her mind, and literally attacking her soul. Arisia finally understood how this was working. She was not corrupting the woman’s soul. Instead she was corrupting the metaphysical mounts that connected her to her soul. Control of those mounts will allow Arisia to practically suck it out.

In what might as well have been a respite, Arisia began to consume Luna pummeled pussy with her mouth and slithering tongue.

“OH FUUUUUUCK YEAH!” Luna cried, the tongue even deeper than cock.

Of course, Arisia went back to thrusting her dick all the way up Luna’s slacked pussy. This time, however, it was slower, more deliberate. The motions made the dick go just that much deeper.

Arisia finally stood up, and had Luna clean the dick off with the back of her throat. Luna did not realize it, but all she seemed to want to do was have the dick all the way inside her whenever she had a chance.

“Now I want you to fuck me with this dick.”

“Wha?” Luna huffed.

Arisia pulled the cock and balls out like it was some kind of living dildo. The back end looked odd, inhuman. It curved upward in a kind of come hither shape, while small tendrils moved on their own, searching to connect with something.

Luna took it, only knowing to follow the Word of Arisia now. She inserted the thing inside her. It instantly began to connect with her body, nervous system. She fell onto the bed feeling strange, orgasmically strange, every tendril connecting to nerves and canals she barely knew existed. Yet more tendrils emerged and fused with the pussy lips, eventually making the apparatus flush with its new body. Her blood began to flow through it, as the tone began to match her darker skin.

“Fuck me,” she said in a deepened, husky voice.

“Like the testosterone flowing through you?”

“Never felt anything like it!”

“Fuck me.” Arisia lay back, leg up and wide.

Embracing the new testosterone, Luna deeply consumed the wet, addicting pussy. She then held Arisia’s legs for support, and began to thrust into the Demoness. The pleasure was so different and good, all Luna could do was try to make more of it by thrusting harder.

“OHHH, yes! You’re a natural!”

The more Luna thrust, the more new lust she felt, so her thrusts grew harder, more lustful. Her own grunts were deep, practically masculine.

“Yes! Dominate me!” Arisia grunted. “Let the aggression flow through you.”

“FUCK YEAH!” Luna practically growled in joy.

Up and down Luna went, the grunts and coos only grew louder, more inhuman. Luna then pushed Arisia’s legs to the side, and thrust hard and with great lust.

“Harder! You’re not gonna hurt me!” Arisia called.

Luna obliged, finding strength she did not know she had. She then flipped Arisia onto her stomach, and began to trust the pussy-lubed dick up Arisia’s asshole.

“Now you’re getting it!” Arisia resonated, feeling Luna’s “mounts” all but completely under demonic control.

After a while, Arisia was the one impaling her ass into the member. Luna was now going wild with pure lust.

“Cum inside me!” Arisia ordered. “Make me cum!”

Luna began to move in time with Arisia, hastening her motions. “Oh FUCK MEYEAH … ugh … erghuh …” Luna blew a massive load of genuine, “male” cum up Arisia’s anal cavity.

The woman collapsed onto the bed, feeling very strange. The dick and balls dissolved into nothing. High levels of testosterone was still pulsing through her veins.

Arisia looked down onto the spent, overwhelmed woman. She felt … hunger toward the woman. She even found herself drooling. It made perfect sense that this natural process of harvesting a Human soul would lead to her becoming hungry for it. Luna’s soul could almost be tasted. The soul was ready to be removed for consumption.

She crawled on top of the breathless woman, and began to make out with her.

“That was amazing, Arisia … but I … I think it was too much …”

“It’s what we needed to do so that I could eat your soul.”

“Wha ….”

Arisia locked lips onto the hapless Human. She was completely sure that there were only a few minutes before those mounts began to recover from the corruption. The blackened mounts were naturally visualized first. Beneath, a living star shown in the brightest of light. She found herself willing the mounts to decouple, and reaching out. The energy orb was hot, almost burning, but that contact just made Arisia hungrier.  She pulled the soul back toward herself, her mouth. The heat was like hot soup scalding her lips and tongue. The taste could not described as flavor. It was like consuming energy itself. Her very being just sucked it in.

In the conscious world, Arisia was now in her true, demonic form. Wings were opened wide. A rush of energy flowed through her, while she ground her pussy on Luna’s and slobbered all over the foot. The more the energy that was Luna’s soul merged with Arisia’s essence, the more lustful pleasure coursed through her. She began to glow a bright crimson. The orgasm was powerful, energetic. It was so powerful that she collapsed onto the now soulless woman.

Arisia felt great power coursing through her now, genuinely much more than she already felt. She knew it would not last, but it was awesome to feel it now.

She looked down onto the subtly squirming Luna. Honestly, Arisia had no idea was was going to happen next.

Luna’s skin began to shift to a deep red tone. Black claws became apparent, as pointed ears and teeth. Her eyes became red marbles with a black slit.

It would seem that Luna was transforming into a Demon. That was not really what was happening, though. Without a soul, Arisia’s unbridled field of lust altered with woman’s DNA into Demonic Essence. Yet, she had no soul to transform. She had no real power of her own, and did not even emit lust naturally. Even a thrall emitted some lust. She even seemed to have even less of a mind than a thrall. Arisia felt intricately connected with this strange, demoniac being. In fact, she just knew that she could use this “new” Luna likes some puppet.

“What should I call you, my creation …? Ah yes, a lust fiend …

Luna was the perfect servant. If Arisia wished, Luna could simply be Arisia, rather than just being an extension of her Queen’s Will. Of course, Luna was definitely not going to be the last lust fiend she created. The power boost eating a soul gave her would not last more than a few days, and she wanted to continue being just that much more powerful.

Still, Arisia’s ranks can’t all be like Luna. Arisia wanted to wield her expanded power to create some Alpha Lust Demons specifically tasked with creating more Alphas.

Luna in tow, Arisia simply touched the pool outside. It boiled and misted, while briefly turning a bright red.

Arisia did not have to explain what came next. Luna, with Arisia’s lust flowing through her, will easily convince her roommates to have a pool party. The pool will begin to corrupt them quickly. The more they will embrace the Demonic Lust, the closer they will be to becoming Demons.

Deciding to be hands-on yet silent in the process, Arisia infested the pool with pure, demonic lust. She planned to make herself imperceptible to the coming guests. The show would likely be interesting. “Lust” was not necessarily sexual, while extreme sexual arousal itself was not necessarily predictable. At the same time, she grabbed a random woman she saw walking by to have a soul to munch on (partly an experiment to further flex her enhanced power) while watching.

