JIP: Enyo

Disclaimer: This adult short story is a work of fiction. It is meant for those eighteen and older. There is sexual and taboo content, some of which may not even be possible. All characters are eighteen or older. Though there are inspirations from other fictional sources, any similarity to real people, live or no, is merely coincidental.

Synopsis: After the Protectors experience a shocking defeat, the ancient Olympian takes command. Even though her dispassionate posture did not seem to waver externally, she found herself uncertain about their next move …



I have looked upon all the universe has to hold of horror, and even the skies of spring and flowers of summer must ever afterward be poison to me …

“So self assured, yet tells us so little …” the beautiful Goddess of war forwarded in fascination.

So little!?” Tezca forced. “Cthulhu blatantly showed us how easily humans may be taken! I looks like Rook willingly submitted at the end.”

Arisia put her hand on Tezca’s tightened shoulder. It was remarkable how “Human” she looked. Sure, her sandy skin was unnaturally perfect and shimmery, as well as having a healthy body and amber eyes that glowed yellow when she used her Demonic Powers. However, the five-foot-five Demon Progeny could hide amongst Humans better than the imposing Enyo ever could. Plus, besides how easily she could seduce anyone or anything, Enyo found her annoyingly nice and gloriously selfless.

“Enyo’s right. We don’t really know anything. This was more intimidation, I’d say. Yes, they fell to the Ancient’s whims easily, but we still have no idea the endgame.”

The remaining protectors sat in their hideout, disquieted or fascinated by what they saw.

“Could there be a way to test if someone’s already corrupted?” the Sphinx asked. “If we do not know the master of our allies, then our allies are mastered.”

“Right …” the Bostonian huffed. He never had much patience for the Mysterious Sphinx’s circular logic, even though it was usually effective enough to make everyone think clearly.

“There might be a way,” Arisia forwarded. “I can gauge someone’s physical and spiritual state with a kiss. Without a baseline, it might be difficult to tell if someone is compromised like Shadowhawk was, knowingly or no, but if we assume someone’s sexuality is no longer normal, then I would know instantly. You all know my control over and understanding of lust.”

“What about those not Human?” Enyo asked.

“You are more capable of lust than most Humans, Enyo, out of your natural thirst for war,” Arisia clarified. “Tezca’s branch of divine is about the same as Humans. My very presence can gear lust toward me, if I wished. That would essentially be the test. That is assuming lust as we know it is being gravitated toward Cthulhu.”

“You’re saying,” Golden Ram began in is rumbling tones, “it would be presumably difficult to direct lust toward you if it is connected to the Ancient One to some degree.”

“In theory,” Arisia confirmed.

“If you can detect the lust of someone compromised, would it then be possible for your to backtrack that lust to Cthulhu?”

“I don’t know. Maybe!” Arisia shrugged. “One of us would have to be corrupted, and the idea is to make sure none of us are.”

“How do we know you are not compromised, Arisia?” Enyo asked seriously.

“I suppose that would be difficult to answer. That said, I don’t wear contacts. These deep yellow eyes are quite real! Plus, I am not truly Human. Practically a demigod in the traditional definition. More importantly, that black goo only seems to be designed for Human females.”

There was a brief pause.

“Are you sure your technique will work?” Enyo asked flatly.

“As Sphinx would say, by doing what we must, we learn what we must.” Arisia smiled, her more prominent canines visible.

The Mysterious Sphinx nodded proudly, while the Bostonian grunted.

“Let’s do this,” Enyo commanded, seeing no alternative.

Arisia gave a long, deep hungrily kiss to Tezca. 

“Good as always,” Arisia smiled with a surreal mix of love and lust in her glowing eyes. Tezca himself looked like he was floating, grinning stupidly.

She moved to her left. “Your heart sounds like its beating fast. Are you OK for this Ram?”

“I’d better be,” he huffed. The man looked to be pushing 90, even all suited up.

Arisia almost cautiously kissed the old man, who passionately began to kiss back.

She pulled back, and said with a smirk, “I’d bet I could learn some interesting moves from you …”

“Assuming I don’t drop dead right now!” he huffed with a smile.

