Halloween Special!

October 31 will see the third and final installment of the JIP miniseries The Will of Darkness! This will lead to an edited and expanded ebook and print version of the series, tentative release in January. Specifically, Blog Flash: Tammy’s Journal will be expanded, while there will be a whole new section featuring the exploits of another character. There will be an adjunct Blog Flash prequel series down the road, but will be separate from the complete ebook.

Title: The Will of Darkness — Arisia
Synopsis: Arisia, a Cambion of Lust, looses faith in the failing plans of the Protectors. She sets forth on a path of power that does not go as planned …
Tags: Mind control, transformation, male-female sex, female-female sex, anal sex, demonic, lust, futa, incest

On a different note, I will be going on a writing hiatus for the next couple of months due to time constraints. I will be working on the full version of The Will of Darkness, but there will be no new stories posted until January at the earliest. There will still be reviews whenever I am able and interested.

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