Luna’s friends soon arrived: three men and another woman. The woman was Jessica, a fit and bubbly blonde, and one of the men was her boyfriend, Jack. The other two men were Ben and Les. Arisia had no trouble altering the humans’ perceptions to make Luna appear Human, while Luna herself should be able to mimic and enhance the ensuing show. 

Arisia and her meal casually sat “invisible” few feet away with her meal. She was almost casually infesting the support structure of the Human’s soul with the purest of lust. It was working. She successfully gained a largely perpetual control.

Arisia leaning over, and deeply kissed the hapless woman. The Empress easily consumed a small sliver of the Human’s soul. Arisia not only enjoyed the slow lust of it, but also found the orgasmic tease of it amazing. The soul could certainly recover, but  would need days or even weeks.

Meanwhile the friends were almost casually playing around in the pool. Jessica and Luna were barely keeping themselves on their inflated hammocks, while the men threw the rubber balls around. Luna wore a deep red bikini, while Jessica wore a variably pink and black one. The Humans almost didn’t even realize how aroused they were, amongst the extreme levels of resulting euphoria. The men had harder boners than they ever had in their lives, tenting their relaxed-fit swim trunks.

With a hungry smile, Arisia took munched on a good sized chunk of soul. She moaned, enjoying the subtly confused look of the woman.

Jack was teasingly nudging Jessica’s hammock, making her giggle, almost falling off. He even snuck a tickle on her tummy. It was loosely men versus women, playfully throwing around the balls. Les preemptively grabbed a ball away from Jessica, while the Jack just pulled her to the other side of the pool. He almost succeeded in nudging Jessica off the hammock in the teasing and laughing. The man now standing at the edge of the pool, Les, then playfully nudged Luna to the man sitting at the other end just before she could throw a ball.

Arisia took a good swig of the woman’s soul. She enjoyed the subtly growing look of emptiness in the woman.

Jack finally succeeded in flipping Jessica into the pool. In some ways, the men did not even realize what they were doing in the intensely induced lust of the pool. Luna notwithstanding, Jessica more or less understood that all the actions of the men were sexual in nature. Even though Jessica and Jack had a very happy and lively relationship, the lust was making them all ready to fuck and be fucked by anything.

Arisia almost uncontrollably took a large bite of soul. It was so good that Arisia was starting to have trouble making the soul last. She had indeed eaten about half of it already!

Jessica’s boyfriend then took hold of her, and floated her back to the others. Luna herself was playfully pushed off her hammock by the man sitting on the edge, Brad. Jessica worked to hop back onto her hammock, on her stomach, while her boyfriend less than suggestively teased from behind, grabbing her thighs. The laughing was loud and fun. At the same time, Luna crawled back onto her hammock, on her stomach.

Arisia chewed on some more soul, more than enjoying the show before her.

Brad less than suggestively grabbed at Luna’s ass, blowing some raspberries into the cheeks. She giggled loudly. The man that was walking around the pool’s edge than sat next to the other. While Jessica’s man grabbed at the bikini bottom strings, she teasingly rolled off into the pool, Luna followed suit. Jessica then hopped back onto a hammock, but Luna just sat on a step.

Arisia then ate a large swath of soul. Looking at the nearly empty woman, the Empress decided to finish her meal with a hungry kiss. Licking her lips joyously and orgasmically, the hapless woman quickly transformed into Arisia’s second, mindless lust fiend.

Jessica then paddled herself over to Brad with a big smile, looking at his tented trunks. Giggling loudly, she flipped the empty hammock onto her excited boyfriend. Brad began to lustfully grope her smolders and back, Jessica more than receptive. While Jack groped and consumed Jessica’s asscheeks, she looked up to Brad and huffed, “I want it!” At that, Brad quickly pulled down his trunks, revealing a large member so plump it looked ready to burst. Jessica wasted no time in taking the anaconda into her mouth and hands. This was the first time she ever did such a thing, and having Jack finger her pussy at the sam time made the experience gloriously joyous. At the same time, Les was hungrily making out with Luna, who was now laying back on a hammock, and Les was soon sucking and groping Luna’s breasts.

Arisia was more than pleased at this sexual turning point in the show. She could feel their souls now being corrupted at the blatant acceptance of the lust infecting them. She could specifically perceive Jack’s body begin to grow more muscular.

Jack was now worshiping Jessica’s ass and legs and feet, practically at the same time. Everything Jack was doing from behind added credence to what she was consuming, making eye contact with the happy Les. And damn, she was enjoying it! She happily did not gag, allowing her to consume freely. All their motions were not outwardly aggressive. Instead, they were enjoying, embracing the extreme enjoyment of the sensation coursing through their bodies. Jack was more than enjoying his groping of his lovers asshole and pussy while she sucked another mans cock. While he groped her foot, he found himself feeling very differently toward Jessica. This felt nothing like when they made love. Here and now, he was enjoying her, like how she was obviously enjoying Brad’s dick. There was no doubt between Jack and Jessica that this felt infinitely better. Indeed Brad and Les were finding this form of pleasure better than anything they ever experienced before.

Arisia happily began to observe how the Humans’ skin began to glisten, and not just because they were wet. At the same time, she observed Les’ shoulder blades being to change and nudge outward like nubs. Arisia adjusted their perception of Luna accordingly. She then smirked at the expectant fiend, grew a massive member, and had it pleasure her.

Les was hungrily eating and fingering Luna’s secretly demonic pussy. If she was a full-fledged Demon, even a thrall, his transformation would have been accelerating faster than the others. Luna was moving things along effectively, regardless, not holding back how much she enjoyed Les’ lust, which was her sustenance after all.

Arisia was now moving the new fiend up and down her shaft like the sex toy it was. She found herself looking forward to making more lust fiends!

Fingering Jessica’s wet pussy and feeling up and down her leg, Jack found himself feeling no love toward her for the first time. Jessica was a beach babe; the kind of babe he jerked off to for years prior. Looking at her smooth, high arched foot, he found himself groping and kissing it without abandon, feeling her firm ass cheeks at the same time. Jessica found herself embracing not only the lust of enjoying pre-cum dripping dick, but also the lust Jack was exhibiting toward her ass, legs, and feet.

Arisia came down the throat of her fiend, feeding it as it once fed her. She smirked at the observation of the reddening eyes and now subtly pointed ears of the ones before her.

