Review: Sandal Season

Sandal Season (mind control, male-female sex, foot fetish)  by nadiencendia
When Spring comes and girls start wearing sandals, a foot fetishist goes out on a hunt for bare feet. But what she finds is more than just that…

For us foot-fetishists there is indeed a primal love of spring. Those sandals and flip-flops pretty much show it all. Its somehow better than a two-piece bikini somehow, because it like women are naturally yet unconsciously flashing their “naughty” assets. This story goes to the core of that, and therefore to the primal core of many fetishistic stories. Incredibly well written hypnotic tale. Yes, very much feet oriented, but anyone looking for a good hypnosis would easily enjoy this. I’ll look forward to following this!

May 30, 2020, Update

As a foot guy, this pulls me in so much. More significantly, this story continues to be wonderfully hypnotic, certainly offering more than just fetishism. Coupled with the MC, this probably had the best described footjob I’ve ever read. I was completely engorged in the story. There is a great deal of mystery now. I mean, I know I would not resist if a woman in the park intentionally mesmerized me with her feet! There is definitely something more going on here …

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