The Pull Continues

June 19 will have a Blog Flash featuring a flashback scene for the upcoming third installment of The Will of Darkness. An expanded scene will appear at the EMCSA June 20th. [Update, hit an off week for EMCSA — will appear their the 27th]

Title: Tammy’s Journal
Synopsis: Tammy awakens from a strange dream that pulls her into an unexpected path.
Tags: MC, TF

The final installment of this storyline has taken multiple paths that should round back into itself. Ultimately, there will only be three individually posted JIP ebooks. The complete ebook, however, will be significantly expanded to also include “prequels,” which will be an expended version of Tammy’s Journal, a loose remake of The Darkness Inside, and possibly one other storyline. I have not yet decided exactly how the complete story will be edited together (linear, nonlinear?), but will likely have a first-person subjective setup not unlike The Expanse series of novels.

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    1. Its actually from a pic that WordPress customer service uploaded to my site when we were working through a long fixed glitch a year or two ago. I think its of the US Northwest, but not really sure.

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