Luna sat up on her hammock, and Brad looked over to her. Stoking his pulsing dick, he walked over, not knowing or caring about what happened to his trunks. Luna soon found herself flanked by two throbbing members. She sultrily wrapped her hands around both at the same time. Stoking both passionately, she sucked off each in turn. At the other end, Jessica tightly closed her eyes to embrace her own lust.

Arisia again came into her fiend at the sight of Jessica’s eyes not sporting two black slits. None were truly oblivious to the slow changes to their bodies. They were, however, too lost in the passions to care.

The now highly muscular and subtly scaly-skinned Brad grabbed the back of Luna’s head, and began to thrust into her mouth. Les, now with even redder skin and distinct growths off his shoulder blades, took his turn to fuck Luna’s hungry face.

Jessica looked up to the now deeply muscular and deep-red skinned Brad with her red cat-eyes, playing with the helmet with her not longer tongue. This was her dick, her pleasure, her lust. Brad just lay back and let the deep, impossible pleasure wash over him.

Brad then waded over to the edge of the pool and lay back, dick at attention for whoever. Les and Luna waded over. Luna willfully straddled and let the member penetrate her perfect pussy. Les gave Luna his dick to suck, and she did so in time with her thrusts.

Jessica stood, and passionately made out with Brad. She turned around and sat on his dick, thrusting it in and out of her. Her motions were willful, but not dramatic. She was savoring the deep pleasure she felt.

Luna began to audibly moan and coo from two of her hole being penetrated at the same time. Jessica cooed loudly as well, she and Brad moving their hips in perfect time.

Horns began to protrude from their foreheads, as their tail bones began to grow.

The semi-demonic Brad and Les exchanged glances, and traded places. Jessica lay back, legs open wide to accept a new dick inside her. Les wasted no time, put a leg over his shoulder, and penetrated without care. At the same time, Brad groped Luna’s breasts while jerking himself. The attention only made her hump the now semi-demonic Jack more.

Luna stood up, and let Brad begin to fuck her from behind. Jack made his way over to what was the love of his life that was now being fucked hard by another, apparently, semi-demonic man. Jack only cared about putting his now monster-sized dick into Jessica’s mouth. Her now sharp teeth somehow never touching, Jessica enjoyed sucking off her boyfriend in time with Les’ hard thrusts. Jack often groped her foot and breasts, but spent just that much more effort to fuck her mouth. This was the first time Jessica had two dicks inside her at the same time. The pleasure was mind altering, making her want nothing less this level of lust. Les and Luna occasionally looked on, letting the sight enhance their own now anal pleasure just that much more. Their moans and coos slowly began to develop deeper, more resonant qualities.

With Brad’s nudging, Jessica soon found herself lying on her side a the edge of the pool. For the first time in her life, a truly monstrous dick was thrust into her asshole. The sensation was intense. With every successive thrust, she began to find it even more pleasurable, more right than the pleasure of a dick in her pussy. Jack’s own monster snake always found its way back down her throat all the same. The lust of two dicks inside her was better with each passing moment!

Their forms began to look truly demonic now. Their distinctly rubbery skin visibly had varying shades of red and scaly. Horns and tails were pubescent, but blatant. Les’ protrusions were beginning to look like wings, as his body was already lighter yet stronger. They were barely Human anymore. This was their heaven or hell. It did not matter. All they wanted was to bathe in the dark lust forever.

They eventually rearranged. Jessica was now humping Les on her knees, while Jack was thrusting into her ass. The intensity of both her pussy and asshole being impaled at the same time was so much that it was visibly accelerating her transformation. Her simmering red tail grew long and thick, before she penetrated Jack’s ass with it on instinct. Her already sharp teeth and sharper fangs became as pointed as her ears. She leaned back and swatted the air with a long tongue-member.

Luna and Brad were on the other side of the pool anally fucking each other, Luna’s tail as deep in his ass as his dick was in hers. The moans and coos of all of them now deep and resonating. None of them looked Human anymore, as they barely were.

Jack eventually wanted Luna. So, Luna and Brad walked over. The fiend, whose true appearance was no longer concealed, squatted down, and stroked and sucked Jack’s throbbing monstrosity. At the same time, Jessica flipped herself around, and guided Les’ dick back into her hungry ass. Brad soon put her legs over his shoulders, and aggressively thrust into her perfect, demonic pussy.

They could feel their humanity slipping away. Yet, they did not care. The pleasure was so great that they were welcoming the new essence that was becoming apparent within them. Their will was already an extension of Empress Arisia’s.

They were all orgasmic now, letting their humanity fade away. One position after another, Luna having two dicks at one point, they were beginning to celebrate their new selves. Their truly demonic cum was literally darkening the color of the pool. None cared whose cum was inside them, or who was sucking off who. If it felt good, they did it.

Soon, they hungrily kissed each other in turn. The taste of their mixed cum exciting them further.

Arisia walked over to her new Alpha Demons of Lust. The Empress mostly just wanted Alphas in her Legion. Thralls would only be created if she did not personally like the Human they stated as, and be the toys of the Alphas. The lust fiends she was creating would help to ensnare.

My new Alphas, Arisia stated directly into their very being, your standing order is to expand my ranks. I shall grant you the power to control the type of Lust Demon created, and you shall presently only create further Alphas. No mating just yet. All Deals will require my blessing. You will apply my bidding with the upmost stealth. Hide within this world. No unnecessary risks at this time … However … Arisia had an idea that tickled her addictive pussy. As an addendum, use our demonically lustful cum as an addictive drug to control others. I will use it at a later time to expand our ranks further. Will will use this drug to mask ourselves, manipulating in ways to make it seem like it is a new ploy by Cthulhu, our ultimate rival …

* * * *

The next week was silently transformative. Arisia’s Legion of Lust was growing exponentially. Jenny successfully converted her Coven into Worshipers of the Empress of Lust, as well as corrupting her lover, who turned out to be a secret rapist. Arisia rewarded Arisia handsomely, making her an Alpha, while what became of her lover was transformed into Jenny’s personal thrall.

The growing issue was that Arisia was certainly becoming addicted to Human souls. She now had a total of five lust fiends. No matter how hard she tried to spread out the feeding, there was little control. Human souls were utterly delicious, and the power they gave was unmatched. So, she tasked her new personal Coven with finding a solution.

Of the old Protectors, they were down another, Enyo …

“So is it true?” Golden Ram asked tiredly.

