JIP: Alien Amazons

Disclaimer: This adult short story is a work of fiction. It is meant for those eighteen and older. There is sexual and taboo content, some of which may not even be possible. All characters are eighteen or older. Though there are inspirations from other fictional sources, any similarity to real people, live or no, is merely coincidental.

Author’s Note: An earlier, shorter version of this appeared as the Blog Flash Alien Lover

Synopsis: The Chikator came to Earth enacting only altruism, in the face of blatant xenophobia. They had an explanation for just about everything. Why they looked like statuesque, female humanoids. Why they came to Earth. Why Humans were becoming them …


Alien Amazons

Submitted for you approval: the Chikator. The extra terrestrials all looked like statuesque females, various shades of blue skin (sometimes purplish or greenish). That skin was also normally like polished latex with varying degrees of scaliness. Their hair was often long blue and silken, usually tightly and thickly interwoven in ways that resembled tentacles. Eyes a shade of blue. Of course, their “Humanoid” appearance wasn’t their true form, but we must first explain their history with Humans.

Chikators arrived fifteen years before at the end of a more than stressful pandemic. They were not exactly accepted with open arms universally. Were they but a female Columbus from another world? Many did not want to believe they were here to help Humans become citizens of the galaxy, as they put it. Yet, helping Humans was all they seemed to do, in spite of the xenophobia. New medicines, technologies, increased food supply. Everything.

They always had an answer. They were a highly empathetic race, that allowed their bodies to naturally transform into something approximating their “host’s” form, while they retained active control over their physical forms. But more importantly, as they put it, they gave Humans whatever was “needed” at first, and then whatever was wanted after ten years.

By that point they were largely integrated with Earth’s society, with a lot of Human-alien relations. Remarkably, the most aggressive, xenophobic leader fell in love with one just three years after contact, leading to that largely peaceful coexistence.

Fifteen years after contact, Humans were now mating with them. After falling in love, they would “Mesh” with Humans. Apparently it altered both the Human and Chikator so they they would not even look at another sexually, while they were both altered genetically to become compatible for mating.

And now, sixteen years after contact, some Humans were taking the surprising step of becoming Chikator …

I sat across from my sister and her alien lover, Lu’rel. Anna’s lover was very tall and very blue and very scaly, even for her race (maybe had a small crush on her). Felt like dropping in, not seeing Anna for a month. Yes, we knew she fell in love with Lu’rel two months ago. That was not the shock.

“So, err, when did you become Chikator, Anna?” I asked, throat dry.

The two glanced at each other in that Chikator way that was indecipherable, but common amongst mates. It was like they were looking inside each other. They looked back to me, putting on that odd, almost artificial-looking smile.

“Yeah, Jason. I literally just finished my transition last night,” she said in a deep, resonating voice that was not unlike the voice I knew. “I wanted to love Lu’rel as truly as possible after we Meshed, so she eventually guided me through the process.”

She looked as much like my sister as much as she didn’t. Before, she was a slim, olive skinned woman with black hair and turquoise eyes, and was about average height. Now, she was nearly six feet tall (about average for her race), with deep blue skin, very subtle scales, blue tentacle hair, and blue eyes. That was not to mention her well toned physique. Was it incestuous to be sexually attracted to her now? She was not even Human anymore.

“It’s all right, Jason,” Anna consoled. “I can feel your sexual attraction toward me. I have changed completely. I know you will adapt to who I am now …”

“What was the transition like?”

“Well,” she shrugged rather Humanly. “Incremental, Jason. You can’t transform all at once really. The Meshing gives you a piece of, well, us. That allows you to alter your physical form, with guidance. Changing your genetic code completely takes a lot more effort than developing a tighter ass. The mind is changed last.”

“You were physically Chikator before your mind was?”

“Yeah, it was quite interesting having the mind and instincts of a Human with the body and empathy of a Chikator! Of course, the best part of my transformation experience was learning Lu’Rel was the Penetrator between us. She now has a well hidden dick because of that. If we have offspring, I’ll be birthing them. In fact, I think we will mate soon.” She turned to Lu’rel, and said flatly, “I can’t wait to mate with you.”

They briefly kissed, Lu’rel actively and blatantly shoving her wet, bluish tongue down my sister’s throat. My eyebrow cocked in fascination, Lu’rel’s apparent dick tented its way down to her knee.

“How … do you feel?”