“You’re fine, Golden Ram.”

She moved to the Bostonian, who stood before her. The bulky man was over six feet tall, and towered over the Cambion, a Demon Progeny who showed no sign of intimidation. If she had a tail like her father Asmodeus, it would be easy to see it hungrily swaying right then. They leaned in for wet, deep kiss. The Bostonian literally lifted her off her feet, holding tightly.

“Whooo!” Arisia huffed, eyes bright. “You can put me down now. You’re fine! You’re great!”

She was carefully placed back to her feet. She then moved to the Mysterious Sphinx. The kiss was cautious at first, sitting on his lap, but he proved some distinct virility that made Arisia moan. 

“Well, I think you are more than fine, too!”

“To show one’s lust, one has only to give it,” he stated, making the Bostonian roll his eyes.

Enyo tied her subtly fiery auburn hair back, standing tall over Arisia. Though she was not that much taller, Enyo’s body was healthy and athletic, accentuated by skin of olive painted, white marble. Many naturally felt a distinct intimidation before her, even if they were technically taller. From somewhere Enyo remembered someone describing her piercing eyes as like looking into one’s future in the dark abyss that lay within the realm of Hades. Yes, Arisia did look somewhat intimidated next to her!

“Hard by them stood Enyo, spurred them on ceaselessly: never paused they from the strife …” Arisia stated.

“Never much liked Kointos Smyrnaios,” Enyo stated, suppressing an ancient frustration she had no right to vent in that moment. “Homer was the one that really captured the blood, sweat, glory, and foolishness that befell Troy. He did better filtering through the blurred stories given to him by those then above me.”

They leaned in for long, deep, passionate kiss. The depth of the lust was almost not even sexual, no matter how erotic it was. With a look of surprise, Arisia found herself loosing her control, Enyo naturally wrestling it from her. She domineeringly grasped the back of Arisia’s head with one hand, and held Arisia’s waist with the other in a way that somehow turned the Cambion into mush. They were of roughly equal strength, but Enyo was far more decisive. For a moment, it looked as if this would become more than a kiss, the way Arisia was groping Enyo’s firm bubble-ass, moving between the cheeks. 

It was Enyo that broke this kiss.

Shit …” Arisia breathed, eyes brightly glowing for longer than before. “You’ve alway been fine haven’t you?”

“You wanted to find out if I was still me, right?” Enyo stated with a kind of jovial softness the others never saw from her before.

“Yeah …” Arisia quietly sat back next to the amazed Tezca.

“Now,” Enyo began, still standing, instantly showing her usual hardness in the face of battle. “Our foe is growing more powerful at the moment. It wanted to keep us separated for as long as possible. We must, therefore, stay united.”

“Don’t yah think we should grow our numbers? Get the Demon League, Tezca’s guys, your guys?” the less fazed Bostonian forced in, the lightness of his Rs and openness of his Os quite loud to accentuate his point.

In another time, Enyo would have smacked him off his feet for interrupting her, or worse. However, it was more tactful right now to ensure cohesion in the face of external forces. Enyo opted to glare in a way that made the Bostonian stop even thinking about talking for at least a few minutes. He really did look like he fell deeper into his overfilled seat. His forwardness was as grating as it was fascinating to her.

“You are not wrong, Bostonian,” Enyo stated. “We must indeed call upon as many others as we can. The enemy is one and many, not foolishly spurred on via a pretty face. We know not yet what it wants, but we know it has yet to achieve full strength. Therefore, we must create our weapon now: knowledge. When we do meet the nemesis in battle before our tools our fully forged, then we must fight as we are. We will not win, not yet, but must find a way delay the strengthening of our foe.