Tezca, the now reluctant leader of the dwindling Protectors, sat with a troubled brow. “Yes, Enyo appears lost …”

“She is one of Cthulhu’s Reforged now?” Arisia asked. She morphed herself back to her old form for obvious reasons.

“No …” he answered quietly. “It would seem she joined the Old One, as well as her followers. They are working in tandem.”

“With one less, the need for planning is more dire. With all prior plans meaningless, what must we do now?” the Sphinx.

“Speak with the old jailor’s of Cthulhu?” the Bostonian snarled.

“I can work on implementing such a plan, based on the Demon League’s knowledge. It seems the only course for the League to help up now,” Arisia forwarded. “Enyo did suggest such demonic plans be enacted if all else failed.”

“Yes, I agree, Arisia,” Tezca stated. “If we are to find a way to communicate with the most ancient of entities, it might be the only path left … Arisia, you have a report on this new addictive substance?”

“Yes,” Arisia said, hiding her giddiness and the truth well. “Even though it does have similarities with demonic semen, it does not appear to come from them. The Demon League has no stratagems in that area. My sources suggest the drug does indeed come from Cthulhu’s forces, likely the ones still Human. They hid their connection well, due to the drug merely addicting those at this time. My theory is that Cthulhu or the Reforged will use it at a future date to create a kind of auxiliary unit.”

“No crazier than what we’ve seen thus far!” Tezca stated. “Given the similarity to the demonic, I want you to keep studying the substance and those addicted to it.”

“Of course, Tezca.”

“All right everyone, let’s get back at it …”

Tezca and Arisia were in Enyo’s secluded cabin. He hoped to find more information about what happened to her. All they could ascertain was that she moved out without any clue as to where she went.

They were searching the bedroom, and Arisia sat on the edge of the unmade bed, sighing heavily.

“Everything all right, Ari?” he asked lovingly.

“Not really,” she said breathily. “The stress is finally getting to me, I guess. We don’t seem to be making any headway. Our numbers keep declining, while theirs grow. We really have no idea what to do, do we?”

Tezca sat next to her, and wrapped his arm around her upper body. He smooched her, and said, “We’ll make it through this, Arisia, we have to.”

She looked deep into his eyes, successfully replicating that loving look she used to give him. They leaned in, and began to kiss deeply, Arisia again successfully replicating “loving” motions.

“Let’s get kinky, Tezca. Gotta blow some lust.” That was her code for roleplaying, which was really the best way she satisfied her sexual appetite or break through extreme stress as a Cambion.

“Here?” he was not really saying no.

“There’s nothing here but us, Tezcatlipoca …” She smooched him “lovingly,” yet secretly applying a touch of her great power as Empress to nudge him in the right direction.

“All right, Arisia. The usual you’re a Demon trying to get my soul?”

“What else?” she smirked, letting down her mask strategically.

They did this a lot, pretending she was a true Demoness. Ironically, he always let her win.

He switched modes quickly. “I know what you really want, Demoness.”


“I may be pure Demon now, but do you love me, Tezca?” she teasingly slowed her motions.

“What …” For a moment he he wasn’t sure if the was playing or not. “Yes! I love you more than anyone or anything!”

“What would you sacrifice to love me forever, to be mine forever? Would you offer your soul to me, Tezca?”

“Yes, of course, Arisia! I would sell my soul if it meant I could be yours forever!”

“I accept this Deal, Tezcapolaca. You will be mine forever, and in payment, I will take your soul. We shall seal this Deal with your orgasm, your cum inside me.”

Arisia began to hump him hard, aggressively, while kissing him with a deep lust. This was very different behavior for the originally co-equal Arisia, but Tezca was already too lost in the throws of lustful ecstasy to care. Of course, the reality was that this was real. Arisia was about to literally take his soul in a Demonic Deal.

Tezca came so hard and fast that he almost didn’t know it was happening at first.   With his cum inside her now, the truth was being revealed to him. Arisia began to feel the Demonic Orgasm that came with Deals, and Deals involving the soul were the most orgasmic. Her cries of passion were deep, guttural, resonating. Her teeth grew sharp with fangs, as her skin shifted to a shimmering red rubber. Her eyes became demonic slits, while her ears became as sharply pointed as her claws. With curious stretching and creaking, her long, fleshy tail grew outward wildly. And finally, her mouth watering, sinewy wings of pure lust grew outward, blocking the light.

He tried to say something in his shock, but felt strange and disoriented. He felt it down to his soul. The strange, deep feeling began to transform into something else. Deep devotion began to form with the Demoness on top of him. He loved her as Arisia, but this was something else. It soon no longer mattered that she was obviously a true Demon now. It no longer mattered that he felt love for her. Everything was hers now.

Arisia teasingly felt the beaten God’s cheek with her shiny black claw. “How does it feel to be mine?”

“Everything I am is yours. It feels right. It’s like devotion in its purest form.”

“Like I’m your Empress and you are my servant?”

“Yes …”

* * * *

Great Empress, Lilly, the Priestess of Lust that Jenny guided to Arisia, stated across a vast distance.

Yes, what do you have for me? Tezca was dutifully worshiping Arisia’s addicting feet. When she grows bored of his current form — and after his current form is no longer needed, she planned to transform him into her personal, physically malleable thrall.

As you know, Great Empress, you are the most powerful Demon to have ever existed, but could still fail against the might of the Demon League. There has never been a coop, according to Lore. All those that led in that realm gained power through a mix of shadowed manipulation and through great adversity. Such means are not presently ideal for you and your forces. I propose something else that should also specifically take care of your hunger.

I am listening, Priestess, Arisia stated.

Your father, Asmodeus, rules in a passive manner. He prefers to pull strings in the shadows and make Deals, as has always been obvious. The last crises was perhaps the only instance where he took up arms, and began to truly rule the entirety of his realm, more or less. I do not believe he would attack you if you merely demand an audience, but he certainly would never yield the throne willingly. Once you have your audience, then you must take him.


I mean that literally. You convince him that the only way to stop you is to attempt to Possesses you. This is actually true, Great Empress. If he dominates you completely, he could absorb or fully control your Demonic Essence. However, if you best him, then you could absorb his Essence. By absorbing Asmodeus’ essence, power second to your own, your growing hunger for Human souls may be sated or better controlled. You may then be unmated in this universe.

That would be a dangerous game, but you may be right, Priestess. Your stratagem might be the only way to have it all.