My sister cocked her head oddly, and with a disarming smile said, “Hard explain, Jason. The only Human part of me left are my memories as one, and I can say everything is completely different now. The instincts of the Chikator are my instincts. Even my senses are different. I can’t really see anything below green, and can see into ultraviolet. I …”

There was a knock at the door.

Lu’rel stood. “That is probably my sister,” she resonated. “I called her this morning about Anna, and she wanted to meet the new Anna!”

A striking Chikator walked inside. This one just took my breath away. She was about the same height as my sister is now. Her subtly scaly skin was a lighter blue than average, with from what I could see, lighter portions on her palms and face. She was almost lithe in her well toned physique. Her very light blue eyes were simply mesmerizing.

“Sanlo, I know you’re here to see Anna, but her brother just stopped in. His name is Jason.”

“Hello, Jason!” she greeted pleasantly. 

“Uh, hi.” We shook. 

Her strong hand was smooth and cool. Her scent was like a late afternoon summer after a storm. She instantly picked up my attraction, and clearly did not mind.

The three greeted each other in a very “formal” way, as in they starred into once another’s blank eyes for a few moments. I remember that weirding me out the first time I say that, but it was apparently them “opening without malice” or some such. While they strongly felt and understood how other species felt, they could Mesh their own minds at a very top, non-sexual level. Nothing transferred but raw thought.

We all made small talk for a while. I wanted to believe that I was letting myself become infatuated with Sanlo, but the reality was that she was encouraging my draw to her. She bent the conversation in a way that made it almost just the two of us after a while, and eventually it really was. She was an epidemiologist literally curing the common cold. She was fifty Earth years old (practically a teenager). She was on Earth for five years. She liked twentieth-century science-fiction …

Eventually, I needed to run to work, but I set up a lunch date with Sanlo for tomorrow …

“I just want to confirm that I really like how you are feeling toward me, Jason.”

“Oh, good! I’m feeling a lot!”

We were the only two sitting outside at this little cafe at the moment. And even if there were anyone else there, I would not have noticed. I could not take my eyes off this blue amazon. I found myself attracted to everything about this person. The texture of her rubber-like skin, her white-blue nails. her tentacle-like hair, her mesmerizingly bright eyes, her high cheekbones, her small breasts, her long toned legs, her high arched and large feet in lovely sandals, her shimmering pink dress (high-cut), and especially her personality. She was subtly passive in her personality.

It was interesting how our interests overlapped, but for differing reasons. Her enjoyment of old sci-fi was out of fascination, while mine was out of enjoyment of the occasional unrealistic goofiness. I loved old books for their historical value, while she loved them for how they help her understand the development of Human language. When our interest didn’t overlap, we were equally as fascinated. I created automation software for aeronautics, which she never thought too much about ironically. She enjoyed the intricacies of contagions, which I never considered.

“If you want to explore a relationship with me, I am open to that,” she eventually said.

“That’s direct …” I said.

“Why shouldn’t I be? I can tell how you feel toward me, and I am single. Never been with a Human before. Besides, your aggressively sexual emotions right now does arouse and fascinate me. Tell me what you are thinking, Jason.”

“Umm … I wanna rip your dress off right here and now, and take you from behind, hand over mouth. Then I wanna taste your feet, and rub them on my cock.”

She went wide eyed. “You like a passive female?”

“I suppose. That’s what’s running though my head with you …”

“I would like to experience that.”

We quickly decided to cut right to it. I had not been with anyone for well over a year. My balls were practically bluer than she was!

We did not even make it to my bedroom. In my deep, passionate kiss, I was amazed at how different she tasted and felt. The being’s cool, wet mouth was almost sweet, but had tones my brain could not recognize. I loved it! I quickly flipped that tall, feminine being around. Luckily for her dress, undoing a clasp at the top let it fall to the floor before I tore it off.

I aggressively groped her almost cold body, sometimes focusing on her firm breasts with super-blue areolae. Fuck, she was so muscular and tight! The fact that her skin actually felt like textured latex turned me on just that much more.

“Oh, fuck, yes, Jason! Take me! Show me what you like!” she resonated deeply.

In a quick motion, I bent her over the table next to my bedroom door, and thrust my dick up her cool, addicting pussy, her knee up on the table. Like her mouth, there was something truly inhuman about it. Yes, her tight hole stimulated my member quite effectively, like that snug glove that makes the mind rush. It was like a hand was actually gripping me down there, moving asynchronously with my thrusts.