“This is not to be a suicide mission. We will do all we can to obtain understanding, but must not give our lives. We will call upon our allies for aid, knowing they will not arrive until after we may need them most, whoever chooses to fight with us. Our allies may save us, and then, together, we will all plan the final blow …”

* * * *

Enyo was actually not sure how her fellow Olympians would react to here message. That actually included some of her Titan forbears, who were all freed over millennia as the old hatreds mattered less and less. No, she was not on poor terms with any of them. The problem was that she was among the last of them to really care anymore. Indeed, she was only fighting for the few until the call to glory pulled her back to fight with the first rendition of the Protectors. She did convince Ares and their son, Enyalios, to join them at the very last minute before the final battle with the ancient intelligence. The rest had grown so comfortable on their forgotten islands far from Olympus over the last millennium that they considered their lives as “Gods” over. Enyo basically felt the same way. She was once asked by the Bostonian if she, Ares, or any of her kin had anything to do with the World Wars, and she honestly replied that they were still in the throws of a drunken, hundred year orgy not far from Bikini Atoll (the nearby war was like background music to them). They happily welcomed a few humans that stumbled upon them, but they rarely stayed more than a week. He thought she was joking, considering how they were largely related, until she confirmed she was understating the epic, largely incestuous revelry they inflicted upon themselves. She even admitted sex with her brother, Ares, and her spiritual sister, Bellona, was truly epic in that romp.

Regardless, she found it more enriching and interesting to now fight battles for those that did not even know they needed saving. Her first taste of what Humans now call vigilanteism was about fifty years before she fought that alien mastermind. The afterglow of that Olympian orgy was still there in 1965, ten years after it largely concluded, but was finding herself rather bored. Permission was once needed to walk amongst Humans officially, but no longer. That “rule” was broken so much when they were worshipped that at least she saw it as a joke. Well, she found herself in a forgotten city in central India. Some local crime lord was becoming overly aggressive to those he “protected.” The city was dying and no one had any money anymore. Sure, she was more familiar with the battling between whole cities, civilizations, but her role was far more righteous than most writings she was once not allowed to deny. Cities she helped to destroy were rotten, she was sure, and needed to be made an example of.

Well, there was hope in this city. It was far from completely rotten. The rot could still be removed. The solution was surgical not sweeping. What was more unique then was how she had no interest in becoming some deity in their eyes. 

Long story short, she helped rally the people there against the tyrannical crime lord, and successfully orchestrated his ultimate arrest for tax evasion. Sure, the city still died within a decade, but everyone was happier after, simply moving on to more prosperous live elsewhere. They all knew she helped them, but was not a “God” to them. She was more akin to a symbol of hope, in dramatic contrast to her days as a supreme of war. She liked being a symbol of hope. From then on, she orchestrated the destruction of vile individuals to save those “little” people. A part of her did miss those epic battles of ultimate destruction, and that was more than sated when the Righteous Protectors came together the first time. It was Enyo’s orchestration, applied by the Protectors as a whole, that led to that ancient intelligence brutally destroying itself and its minions in Antarctica. She smiled loudly when the Mysterious Sphinx simply said in awe, “One should never cross even one God of Earth!”

Today, her long retired King, Zeus, was literally not picking up the phone, and while her son answered a separate call, he said he would not be available right away. What were they doing? They just started a new orgy, according to Ares, who left a massage for her the other day about it.

Arisia’s text was more promising. The Demon League will need to deliberate, but Arisia’s father, Asmodeus, gave her a “spell” that could track Cthulhu, assuming the entity was giving off unusual life readings. They could also use another spell to track down any extraterrestrial life, and that might be most helpful in tracking large concentrations of the Reforged …

* * * *

While the others were crunching the data from the spells Arisia was gifted, Enyo  jumped on an idea. She quickly located that retired professor that presumably tricked Shadowhawk into doing that Cthulhu cult by being a part of that cult all along. He was a loose thread in recent events that need to be tugged …

“Let’s remove our masks for a moment, professor,” Enyo said, standing before him in his sitting room to induce intimidation.

“Did you ever wear one?” He smirked, showing how he was yet to feel any intimidation.

“Educate me, professor: Shadowhawk.”

His smirk grew into a toothy smile. “We obviously knew she was coming. At first glance, one might not think of me as useful to the Cult, but I have funneled many to them until recently.”

“Because you have yet to be turned into food, I suspect there is more to your status.”