Your great Lust deserves nothing less, Great Empress …

* * * *

Arisia, in all her demonic glory stood in a shimmering obsidian-lined room, melodramatically lit by massive cauldrons. Standing in their own classical glory with on-the-nose expressions were Mammon of Greed, Leviathan of Envy, Beelzebub of Gluttony, Satan of Wrath (the original ruler of the domain), and Belphagor of Slothfulness. Their lieutenants were elsewhere searching for signs of Cthulhu. Asmodeus, Lord of Lust and King of the Demon League of the Nine Hells, sat on the high throne of a dragon carved from the darkest of obsidian. His powerfully red skin shimmering in the firelight more mesmerizingly than the shimmer of his thrown. He walked down to her daughter.

“What the fuck have you done to yourself, Arisia?” he asked in more fascination than one might expect.

She looked up and down her massive, muscular demonic father, spending much time on his monstrous package. “You don’t know, father? I gave myself the boost, and oh … It fucking worked! I am the epitome of lust now. Fuck Cthulhu!”

“Holy shit! I can smell it on you Arisia. You’ve been eating Human souls …”

“So fucking good. Can’t get enough! Tried to ration myself, but gave into the hunger. I actually ate five souls this morning! You really need to try it.”

No, once you start down that path, I do not know if there is any going back. You will soon start mutating, loosing your sense of self …”

“Maybe I am, father …” she said honestly. She continued with more honesty than she wanted to admit to herself. “Every time I eat a soul now, I partly transform into some perverted version of the one I consumed, while fucking the resulting fiend. After the fifth soul this morning, I genuinely had no idea who I was, while I had traits of all the men and women I ate. And when I finally did come to my senses, it took most of the power I gained to force myself back to my ‘true’ form, which I feel like I am loosing. 

“The hunger is still there, father, threatening to consume me. The only way to stop me from loosing myself and trying to take everything you have is for you to Possess me, take control of my essence, fix it somehow … Please, father …”

Arisia pressed herself up against her equally as massive father, wrapping her lust-reflecting wings around them. Asmodeus embraced her tightly. In a way, he did love her, not that he could always feel or express it in any “Human” way.

Asmodeus pressed his lips against his daughter’s. With their mouths opened wide, he left his body for the first time in centuries, and Possessed his broken daughter …

The two powerful Demons entered a kind of dream world within Arisia’s body. Asmodeus now saw through Arisia’s veil. Yes, she was not lying about her addiction, but now knew she used that truth in a ploy to best him from within her to take everything from him.

“You think you can best me, my daughter?” he boomed into the dreamed-reality. “I have existed for more than five-thousand years! I slayed those in the throws of false-lust. I twisted greed to become lustful hunger for the greatest of gambles. I twisted souls in the shadows to trick Humans into embracing their darkest of desires, making those beings become mine forever. I AM LUST!”

He held his actually taller daughter tightly, kissing her deeply with the greatest of hunger. Their tongues swirled and wrestled, before Asmodeus’ grew thicker to tease the back of her throat. Arisia moaned loudly, feeling the ancient lust overwhelm her.

The Lord of Lust groped and kissed his way down to Arisia’s dripping pussy. He shoved his slithering tongue deep into the orifice, forcing a quick, tease of an orgasm.

Arisia tried to exhibit some control by leaning down for teasing kiss. A moment later, she found herself hungrily stroking Asmodeus’ monster cock, drooling at the sight. Licking then sucking desperately, she was finding it was starting to taste even better than Human souls. Asmodeus suddenly grasped her head, and began forcibly fuck her face. Her jaw and throat extended impossibly to accommodate the addicting monstrosity.

He let go of her head, but she still bobbed her head up and down wildly, submitting to the infinite lust of it. Occasionally, he fucked her face wildly. There was no need, though. All she wanted was the consume the dick, submit to it. Trying to gain her own composure, she slowed down and began to truly embrace it, glancing up at at father in great lust. It was a loosing battle, especially with him randomly grasping her head for some more wild thrusts.

Arisia soon found herself laying back onto a couch, legs splayed wide. Asmodeus was almost teasingly licking and fingering her dripping pussy. She moaned and cooed wildly, now becoming addicted to his ridiculously large tongue-member.

Just before she could cum, Asmodeus was suddenly sucking on her toes. It felt better than perfect. He was actually jerking himself off to his consuming. Arisia lay back, and moaned loudly. On her own will, she stroked his shaft with her other foot. Asmodeus then simply let her passionately stoke his shaft. For the first time in all of this, Arisia found herself commanding the lust between them. She squeezed her erect nipples joyously, watching her father become overwhelmed with pleasure. Still, his dick felt so damn good between her soles and toes. Demonic pre-cum dripped onto her toes, and without thinking, she grabbed her foot to suck off her own toes. She moaned loudly at the salty taste, stroking his shaft with the other foot with greater passion.

Lost in the lust for a moment, she suddenly found both her feet stroking the monster cock. Asmodeus was in full control of her feet, moving them in the exact time he desired. When he let go, Arisia moved exactly as was prescribed.

Suddenly on her back, Asmodeus slid his anaconda all the way into her wet snatch. She moaned and coed almost orgasmically at his now wild thrusts. He kissed her foot on and off, but it was inconsequential. He learned forward, her leg on his opposite shoulder, and began to thrust even harder. The deep pleasure was beginning to melt her mind.

“Let me cum! Please let me CUM!” Arisia pleased.

With a diabolical smile, he flipped her onto all fours, and guided his monstrous shaft into her naturally lubed anal cavity. “OH FUCK!” Arisia cooed at the pure lust that was anal sex. Asmodeus playfully slapped her ass in response. The pleasure was hard, deep, uncompromising. She felt nothing better in her life, wanting it more with every forceful thrust. Arisia eventually thrust on her own accord, but it was largely subservient toward the lust Asmodeus was guiding.

Arisia soon found herself on her knees before the fully erect Asmodeus. Her mouth was open wide to accept his black seed. Most of it blasted down her throat. The rest of it dripped down her body. She finally came wildly …

The next thing Arisia knew they were on a bed. She was hungrily sucking and stroking her father’s perfect demonic lust-shaft. Through the tasty lust, she realized that her addiction to Human souls was completely gone. What was interesting, though, was that it was not strongly replaced by anything. Obviously, Asmodeus first took care of the addiction, and knowing she was still a threat to him, was now working to take control of her essence.