I braced myself with one hand over her mouth and the other around her washboard abs. Nose buried in her surprisingly soft tentacle-hair, her implausibly sweet scent permeated my senses. Thrusting as hard as I could, she moaned and cooed. Her noises were anything but Human, though. Her resonance was so deep I was sure I could not pick up half of the noises she made. My head ringed oddly, but it seemed to add to the pleasure.

When I felt close, I forced myself to gain some composure. I quickly moved her onto my bed, laying her flat on her stomach to mount her from behind. After a few more hard thrusts into the blue woman, I leaned down. Her cool, oddly cinnamon-like breath blowing into me. Our eyes met. A look of total bliss and hunger was in her eyes. She placed her hand onto my head, and subtly pressed my cheek into hers. A moment later I resumed the hard thrusts into her ponderous, definitely rubbery pussy. Her cries of pleasure were so deep now that most of them just resonated in my head, pleasuring me in ways incomprehensible.

Barely stopping myself before blowing my cum into her, I pulled out. I had her sit up, and give me her vary large feet. The tops had just that much more texture than the rest of her, while the high arched bottoms had the smoothest of scaly skin. Their taste was not like Human feet. Why would they be? The flavor was very close to the sweet scent she gave off in this sexual escapade, but odd in intangible ways. The odd sweetness of them quickly grew on me, making me drool down her ankle. She sounded off a deep, resonating moan.

“Sensitive feet, Sanlo?” I huffed.

“I made them sensitive when you said your attraction to them,” she said breathily.

I leaned back, and guided her scaly arches up and down my solid, dripping, twitching member. She quickly learned the motion, now doing it all herself tightly, while making her semi-inaudible coos of pleasure. It felt cosmically good!

“Oh, fuck I’m gonna cum!” I screamed.

I grabbed her head, and practically forced my dick down her cold throat. The biggest load of my life blew into her, the pleasure making me hazy. Through the haze, I saw her body begin to luminesce deeply in what must have been her orgasm. I could not hear her cries of pleasure, but the vibrations tingled my entire body …

We cuddled for a while after that catching my breath. I was just bathing in her lovely scent.

“How was that for you, Sanlo?” I said quietly, twisting around.

“Incredible, Jason.”

She kissed me with her soft rubber lips.

“I never had sex like that before, Sanlo.”

“I never had sex with a Human before! You mean you all don’t fuck like that?”

She was actually joking. We laughed and kissed …

My relationship with Sanlo progressed quickly after that. There was a lot of sex, yes. It was quite extreme at times. I often tied her up with a ball gag and explored her familiar yet alien body, and often fed her my cum. She liked it, she told me. That and she did have a her crazy glowing, vibrating orgasm every time.

But, it was all more than that. The more time we spent together, the more we opened ourselves to each other, I really built strong feelings for her. What I was starting feel for her was more than anything I ever felt toward any Human I was ever with.

I was rubbing her feet on the couch after dinner. Her food always smelled and looked strange to me, but never sickening. Looking up at her, seeing her almost glowing light blue eyes, I just said it.

“I love you, Sanlo.”

She smiled back in that curious Chikator way. “I love you, too, Jason.”

Her expression became stone serious, and positioned herself hip to hip with me. “Jason, you know how we Mesh with our lover right.”

“I guess …”

“We mate for life, offspring or no. The Meshing insures that, because our energy is shared. When one of my kind Meshes with a Human, only our energy is shared, embedding itself deeply, forever changing the Human. The effect between the two is the same, though. They are forever Meshed … Is that what you want, Jason? You will never be the same again.”

“Yes,” I said truly. I wanted to feel this way with her forever.

She gave me a slow smooch with her shimmering lips. “Just this one time, Jason, you have to let me lead.”

“OK …”

Her eyes and body began to glow like she was in a state of orgasm, and might as well have been. “This will not be like anything you ever experienced …”

She quickly removed our clothes. Her blue tongue began to grow and expanded out of her mouth, while she lightly stroked my dick. I became so hard that it hurt. She then mouth me. In a motion I barely comprehended, her massive mouth tentacle was down my throat, as my almost splitting dick was up her now super tight, rubbery crotch. Her body was tingling against my skin, making my hairs stand. I then felt her cold tongue-tentacle press hard against the back of my throat. No idea why I wasn’t gagging. She was so tight now around my member, too tight. I could not fully understand what her tongue was doing inside me, but it somehow felt like it was wrapping itself around my brain stem. The world began to grow brighter and brighter, and then … nothing.