“There is no real coincidence here. In the right circles, I am the most prestigious authority on cults, both fictional and real. Two years ago, five university students were referred to me by a colleague for a project of theirs. One was Tammy Jackson, who you may recall used to run the local chapter. Well, it turned out that they were basically into having orgies together, and secretly were interested in creating an actual sex cult. They wanted to make it unique and kinky, as I later learned. I gave them materials on a variety of cults, based on my old intro course on the subject. They gravitated to the Cthulhu Mythos. As should not be surprising, Cthulhu turned out to be real and awake. Long story short, six months later, their first men became the first food bags, and the women were the first Cultists of Cthulhu of the twenty-first century.”

“Do you still funnel men and women to the cults?”

“No,” he said flatly. “Before you ask your next question, Goddess, I will answer it. I have outlived my usefulness. I am to become food and fuel for those on the path to be Reforged. The deal I made prior was that I tell them when I am ready.”

“OK … How ‘bout this? Do you know where your God is?”

“No,” he shrugged.

“This deal you have, can you dictate terms?”

“Like what?” he asked with a subtle laugh.

“Asking to meet Cthulhu before you become food.”

“Humph! You must be desperate, Olympian. Now you’re giving away your stratagem!”

Enyo held back a grunt. She knew what she needed to do.

She walked right up to him, letting her divine stature almost literally shine. She grasped his eyes with hers. It took a few moments longer than usual with the zealot of another God, but he was finally starting to break down.

“Who am I, Erickson?”

“… A Goddess …” he breathed mindlessly.

“What is the most important thing to you right now?”

“Yu … You, Goddess …” he answered with surprised tone.

“You will follow my Will without question.”

“Yes, Goddess.”

“You will call whoever it is you need to call to state that you are ready to become food, Erickson. You will tell them that you wish to meet Cthulhu beforehand. Do you understand, Erickson?”

“Yes, Goddess …”

* * * *

The other Protectors were uncomfortable using the old professor as bait. Enyo assured them that this was the best way to forward their stratagem, and that the professor already made the call after finalizing a few things on his end.

She, Arisia, Tezca, and the Bostonian made their way to that strip club where it all began for the lost birds. The others stayed behind at their main facility, providing whatever support they could give.

They observed a group enter the facility just after dusk, most wore large hooded cloaks. They did not need any old spells to know those were Reforged. There were, however, at lest two women not yet Reforged, as well as the old professor.

“You sure your mesmerizing was good enough, Enyo?” Tezca asked seriously.

Without turning her head, she answered, “It doesn’t matter if Cthulhu’s there. This enemy primarily strikes from the shadows unseen, so we may always assume there will be an ambush.”

Tezca quietly sighed, and Arisia put her hand on his tensed shoulder.

“All right, Old Gods, see any surprises?” Enyo called the old heroes.

“No, both your feed and spells show all are heading down to that chamber,” Golden Ram answered.

“I now have control over their camera feeds,” Sphinx rumbled. “They will be put in a loop right … now.”

“Let’s move out,” Enyo ordered.

They quickly made their way to the front door. This was the part Enyo actually like the most. She always felt an incredible rush between when they were unknown by the enemy to the moment they discovered, if at all. The fact that the Bostonian silently moved like a big cat was a true bonus. His aptitude in battle was something she could only respect.

They made their way to that back office with underground access. Thus far, no one was there to meet them.

“I don’t like this,” Arisia whispered into their minds.

The door was unlocked, and they made their way down the steps. The lighting seemed different from the videos they observed. It was darker, gloomier somehow. The stairs also seemed to go for much longer than they should have. 

“Where are you!?” Arisia called into Enyo’s mind from what sounded like a great distance.

Enyo quickly looked behind her. All she could see were endless stairs. She turned back and saw the same thing downward.

Ambush,” Enyo stated.

Enyo hurried down the stairs, not liking the enclosed nature of the situation. Suddenly, she fell head over heels, the stairs gone. There was only now an endless stone corridor, lit by an eerie golden light that came from nowhere. The more she moved forward the darker the corridor became.