Still, the dick down her throat was a powerful thing. It was very hard not let herself become lost in the pleasure it emitted. A lot of her wanted to become lost to it, and Asmodeus knew that. So, he fucked her face with it, denied it to her, let her suck it. It was a kind of torture only the Lord of Lust could provide. If Arisia was not such a powerful Demon, she would already be his mindless fuck toy, probably converted into a thrall. Yet, she was still there, somehow. Lust was her thing, too. She maintained control over her being by exhibiting her own wildness toward the cock whenever she could.

Suddenly, Arisia was on her back. Asmodeus was fingering her dripping pussy at lightning-fast speed. She rubbed the top of her pussy to retain even minor control over the moment. The Empress nearly lost control when Asmodeus began to tease her pussy with the tip of the cock she wanted so badly.

Barely retaining composure, she instead forced his head down to her addicting pussy. Asmodeus automatically began to lick and suck her crotch, the salty juices sweet and addicting. “Oh, shit!” she cooed, when he had his fingers join in. She less than subtly thrust her hips into the fingers, absorbing the pleasure and almost letting herself become lost in it.

Finally exhibiting his own control, Asmodeus then thrust his cock all the way into her crotch. Arisia moaned and cooed orgasmically. Now somewhat addicted to her pussy juices, Asmodeus suddenly withdrew himself, and inhaled liquid leaking out.

Arisia teased him by suddenly moving away, and going to all fours. It was a gamble, but she needed to know if she was lucid enough to handle the ultimate lust from the one that practically invented it. Well, she also greatly enjoyed Asmodeus’ dick inside her.

Asmodeus then groped and slapped her firm asscheeks hard. Before she knew it, the monster anaconda was ripping her in half from the ass up. This was his moment to truly gain the upper hand, so he did not hold back. He thrust hard and fast, grasping her at the hair and shoulders. Arisia cooed and cried with a level of pleasure beyond what she knew existed. At each slap of the asscheek, she found herself wanting to give in. She never knew such pleasure before, and lusted for so much to start. Maybe this would be what she desired, and Asmodeus might just give it to her forever …

No! Lust was not just about finding the extremes of pleasure. True lust was about finding the further reaches of experience. Arisia did not just want pleasure beyond pleasure. She wanted more. She wanted her father, his power, and whatever she could discover beyond even that.

When Asmodeus came down her throat, she did not just cum hard. Arisia took full control with all her will, and began to feed on his very essence through his very cum.

On her own will, she transformed their shared dreamworld. Asmodeus was on all fours on a bed. Arisia grew out a long, red, rubbery member, and quickly shoved it up his ass. He growled loudly, absorbing the pleasure Arisia forced on him. While lacking in brutality, it gained in slow passion. Letting her lust wash over him, Arisia came hard up Asmodeus’ ass, before he could cum himself.

“Please let me cum!” he cried.

Please let me cum, what?” she asked forcibly, flipping him onto his back.

“Please let me cum … Empress Arisia,” he begged truly, but not without true shock.

Arisia then changed the world around them. She sat on a black couch, while a now a busty female Asmodeus sat before her on the floor. Arisia presented her large, soft foot to the Lord of Lust, who kissed and licked it submissively.

The Empress then willed her to not touch her feet. She then played with Asmodeus’ very puffy and very red nipples with her toes, creating deep moans in both. She then willed Asmodeus to open her mouth wide. The foot went deep, impossibly deep, allowing Arisia to play with Asmodeus’ very essence.

She removed her foot and had Asmodeus lick from heel to toe, slowly, passionately. She could feel what little was left of Asmodeus’ will slip away at the fact that it was obvious how much Asmodeus lusted over Arisia’s feet at the start of their escapade. Arisia barely needed to pump any extra lust through them.

Arisia teasingly micromanaged the fallen Demon Lord. Every command, every toe suck, every heal lick brought the foot-hungry Asmodeus just that much more under Arisia’s growing Will. That was not to mention how good it felt. Asmodeus was lust after all, and Arisia applied that lust on every command. Arisia especially loved fucking Asmodeus’ face with that super-sensitive foot.

She then had Asmodeus lay back, Arisia’s foot now rubbing the most glorious of pussies. Asmodeus gasped and writhed in deep pleasure.

“CUM FOR YOUR EMPRESS!” Arisia ordered, having Asmodeus also suck the toes on the other foot.

Asmodeus began to moan and coo louder and louder at the passionate yet aggressive attention. Arisia herself was perhaps feeling even more lust, the great lust of them both flowing through her. The pleasure grew to once unfathomable levels, the false-reality shaking around them. Arisia then came loudly in would shattering orgasm. The thick demonic cum flowing out of Arisia’s feet practically forced the desperate Asmodeus to explode with her own powerful orgasm. The world collapsed around them, yielding darkness … 

There was only the pure, flowing, red mists that was the essence of Asmodeus and Arisia. Arisia engulfed the subtly passive mist that was Asmodeus, and orgasmically absorbed it into her very being. The whole of Asmodeus, his life and knowledge, became assimilated into her. Power, connection to all his Lust Demons, unuttered truths, everything was now Arisia’s …

The real world soon came back into focus. Arisia was not the same Arisia that walked into the dark throne room. The whole of Asmodeus now flowed through her very being. The lifeless husk of Asmodeus lay silent.

The Demon Lords stood disquieted, not knowing what to do. What towered before them was a being none of them could match, and were not sure about their futures.

Come, Demon Lords,” Arisia resonated through their very essence. “Accept me as your Eternal Empress of Lust and the Demon League of the Nine Hells.”

The Lords came willingly, albeit with silent apprehension. It was that apprehension that led to an act Arisia’ father never bothered to do. She closed her red cat-eyes and forced her Will upon them, orgasmically embedding it into they never beings. The Demon League was now truly hers …

Not long after her Ascension, an unfamiliar being simply appeared before her in the otherwise empty throne room. The apparent man was tall, slim, and dark like the space between the galaxies. His pale white eyes almost seemed to glow. Yet, Arisia had trouble truly capturing the appearance. She could almost perceive thousands of other forms, not all of which humanoid.

“What are you?” the Empress asked in fascination.

“Well, Enyo first thought I was Cthulhu. You can certainly see beyond the veil even better than she!” The man was strangely jovial and joyous. There was a kind of fascination in his almost whispering tone. “I am known as Nyarlathotep, a kind of Avatar of a race older than the ancient light of the stars visible upon Earth. One of that race you know as Cthulhu.”