There was silence and nothing, yet she was there. We were physically connected. Our minds were connected, yet her thoughts eluded me.

“What is this place?” I thought and said at the same time.

It is us. We are Meshed, she said without moving her lips. Some of my energy, my essence is incorporating itself to your nervous system

Yes, I could feel it. My whole body felt like it was bathing in tingling static.

“Feels strange but good,” I said. “I can’t understand your mind …”

In time you will …In a few moments the process will complete, and you will have an orgasm.

She was right, I could feel a growing pleasure surrounding me through the growing, tingling strangeness. No, it was not through the strangeness. It was the strangest. The more it adapted, the more right and pleasurable it felt. I could feel this deep pleasure infesting my body, the whole of my being. It grew and grew, until my entire body ejaculated with thick, bright blue light …

I was falling amongst the bright blueness. It was Sanlo, it was me, it was nothing. The brightness grew thicker and thicker, slowing my ascent.

It began to feel like soft pillows absorbing my fall, and they were. The light dissipated. I slowly came to realize I was lying on the couch with Sanlo lovingly looking down on me.

I felt so close to her. She was all I wanted, and now she is all I’ll ever have.

“I feel amazing, Sanlo!”

I practically jumped on her, holding her wrists, and kissing her with more want that I ever knew. I quickly penetrated her without any thought. This wasn’t about pleasure, which was merely added bonus. My instinct to mate was turned on and out of control. I came inside her. That didn’t stop me. Hand over her mouth, I thrust wildly until my hips and dick began to hurt. I had no idea how long I was fucking her, but my cum was definitely leaking out of her after a while

Eventually, I collapsed on top of her. The insane urge to mate was sated. I huffed and puffed, almost delirious.

“Forgot to warn you about that part, Jason! That urge will fade now back to wherever it once was. You know we are not directly compatible anyway, but we are life-mates now. Sexual attraction will now only be possible between the two of us …”

I never new such intimacy before. All I could think about was Sanlo. My entire existence derived from her. Yes, most of the sex we had now involved her sensitized feet, but I loved every part of her. It almost no longer mattered what we did to create pleasure. She actively Meshed with me every time we came, essentially expanding the orgasm into near eternity.

The fascinating part was that I could alter myself now with some effort. I turned my rather average body into an athlete’s. Not really extreme, but I looked about on par with my Amazon love. And yet, I quickly came to find myself feeling really off. The alien essence inside me allowed me to change, but I just wasn’t sure what I wanted.

By the end of the week, I came home to see Sanlo napping in her orange striped, black bikini on the back porch. I found myself just looking at her. Never truly sat back and just admired her feminine form

Her upward pointing toes and high arches were like a hypnotic wave. Her toned calves just had this perfect, elongated, subtly cylindrical shape. Her firm, large hips flared out to begin the lower part of her slight hourglass. The washboard of her stomach, and slight inward curve of her sides. The soft, firm, natural breasts with the most delectable nipples poking through the fabric. Her strong arms and lithe hands. That perfectly rounded neck. That nose. Those pillowy lips.

Something clicked in my head. Yes, I literally only had eyes for her, but it was something about her feminine form that was making everything finally clear.

“Hey, Jason. What’s up?”

“I want to be a female, Sanlo.”

“OK. That change will take longer than muscles. Your Human chromosomes must all be made into X’s. You will feel very different. You may be very different. You may be unable to reverse such extreme changes.”

“It’s what I want, Sanlo.”

The next week were perhaps the strangest days of my life up to that point. Sanlo told me to just concentrate on wanting to be female like it was the only thing I ever wanted, just like how I became more muscular.

And well, it was working. It wasn’t that I noticed anything outward at first, but I just knew my Y chromosomes were morphing, transforming into X’s. After two days, I began to feel the start of chemical changes within me. My emotions seemed to increase, and my aggression seemed to lessen. More significantly by the end of the day, my chest felt tight, while my nipples were definitely puffier. Every day I was just that much more female, as dreamed I was a woman. I dreamed Sanlo was massaging my body, morphing it into what I truly wanted. After four days, I looked familiar and different at the same time. My face rounded subtly, as my chest had grown.

