Blog Flash: The Pool

So I have this crush: Suzy. This photographer was absolutely perfect. Healthy build, cocoa skin, pink soles, dark eyes, small but wonderful breasts, long curly hair. Maybe I am rather shy, but that was not the problem. Technically, we were good friends. The hard reality was that she was a lesbian, and I was very much a guy.

All right, this was as weird as crazy, but I just had to have Suzy, even if I was deluding myself with porno-based fantasies. So, I invited her to my uncle’s place for the weekend. It was somewhat secluded, and had a big pool. My uncle said he was interested in going away for a weekend with his wife last week, so it was opportunistically perfect. Suzy actually said yes, don’t ask me why.

My phone chirped. Suzy was on her way, and would probably be there in about ten minutes. I texted back that the pool was really warm, and looked great. She replied that she was already wearing her bikini. Was she teasing me? My trunks tented at the thought of the dark-skinned beauty in a bikini. This should have been an impossible scenario, but it was happening.

I the casually hopped into the pool …

It may have been mere moments or hours. I could no longer tell. My whole body felt warm, good, and strange at the same time. It felt as if I was moving at great speeds yet was floating at the same time. I felt so strange and and different and disoriented. There was then a pleasurable sensation of utter calm, while I somehow felt that calm in deeper, more profound ways. I almost could not think …

In what felt like slow motion, I pushed myself over the surface of the water. My mouth was wide open to take large gulps of air. On apparent instinct, I palmed my hair back, finding it was now past my shoulders and quite silken. I looked down to see breasts so massive they were escaping the black bikini top. The tag peaking out literally read “34DD.” That, like, strangely didn’t surprise me either. It was kinda familiar. I stuffed my massive jugs back into my bikini. My sensitive nipples pleasured me right to my vagina. So familiar, so right.

I walked out of the pool. I toweled off my taut body. I was so fuckin’ hot. I slipped my perfectly streamlined and soft feet into my black flip-flops, which looked like a female version of the ones there earlier. The bottoms said “8” on them. A version of ones I had earlier? I walked inside. The fact that I was definitely, like, a couple inches shorter felt normal.

The mirror showed off the blue-eyed, blond bimbo version of was was my male self. Male self? This was me! I, like, remembered going through life like this. That other life was like a vivid dream. Here I was a lesbian, no, bi, but liked women better. Well, actually, I was kinda, like, in love with myself. Some of the best sex I ever had was just me. It was really hard to hid this body. Never wanted to … Shit. It’s fuckin’ think now! My IQ must lower here. Umm, what the fuck did that mean? I never needed a brain with such a body. I sucked dicks and ate pussy to get ahead. Always liked it. Did I always work at an adult modeling agency? … Yeah! I was their star centerfold!

Suzy was a constant, these days. I wanted her badly, like I did in that other life I can’t really remember. The problem was I, like, wasn’t even her type! I did not know much of anything, but I did know the pool was going to change Suzy! I did not care how I knew that.

My mega-crush showed up less than half an hour later. I wanted her the moment she snapped picture of me. We complimented how hot we looked. Suzy was in a tight blue bikini. My pussy was so warm. She hooped in the pool without warning. I sat on the squishy mat near the edge of the pool.

Suzy stayed underwater for what felt like forever! I felt confused like I did when I took a dip before … She emerged with her mouth wide open, with her eyes even wider. The shiny-wet babe walked over to me, and put on a hungry smile.

She offered to put some tanning oil on me. I said yes with a giggle. She poured some onto my legs, and rubbed the cool liquid in.

“Your skin’s so soft,” Suzy complimented, rubbing my legs from hips to the tops of my feet. She lingered on my feet like a tease.

“Thank you!”

“Turn over. Wanna get your back.”

“Sure!” I flipped onto my stomach.

She began to rub the goo into my lower back — groped her way down from my ass and my feet. She slowed her motions, and kissed my heel with her lips and tongue.


“Turn back around.”

“OK …”

“So…” Suzy said. “I wanna do some kinky shit. We’re good friends and all …”

“Yeah?” I giggled.

“You got such sexy feet and all …”

I giggled in response.

Suzy quickly felt her way back down, and felt the bottoms of my feet. She sucked my big toes — I felt a tingle run up my spine.

“On wow!” I cooed in amazement. “Doesn’t feet bad, like, yeah, sure, fuck, let’s get kinky …”

“Your feet are so nice,” she said between toe sucking and foot rubbing.

“Think so?”

“Fuck yeah!”

“Let’s go inside, and do some real kinky shit.”

“OK!” I said with a happy giggle.

We hopped up onto the bed, and made out. We were having fun already. She was a great kisser! She was in total control — led every one of my motions. I could barely keep up!