“You are here to turn me to your side, I presume?”

“Were you this melodramatic before incestuously absorbing your father?” he asked sarcastically. “To answer your question simply: yes. Cthulhu runs my organization these days, and in a way, it always did. I won’t bore you with billions of years of history. It bores me sometimes! The history you need to know is the history of the race of light that threatens us all. It has many names, even though my race has yet to learn if it even has a true one. On Earth it was once described as the Colour Out of Space. Perhaps that is the most descriptive title for it. And yes, it burns, but most importantly, it burns all life into something else for purposes even I do not know. It was on Earth in the 1880s. That rather dour Lovecraft described the incident well enough, thanks to me. My job at the time was to silently influence and prepare Earth for the possibility of becoming a battlefield for my race. That artificial intelligence was an unexpected and fun appetizer to watch. Now, however, you need us to survive what may be the worst horror to exist.”

“What took you so long to force an audience, Avatar?”

A distinct yet thin smile appeared. “We needed you to become what you are now naturally, as I needed Enyo to become the Goddess she always wanted to be. As many Humans would put it, we would have been utterly fucked if either of you failed to gain the appropriate heights in power. Indeed, Cthulhu creating the Reforged was the lynchpin to ensuring what needed to happen. I know it all seems convoluted, but manipulative conspiracies tend to be that way on Earth and associated Realms.”

“You are not powerful enough to stop the Color …” Arisia said with silent disquiet.

“No, we are not, Empress. We have yet to even fight the Color directly, but it will destroy us eventually through whatever empowers it. Earth was almost not the battleground of course. There are so many calculations involved with traversing the universe. The Color now holds many words, and will hold yet more. If Cthulhu awoke even five minutes later, your metric, we would have needed to look to the next world, which was being nudged by another Avatar. There would not have been enough time, and Earth would have been consumed. Again, fucked.”

“So, what’s next?” Besting some ancient entity technically was on her to-do list all along, even if she almost forgot in her journey.

“Well, you now know secrets no other entity can ever know.” Nyarlathotep looked up for a moment. “The Color is returning now. A meteor containing the cosmic cancer just entered the Sol system. I will provide the predicted trajectory, which obviously leads to Earth.”

“How do we fight it?”

“I … am not completely sure. You may need to combine new technologies and ancient secrets.”

“Hrh … how ‘bout this? We make a Deal. I find a way to defeat the Color. In return …” she smirked, wanting everything. “I am granted command-status with the Reforged starting now, I am allowed dominion over the Earth and associated realms, and my forces will aid you in your fight against the Color in perpetuity.”

“You drive a hard bargain, Empress of Lust, but I expected nothing less …” There was a long pause, where he was obviously communing with his masters. “Speaking for those described on Earth as the Great Old Ones, I am honored to agree to your Deal. Let’s just make this a verbal agreed, shall we? I am not built for sexuality.”

Granted …” She lay back and let the orgasmic power of their Deal wash over her. She even squirted a little with her black cum from how all encompassing it was. “I shall find a way to defeat the Color, and in return, I shall aid your forces in their fight against the Color in perpetuity and …” Her smile was broad and toothy and almost mischievous.

Nyarlathotep confirmed, “You shall be given command-status over the Reforged starting at this moment, and be allowed dominion over the Earth and associated realms … I can’t lie to you about your chances. You have an approximately 55% chance of failure, which would also be mine. You know who I am. I am built to communicate. Just call out to me if you need me …”

* * * *

Arisia stood before a great precipice in front of what became known as the Domain of the Ifrit, whose Hellfire might be the most powerful thing in existence if they ever used it together. It was more of a prison within Hell before her. They were some of the first souls to become utterly twisted in the Underworld, but for reasons never understood, they became uncontrollable. They never fit into the burgeoning order. Well, her Domain lacked any real “order” until the formation of the Demon League somewhat recently.

Regardless, it took a special Deal with the Archangel Gabriel to gain any semblance of control, before this cage was ultimately designed by her. Arisia considered calling upon the Angels. That was, however, complicated at best. Unlike Demons, which could have different versions of themselves across the multiverse, Angels were instead capable of being in multiple places at once, usually having only one instance of themselves. The Angels were off fighting in some apparent Armageddon in another reality against a particularly aggressive set of Demons.

That said, Arisia knew the secret powers created by Gabriel, because Asmodeus was the one that made the Deal with her. Asmodeus felt it safest to make it all secret. The Ifrit are merely contained.

The risk of letting the Ifrit out was dramatic. Yet, Arisia was the most powerful being in her Hell and what should soon be her Earth. The Ifrit were not without reason. So, Arisia hoped to make a Deal with them …

“We have a common foe,” Arisia bluntly stated at the edge to their Domain.

One floated up. It was ashen gray entity with fiery eyes and curved fangs. Its loud whisper of a voice spit napalm. “Nothing goes past this barrier. Why should we care?”

“The Color are more powerful than the most ancient entities in our Realms. By touching and defeating Demons, they will assuredly find a way to you. Their only derivable purpose is to absorb everything into their growing being. They are cancer upon the multiverse.”

And?” It still did not really care.

“What is the one thing you want after the countless eons in your cage?”

It glowed in angry fire that few entities besides Arisia could tolerate, but even she winced. “The cage is un-lockable,” it echoed loudly.

“Is it? My father conceived of a way a thousand years ago. He kept it secret, assuming none of you would play by any rules.”

It growled, but lowered its flame somewhat.

“I can set you all free with that key, for a price.”

“You want our Hellfire.” It was not asking.

“Many, many times over. You have no purpose in your cage. I am offering you purpose. Fight for me, and in time, you will be free.”

“The last time we were free, we eventually found ourselves imprisoned.”

“The mainstream Demons were so ironically puritanical then … The fight against the Color may last eons, and require the full breath of your ruthlessness. You will all then deserve your freedom from any chains of Hell. I will ensure that through a Deal.”

“A Deal?” It cackled, its dark flames alighting in tandem. “I thought you understood us! We care nothing for such formalities.”

“But I do, Great Spirit of the Underwood,” Arisia said honestly. “I am the Empress of Hell, and unlike my father’s hands-off administration, all of Hell turns on my whim. Here is the Deal before you: I let the Ifrit out of their cage to fight against the Color, and in return, I will ensure your freedom from Hell by never imposing restrictions against you.”