When I was done, I looked at my truly female form. I quietly laughed.

“What’s so funny?” Salno asked, holding me from behind.

“I look like a tall, muscular version of my sister when she was Human!”

She smiled. “Of course you do.”

I didn’t like my “boy-cut,” which was cut before I became a women. So, I willed it to be shoulder length, and oh so healthily silken.

“Fuck, I did that fast!”

“Now that you have changed yourself so completely, your body is primed to change with little effort,” she said.

When we kissed, I could feel my sex-drive returning. 

“Let me show you the pleasures of your new form, Jay.”

It was quite the sensation. Instead of my cock ballooning, sucking away blood flow, my crotch began to feel very warm and moist. The sensation in my crotch was like the feeling in my stomach like whenever I quickly drove over a hill. It was like being a rollercoaster somehow, and wanting to fuck at the same time.

We sat on the bed. The kisses felt so familiar yet different. The revised sensation sent pleasuring electricity down my new body. It was somehow in time with her teasing gropes of my crotch. The pleasure was not exactly dulled below, but deeper, perhaps unsurprisingly. I really liked it!

She began to grope my new breasts. The strong tingle of it made me moan, making me squeeze her breasts more. 

The way Sanlo explored my new curves was as enlightening as invigorating. She kissed and groped down to my new breasts, opening special attention to my highly sensitized nipple. I held the back of her head, encouraging her to suckle more. She then moved to my other breast, nipple, still groping the other. I moaned like I never moaned before. She pinched and nibbled and inhaled at just the right moments to make me squeak at a very high pitch.

Before I knew it, I was groping and suckling Sanlo’s blue orbs. I was doing it differently, though, from my old hungry style, giving her the same wanting passion she just gave me. However, there was no urge to inhale the way she did, opting for just licking, kissing, groping.

Sanlo was then feeling, groping my firm asscheeks. With my more blatant hips, my ass must have actually been a heart shape now! I loved her touch back there, especially when she groped my crotch from behind.

We then smooched a bit, leading to me shoving my twirling tongue down her throat. I never loved kissing so much as a man!

“I want to try your new feet, Jay!”

I smirked. She never showed an interest in my feet before, and I was more than curious about what it would feel like.

She quickly began to worship, sucking off the whole foot at time. I moaned happily, feeling the inside of her cool mouth with my feet. In fact, I primed my feet to sensitize on a good rub and suck, making it feel as good as when she rubbed my warm crotch a moment ago.

I began to enjoy Sanlo’s smooth feet at the same time. Surprisingly, I had no urge to put any part of it in my mouth anymore. Licking, kissing, groping was more that enough for me now. I especially loved groping her firm calves.

We kissed a bit again wetly. Fuck, I loved kissing so much now! Sanlo then began to suck and suck her way down my tingling body, spending extra time at my heaving breasts.

She groped my dripping crotch, and teased, “How does it feel to have such a wet, pretty flower down here?”

“Oh, you know its amazing!”

She began to kiss, lick, and grope my pussy. I moaned loudly at the deep, resonating pleasure. She did not really penetrate, opting to pleasure essentially the outer rim, and that was more than enough for me at the moment.

Sure, Sanlo had been at my crotch when I had a dick, but it was almost riveting to see her down there now. 

“Oh!” I squeaked when she suddenly sucked. “Oh, Sanlo! The feels so good …”

She looked up with smirk, her blue tongue stimulating my pussy lips.

Sensing I wanted a turn, Sanlo sat up, and after some deep smooches, she positioned herself on her stomach. I played with her ass for the first time. The cheeks did not juggle much, being all muscle, but it was still so fun. I pressed my tongue into her cool pussy, it tasting somehow more profound with my new tongue. I made out with it aggressively, while fingering deeply.

I then lay back under her moist pussy, making out with it while she teasingly danced her rear up and down. She resonated deeply in her cries of pleasure, groping my tits. At the same time, I groped my own pussy at the same time. It came so naturally, somehow more natural than stroking my dick in the past. 

Eventually she just rested on my mouth. I moved my tongue so deep inside her, tasting her impossible tasting yet infinitely delicious insides. I made my tongue so long and thick that it might as well have been some tentacle. Sanlo’s moans were so deep now they were largely inaudible. 

I thought about making my tongue super-sensitive, too, but I had a pussy to explore and play with. This allowed me to learn some new instincts fast, rubbing more and more effectively.