After a while, it felt like she was not really moving at all. It was as if she had fallen into a lucid dream ironically out of her control. She tried to run forward, but motility quickly became strange an awkward. The darkness kept on encroaching, and now, it encroached whether she moved or not. And then …

Blackness …

Enyo found herself floating in darkness. No. She felt like she was suspended by something or somethings. She could not move. It was as if she was in a liquid dream. Yes. She was not fully awake. “Wake up, amathés!” She blurted through the inky darkness. “WAKE THE FUCK UP!”

She jolted herself to consciousness. It was not much help, though, because the room was rather dark. The ovular chamber seemed to be underground somewhere. She was fairly certain it was another chamber beneath the strip club.

The yellow light slowly grew in brightness. A tall, domineering woman silently stood not far from her, coming out of shadow. What worried Enyo, though, was how she was bound by hot, wet tentacles, suspended in the air. There seemed to be no source of them. It was more than disconcerting how they felt good on her naked skin.

“Who are you?” Enyo asked defiantly.

The face was almost impossible to read. It was as if there was both dispassion and fascination at the same time.

“Who are you!? Bdelyrós! Where am I?” she she yelled.

“Bdelyrós? I suppose that ancient insult is close enough. Villain? To you, right now, yes. Bastard? I do not think that applies to my race.”

“Cthulhu?” she forwarded, not surprised of anything anymore. She had seen many entities on Earth alone that could shape-shift, posses, or whatever. Indeed, the Demon Progeny Arisia had learned how to possess others for very brief periods, while having the telepathic wisdom to make others think she looked like almost anything.

“Do I look Human to you, Enyo?”

“Yes,” she spat, trying to create any kind of recognizable expression out of her captor.

“Look closer. Look deep.”

Enyo did so. Like some disorienting blur, she could see the more alien, maddening form bleeding though. Concerning yet unsurprising was how the tentacles binding her were attached to the being before her. Enyo could not hold the blurred, true image for long.

“It is true that I have some control over my physical form,” she said flatly. “I decided that it would be easiest at this phase to prevent myself from becoming monstrous in size, as you would say. I am not indestructible, and the weapons of this planet are now potent enough. That said, the guise you see is me manipulating your subconscious to see something Humanoid. Everyone sees me a little differently via that, but not different enough to cause concern above ground. Human memory is a fickle thing after all. Yet, Enyo, you are not really Human. Certainly a subspecies of the dominant genus on this world, but different nonetheless. That is why you could briefly see through the veil just now. That is why I cannot easily make you one of mine. I need you to accept willingly.”

“I do not think that will happen! You are fucking embròntetos!”

“Perhaps. My mind is out within all my Zealots, and partly within anyone in my presence, if I wish it.”

Enyo was not sure if that was a dry comeback joke or a just statement of fact. 

“I do know you came to find me. So, let me help you understand …”

The moment she opened her mouth again in her continued attempts to derive a reaction, a thick fleshy tentacle forced its way down her throat. Almost at the same time, perhaps thicker tentacles penetrated her mouth and pussy. The almost violent intrusion, to her shock, was almost pleasurable. Far from orgasmic, but her body was not rejecting it.

The masked Cthulhu stood there with that unchanging face of dispassionate fascination. Enyo could sometimes see flashes of the tentacles coming from the feminized being before her.

Suddenly, thick streams of the black, alien cum spewed into her horrifyingly receptive body. No matter how far from orgasm she was, she found herself in a state of growing pleasure. She had battled Titans, helped turn great cities of fools into dust, helped to defeat an alien artificial intelligence, but never once had she ever felt so completely out of control. She was not sure if she even wanted to resist the tentacles and their goo.

By Hercules! Enyo was starting to like something that should have been horrific. The goo leaked out of the holes it invaded. There was so much inside her, pleasuring her.