The Ifrit floated for a time, its fire almost cold and quiet. It suddenly faded somewhat, and the full Legion that was the Ifrit was briefly seen.

“We accept your Deal,” it said slowly the moment it became opaque.

“Thus, it is sealed. I shall free the Ifrit to fight the Color, and once the war is won, I shall never impose restrictions on you all, ensuring your freedom from Hell …” She let the Deal orgasmically wash over her, making her wings and tail twitch.

“The key to the cage, Empress?” it asked somewhat flippantly.

“Of course! It is your Hellfire! If all the Ifrit concentrate their Hellfire on a singular point at the edge of the cage, the Angelic Power should break at that point. You may all leave through the resulting crack. I do not know if the wall will repair itself, but blasting the wall again there or elsewhere should allow you to break through regardless.”

Arisia sensed disbelieve in the fiery creature. It was not disbelief in the solution, but disbelief in that his kind never thought of trying that.

It suddenly disappeared. Thousands of Ifrit, the whole Legion’s worth, phased into existence in the distance. They built up a dark-light so blinding that even Arisia needed to partly cover her cat-eyes. There was then a blast heard and felt throughout all the Domains of Hell. If the invisible Angelic Wall was not there, Hell itself would have cracked open. Instead, that wall briefly became visible, and the point the Ifrit concentration on blew open in a deafening explosion. Arisia fell to the ground from the great energy expelled.

By the time Arisia regained her wits and stood, maybe half of the Ifrit Legion already had flew out of their cage. They all conglomerated above her, their ashen, fiery glow bright but not painful.

One floated down to her, the one that was functioning as their Mouthpiece from the start. “Guide our Great Fury, Empress.”

With a serious nod, Arisia turned to her side. She moved her clawed index finder in a wide circle, and created a portal — wormhole really — to a point in space not far from Mars.

“That gateway will bring you a step ahead of the oncoming Color. It is my hope that will give you all time to recover from the energy you expelled today. You will know our enemy by it blindingly bright, violet aura. I do not know if it will fight back. I do not really know what will happen. All I know is that, combined, you may just be the most powerful force in the multiverse. You now know the power you can all wield, as so few others understood before. Fight for me. Fight for the existence of all. Fight for your freedom …”

It nodded, and Arisia stood aside. The Ifrit Legion, like a epic flame to air, flew through the gateway …

Five days after the Ifrit were freed from their cage, Arisia and half of the Earth observed a bright, multicolored light in the sky in the direction of Mars. There was no way to know in that moment exactly what happened. Indeed, the Ifrit had never fought as a singular Legion of Hell before!

With her breath held deep, a message from the Mouthpiece came to her sounding weary:

The invading force had been destroyed, Empress …

Arisia sighed deeply in relief. Known to Demons and those that have studied them, if a Deal failed in any perceptible way, pain or death could actually ensue. With two Deals involved in this operation, Arisia felt mortal dread for the first time in her life, including when she was a Cambion.

There are no casualties, Empress, but we will be unable to continue this fight for some time. We feel that we might be able to expel less of our Hellfire in future battles, possibly even individuals might be enough to damage the Color significantly.

That is excellent news, Great Spirit of the Underworld. Rest now wherever you wish, and I will send you out whenever your Legion is ready … 

* * * *


Arisa sat quietly on her Lunar throne, moon colony, looking down upon her Earth. Tezca, now a female thrall Demon of Lust, obediently lay on her lap. The Ifrit Legion were halfway across the galaxy fighting the Color, which was indeed fighting back now, knowing the Ifrit needed time to “recharge” themselves. However, the Color continued to have no defense against Hellfire.

Cthulhu and many of the Reforged were with them to create the Gateways. The Reforged were the only ones suffering casualties thus far, actually just partly immune to the mutagenic powers of the Color. The Reforged were still being created on Earth, so in the strategic sense, the war was going well.

On the reforged, well, that goes back to how Arisia took over the Earth in her Great Lust. First, Arisia finally revealed herself to the remaining Protectors, ten years ago, just after the Ifrit’s first successful battle. She was surprised by their lack of surprise. The Bostonian said with more honestly than intended that he liked her much better as a full-on Demon, and forwardly said he found her old self to be rather indecisive and overly cautious. Not that they had much choice, but she made a Deal with them to ensure their health, however they see fit, provided they continued being Earths Protectors. The difference was that not only was the Empress of Hell their nominal leader now, but were also tasked with being the leadership for the first line of defense. They mostly just monitored and advised in the war against the Color in the long run, but that was practically the semi-retirement they all wanted.

Arisia was of course allowed her control over the Reforged. Arisia utilized them as part of her plan to dominate the Earth with her Lust, whenever it did not conflict with the ongoing war. It turned out that the cum of the Reforged was identical to the cum Cthulhu generated to create the first Reforged. With Cthulhu very rarely calling for replenishment — and far from Earth, the cum was more like an addictive substance on par with Lust Demon cum.

That fact allowed for Arisia to have two orgasmically addictive substances at her disposal. Both spread like wildfire, before any knew what was happening. Yes, the Cthulhu Cum tended to make women more like Lovecraftian Succubi, but they were still technically addicted to that cum. At the same time, Lust Demon cum passively connected all users to Arisia, as she was indirectly connected to those exposed the other cum. She now had many worshipers and Priestesses as a result.

Thus, there was no resistance to Arisia openly becoming the Empress of Earth just the day before the ten year mark. All that otherworldly cum kept them all quite healthy and active. So, who were they to complain of a benevolent dictator? Enyo and her followers did not strictly join Arisia’s world, but to Arisia’s surprise, Enyo offered peaceful coexistence. Arisia agreed to the Deal, which included Arisia having Enyo rejoin the Protectors.

Very few actually took the next steps to become some kind of Demon, usually becoming of Lust. The Priestess were very good at strictly vetting those dissevering of at least becoming Lust Demons. But, it was quite amusing to Arisia how those Lovecraftian Succubi almost desperately heeded the Call of Cthulhu when more Reforged were needed. Cthulhu strategically did not even take all the ones transformed! Arisia always looked forward to those “shows” of those heading that call.

Looking down upon the Earth today, a forgotten yet almost alien feeling touched her. She felt, for the moment, satisfied. This was almost a kind of gift from her father, Asmodeus. He was secretly satisfied, in spite of his Great Demonic Lust. That feeling from him allowed her to know and accept it as well.

Perhaps she will go forth at some point and conquer more worlds like she did Earth. But for now, this moment, she had enough.


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