“Oh, fuck, Jay! You’re adapting so fast! Your tongue feels fantastic inside me!”

After engulfing ourselves in new pleasures, Sanlo unmounted herself, revealing my monster tongue. She deep-throated it, forcing it down her throat so deep our lips met in a crazy kiss. She groped my pussy at the same time, perhaps just that much more effectively than I just did. Eventually, I shrank my tongue back to its initial size, giving her some more smooches after.

I then moved her between my legs, back to my chest. My tongue became a little larger again, and we made out. At the same time, I groped and fingered her pussy. It just felt amazing to be inside her, and she clearly did not disagree.

Her legs up and wide, I groped the inside of her pussy, stimulating her G-spot. I could not really hear her cries of pleasure, but they definitely resonated in my head and body. I then pulled my fingers out, and shoved them in her mouth to suck off, before I licked the mixed juices off with my big tongue.

We kissed more, my tongue deep down her throat. My hand was already back inside her we pussy. I then felt her inner thighs, before some more passionate smooching.

Sanlo eventually helped me to a position I only ever saw in porn. We straddled each other upright, and pressed our crotches together. We ground each other in time. She resonated subsonically, while I cooed loudly. 

“So good. Let’s cum like this,” I barely said through the pleasure.

We thrust into each other hard and passionately, staring into each other’s eyes. The pleasure get to a point were our eyes rolled into the back of our heads, while we intermittently held each other close.

I then began to feel a a gathering of liquid at my crotch. It almost felt like I needed to pee, but the sensation reminded me of when I squirt cum from a past dick. I then let it go. My back arched uncontrollably. The wet orgasmic, bliss literally blew my mind. For a few endless moments, I practically felt nothing. It was like nothing mattered for that time, very much like when I first Meshed with Sanlo.

I collapsed onto the bed in a kind of bliss reminiscent of a male orgasm, but better somehow.

Sanlo still on top, I moved us both back up with a big, girly smile.

“I love you Sanlo!”

“So do I, Jay,”

We kissed some more, my long tongue teasing the back of her throat.

I should not have been surprised at everyone’s lack of surprise to my dramatic change. My sister said I looked great. My coworkers seemed to like me more. People altering themselves physically was a rather common thing now. The physical transition was awkward at times, though. Instinct only goes so far in the face of the habits of a lifetime. I controlled my hair growth, so learning to shave body hair was moot. It was almost little things like using the bathroom or dressing. Sanlo was there to help me, understanding the Human female form perhaps better than Human females.

Still, something was still a little off …

“I don’t know what it is, Sanlo. I feel right, but something is missing.”

She smiled, glancing toward my crotch. “You are the Penetrator. Doesn’t it feel more right than anything to shove your tongue, feet, and hands into me?”

“Oh …” It started to become clear. “I guess now that I’m a woman, a dick was not something that occurred to me …”

“You can make yourself one.”

I almost shrugged at the obvious. Looking down, I concentrated. It began to feel really strange down there. My clitoris, the hood quickly began to enclose, forming a pinhole of a slit, It began to form outward, creating an organic tub. Internally, I could feel the internal sex glands and G-spot interlinking in more intimate ways, connecting themselves to the growing, tubular member. It eventually grew to about the length and thickness of the one that was there. However, it really didn’t look like that last one. It was straighter, softer, more tubular, and there were no balls. Even the helmet had a smoother, more even appearance.

I stroked it with both hands, creating a surprising sensation. It was sensitive like my clit was, but not like my old dick was. It did not become any harder either; it was just a sensitive member. Being arguably less sensitive than a male dick, I began to stroke it harder, more aggressively with both hands. That was it! The sensations were remarkable and feminine.

“I want it inside me,” Sanlo said deeply, moving around.

Thrusting into her up against the wall, I was again fascinated my revised sensations. It somehow felt just like when we stimulated my past clit, except the pleasure was external. We stimulated our breasts and kissed hungrily at the same time. We moaned and cooed. I soon began to feel that now all too familiar we sensation of building female ejaculate. When that mindless orgasmic bliss came to its peak, I squirt through my new member into her, making my lover cum ever so deeply

“That was perfect,” she said quietly in my arms. “Mesh with me, Jay.”


“You know there is Chikator essence inside you,” she said flatly. “The Penetrator always initiates the Mesh, once the Penetrator is established.”