She could not give in, she just couldn’t! Enyo was a Goddess of war. She was depicted on the long lost Shield of Achilles amongst all that was understood by the ancient Humans of the Mediterranean! She had known more defeat than ancient poets assumed, yes, but there was always the victory of understanding. To be defeated now would be to loose everything. It took everything within her to fight a willing orgasm. At the moment of truth, everything suddenly went black …

“Enyo!” a voice called in the distance.

The wise Olympian Goddess felt the stone floor beneath her. It felt rather warm, suggesting she was lying there for some time.

“Enyo!” said the familiar female voice.

She slowly opened her eyes to the always alluring Arisia.

“I … I’m all right …” Enyo breathed, picking herself up. There was no visible evidence of the tentacles or their goo.

“Found her!” she said to the others just outside the room. “What happened to you? Cthulhu seemed to force us all into some dream-state.”

“I’m not sure …” Enyo breathed. What happened between she and her adversary did not feel like the dreamlike state that preceded it. “Cthulhu can take Human form …”


“Well, sort of … It can control its size, and project a human visage into our subconscious. I think it wanted to see how well it worked on me. Pretty well, when not looking closely …”

“Did you consume any of that black shit!?”

“Cthulhu told me that I could only become a Zealot if I accepted it. It was pushing into my mind, I think …” She rubbed her eyes. “I won this round I guess, but a little jumbled …”

Arisia suddenly gave Enyo a deep lustful kiss. Enyo kissed back quite aggressively, taking control, and broke the kiss.

Arisia raised and eyebrow, looking quite aroused, and blatantly looking over the naked Olympian with glowing eyes. “Fuck, you’re awesome!”

“I know. Futuere me! Let’s get out of here, Arisia …”

* * * * 

Enyo was restless that night. The others were just rattled. It seemed what happened was all about her. No foe focused on her like that before. That said, being an active “hero” was a recent thing …

She rented out a secluded cabin not far from the city. Unlike the rest of the Olympians, she was quite good with her money. A little over a thousand years ago, not long before the Hierarchy collapsed, they pooled most of their wealth. Enyo cultivated what she had left far better than the rest of them. None of that really mattered right then.

What kept her up right then alluded her. Yes, she was almost fucked out of her mind by some Alien God that made her super-horny — she was the focus of a counterattack, but that was not completely it 

Was it … Jealously?

She lay there for a moment, the moonlight painting her porcelain body. It reminded her of the chip on her shoulder that once fueled a ridiculous bloodlust. The Hierarchy was the ultimate truth so long ago. It was a truth filled with lies they were required to live for the sake of the Hierarchy. With Ares placed at the forefront of war, she and the other warrior gods were almost pushed aside, when she could have been so much more. She had and made worshipers, sure, but far less than those above. She was literally not allowed to have as many as the others to suggest she never wanted any. She was all but described as a villain, when sometimes all she really did was nudge the ancient conflicts to their inevitable end. 

Once the Hierarchy was let go, none of that mattered. They did not even want followers anymore. And when there was a revival of the religion they once presided over, they had little interest in connecting the way they once had, including Enyo.

Now, an apparent God from across the universe dared force its will onto her? She was a leader! She always was at heart. The fact that she never led anyone until now proved how hard it was for habits to die. Becoming that lone wolf, a kind of folk hero over the last decades brought her closer to who she always wanted to be. She put herself in charge of her own destiny.

Then, she realized what she had to do, something to prove her worth to herself and the Humans she wanted to protect. She was going to go out and find a couple Humans to worship her, as a kind of pilot program. They could be her eyes and ears, passively watching in the shadows for what just might be Earth’s greatest nemesis …

Enyo found herself walking into a nearly empty bar. Her attire was a rather contemporary red tube top, skinny jeans (she was surprised at how much she loved them when she first tried a pair a decade ago), and brown sandals. She found herself disappointed, even though she was not exactly looking to a mass of new followers. Still, she also found herself wanting a whole bottle of wine.

She quietly sat at the empty bar. A pretty, maybe thirty year old, golden haired, bartender walked over to her.

“What can I get yah?”

“A bottle of nice red wine.”

The bartender face lit up with surprise and curiosity. “Are you … Enyo?”