“Lay back, and give me your feet!” Suzy ordered with a smile.


“So sexy!” Suzy cooed deeply.

She licked and sucked from heel to toe, and sucked off my toes. I think she really wanted my feet! The attention made my feet tingle in ways that felt so fucking good! It almost felt as good as rubbing my pussy that was already, like, tingling.

Suzy took off her top, and started to rub her tit with my foot. Fucking hot! Her nipple got so hard between my toes. Suzy just used my feet to massage her firm tits, and sucked my toes almost at the same time. All we could do was moan. 

She started to eat out my moist pussy. I moaned through my teeth. She knew just how to make me coo and writhe in ways that felt perfect. My feet still tingled from the attention they just got.

Suzy flipped around and sat on my face. All I could do was wet my lips with her wet pussy lips. She tasted better than I imagined! She humped my mouth, so excited. She sometimes rubbed my pussy, but this was apparently, like, all about her pleasure. I just gave her what she wanted.

She moved off my face, and went back to sucking and licking my feet. I moaned so loud at the attention. She looked into my eyes when frenching just under by toes looking like a horny sex demon. I think this was her pleasure. She was just using me. I was was fine with that.

Suzy had me squat above her face for her to eat me out. She gave me her feet as a reward at the same time. I fucked so many people off, but I never smelled or tasted another’s foot before. Now I had two pink soles all over my face. They tasted like salted silk. Their texture was subtle yet perfect. Her wrinkles tickled my lips. I couldn’t get enough. She made me squeal from her fingers in my crotch. I felt desperate to have her feet in my mouth and her fingers inside me forever.

She then guided me into a scissor, and ground our wet pussies together, like, super-wild. We shared our feet like they were the most pleasurable things in, like, the world, and they were! We came so fucking hard with our feet in our mouths we squirt a little.

Suzy smooched me aggressively, and asked seriously, “Are you mine?”

Yes …”

“Stay there,” she ordered almost out of breath, and walked out of the room.

Suzy walked back inside a few minutes later with a massive strap-on dildo. I was pretty sure it was double sided and vibrated.

“I am your mistress now. Say pumpkin patch if it gets to be too much for you. Get down here on your knees,” she ordered.

I did what I was told.

“Fucking suck it.”

She forced me to deep-throat the thing. I did not gag, but it was down my throat. A moment of disorientation hit me. It felt like this act was completely knew and unfamiliar, but I remembered sucking people off before. It passed quick.

“Lube my dildo up you dirty fucking bimbo!” she growled.

She pulled my head back, she shoved her fingers down my throat. There was so much spit! I started sucking her dildo off a second later.

“Yeah, get it wet!” she ordered with a big smile. “I love seeing your fucking spit!”

More than once, she shoved a bunch of her fingers down my throat. There was so much spit that it almost looked like a guy came in my mouth.

“You like sucking me off, fuckin’ dumb bimbo-slut?”

“Yeah, I fuckin’ love it, mistress!” I said happily.

I dutifully continued to suck off the member. It was so fun and hot, especially when she forced me to hold the thing deep in my throat.

She finally ordered me to climb up on to the bed on all fours. I squealed harder than ever the way she spanked me hard and teased my wet pussy.

“OHHHH, fuck, yeah, mistress!” I squealed the moment she penetrated me without warning. Again, there was an odd moment of disorientation, like I never had a dick or dildo inside me before. No … Like, I’m was always a happy slut, but was always tight anyway!

Suzy thrust in and out like some wild animal. I could hear the vibrator going, but did not feel it all that much. Apparently, the thing mostly vibrated on her end. It did not matter, because her rough thrusts were more than enough to make me grunt and coo so loud.

She was so in control that she put my hands right were she wanted them: One hand on my asscheek, and the other supporting me on the bed. Her thrust became ever harder when she held me by the throat and hair. This was rough, much more rough than I ever remembered having. I could barely even breath. She let go of my throat and hair eventually, and I slumped onto the bed. But she did not stop humping. She even grasped me by the throat again, harder.

“No safe-word?” she said loudly. “Excellent! You’re my new sex toy, fucking bimbo-slut! You can forget safe-words!”

She flipped me around by the hair, and shoved herself back inside me. She kissed and licked my face, and said through her teeth, “You’re mine, bimbo!”

Suzy guided me into a rough scissor, but this time with her member all the way up my pussy. She sucked my toes like they were some kind of sexual food, while I sucked hers like it was my duty to worship them (it was). We thrust wildly until we came so hard and loud that our bodies shook …

She gave me her feet, and ordered, “Now thank you mistress for the pleasure you gave her.”

I worshiped her perfect feet with total gratitude … 

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