She was right, I somehow knew. We had not Meshed ever since I became a woman. Meshing was like an extended female orgasm, now that I thought about it. I thought about all the times we intermixed our essence before, and found I did want that badly.

Suddenly, I went on automatic. I pressed my mouth onto hers, my tongue growing into her and pressing hard into the back of her throat. My dick began to extend further into her, the path to the base of her spine already there. In the most inhuman moment of my life, my tongue and dick connected with her spine. And then, we were there. The truly feminine, orgasmic bliss surrounded us.

I still could not feel anything from her, but I didn’t care. Our essence was intimately intertwined.

The more we Mesh now, the more our essence will become the same. You will change.

What do you mean? I thought to her.

You will become Chikator. Human essence does not transfer, but Chikator does. Your essence is therefore more Chikator than Human already. We can stop now, if you wish.

All I want to do I love you properly. I don’t care if that means sacrificing my humanity …

I am glad …

The next two weeks were even stranger than when I transformed into a woman. We made love and Meshed every day, and every time we did, a piece of my humanity seemed to be replaced by something wholly alien. There is nothing stranger than taking a shower after good sex and having all your hair fall out, with nubs filled with rubbery purple hair underneath.

Every morning I looked in the mirror I had trouble recognizing the woman looking back at me. My skin and eyes slowly turning a deep shade of blue. It was more than surreal to actually feelwhat others were feeling toward me by the end of the first week. 

The sensation of sexual attraction and fascination from others was incredibly strange to deal with, especially when I felt no attraction to any of them. What I felt from Sanlo, though, was not like anything I felt from Humans. She wanted me, yes, but it was hard to say it was sexual. She explained that, like with her thoughts, I would only really understand how she felt once I was fully transformed.

By that second week, I was taking time off work to accelerate my transformation. It just felt too good to be in a state of peak, blissful, silent orgasm for hours at time. The two of us no longer talked or fucked, we merely ate and Meshed. I was already eating Chikator food exclusively. It was gray, tasteless, but filling. Chikator apparently just ate for sustenance, and cared little about how it felt on the way down … 

“I can’t believe I really am no longer Human anymore.” I said looking at myself in the mirror. Sure, I vaguely looked like how I did as a Human woman, but the more muscular physique, deep-blue scaly skin, purplish-blue tentacle hair, and blue eyes suggested otherwise.

“You still have one more step to go,” she corrected flatly. “Your brain is still partly Human, while there is an extra set of genetic code you still need. Are you ready?”

“Oh, yeah, I’m ready! You know how much I want to love you like any of your race”

“You won’t love anymore.”

Before I could respond to the surprising statement, we Meshed. It was a very different merging from all the times we fucked before, in spite of me somehow initiating it on apparent instinct. She was in my mind. I could feel her changing me somehow. 

I suddenly felt nothing. Everything I experienced as a Human began to feel distant and alien. There was a kind of blackhole in the middle of these knew yet right sensations that came with not feeling. When I began to concentrate on those sensations to understand them, I realized she was concentrating on them. The hole began to be filled with something new yet right. Everything suddenly became clear. I finally knew Sanlo’s thoughts, as they now matched my own.

The Chikator were not altruistic at all, but were not strictly lying to Humans. The did want to improve Humans, so that they could become citizens of the galaxy. However, the full truth was that doing so meant transforming the Human race into Chikator. This was the driving force of their race for thousands of Earth years. This was how they multiplied primarily now. Yes, they could and have made offspring, but the real urge is the make the universe like them, to absorb all knowledge and understanding.

I un-Meshed with Sanlo. I felt no horror or disgust. In reality, I felt nothing at all in the Human sense. I only experienced the quiet drive to create offspring with my Mate. We were connected for life, but we felt nothing for each other. We were beings that could feel others, but could feel nothing ourselves. Indeed, all the emotion Chikator expressed around Humans was an effective affectation.

I was Chikator now …

How about you? Are you still Human, or are you one of us now? It does not make any difference. Sooner or later, all of you will become a citizen of the universe …

The recollections of Jason Meadows, former Human. Or more simply, a path of Humanity. The breaking of a cycle of dust to dust. The metamorphosis from being the destructive ruler of one’s domain to becoming fully integrated into an ever expanding piece of the universe. This is the bill paid in full for accepting alien altruism  … that is but one Journey in Passion …


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