Enyo smiled. She never wore a mask, and was perhaps more well known now than she ever was. “Yes. You are?”

“Bianca!” She happily plopped a clean wine glass on the table, poured, and left the bottle. “I’m not normally allowed to just give out whole bottles, but I’ll bend the rules for you!”

Enyo drank down half the glass. It was not bad for twenty-first century. “It’s funny. I never thought of myself as a hero.”

“Well, you have been since you helped destroy that robot monster … Hey, would you mind if I ask you something?”

“Go right ahead, Bianca.” I kind of bugged her how current English no longer answered such a question with a logical yes or no.

“Did you really go to battle once covered with blood instead of armor?”

She raised an eyebrow. It was an old, ridiculous memory. “It was’t my idea …”

“Huh …” She smiled curiously.

“Ares said I should just use blood as armor as a joke. I said no without a laugh. Zeus overheard, and told me to do it. Did not amuse him much, so never again. Zeus calmed a lot since then, but can be quite the asshole.”

“Dealing with shitty bosses! I know that.”

Enyo smiled pleasantly.

“So, saving the world again?”

Enyo knew it was a jovial question. “Actually, it would seem so.”

“Oh … What coming this time?” Her tone was now somewhat shaky.

“Already here. This one is a real head trip, to use the contemporary parlance. The Protectors aren’t strong enough anymore for this fight. Maybe right after the last, but not today. We need something more. We need eyes an ears to figure out what is happening.”

“If you’re looking for followers, Enyo, you don’t need to try very hard.” Bianca took out her phone, swiped around, and presented it to Enyo.

She looked at a Facebook fan page apparently dedicated to herself. While aware of social media, it never was of any interest before.

“Looks like you’ve got over three-million followers on there.”

“Err … Well, pedicare me! Is this even serious? I know you can like whatever you want on there, whether true or not, whether Human or not.”

“Well, even if only a third of them are serious, that’s a million people. Besides, I think even bots are afraid to troll you online!”

“You’re in this group, I take it?”

“Yeah. Why not? You’re as beautiful as powerful. You create victories even in defeat. You decided to help people, when you could have just stopped caring like the rest. You’re the ultimate feminist icon!”

“Huh …” she pondered. Could this really be that easy? Maybe it was. She did not remember trying very hard to make Human worshipers when Zeus created the Hierarchy. Saving the world was not even the same a concept then.

“Our nemesis is not on Facebook, is he?” Bianca asked.

“No, I do not think so …” she said ponderously. She saw a wedding ring. “Caution is still of upmost importance, it would seem, though … It had been a very long time since I took a direct role with my followers. People have changed in ways at times intangible. Would you and your spouse like to come to my place tonight?”

Bianca’s eyes lit up in a way Enyo had not seen for the better part of two-thousand years. “Fuck yeah! I get off in an hour. I’ll call Larry …”

Bianca’s husband sat on the red couch of Enyo’s cabin. He was surprisingly relaxed, compared to Bianca. The wife was the true “worshiper” here, but he looked curious enough to come around without much effort. Maybe this was a crazy gambit, but she was really excited to be worshiped, as well as have a direct hand in that. Bellona was always allowed a more active role in having followers. Yes, there was a jealousy there that added to that long-gone bloodlust. While many of the “Greco-Roman” Gods like Zeus-Jupiter and Ares-Mars played in both sandboxes, ones like herself had to share, often unequally.

The two sat before her.

“So this … Facebook group. How connected are you with it?”

Bianca smiled. “Not at admin or anything, but I know one in real life. I can get into contact with her to make myself an admin, too”

“What I need in followers is not quite like the old days of glory, Bianca. You understand social media better than myself, but that is barely the first step. We need to keep in mind the timetable may be short, and the timetable is very much obscured.”

“Facebook is that, Enyo!” Larry said jovially. “But, what do you want in followers?”

Enyo smiled. “You get right to it, Larry! When have I ever had a large following next to Ares? … What I want, obviously, is devotion. I also want altruism. I was tired of burning whole cities to the ground before your ancestors’ ancestors were born.”

“How do your followers confirm this altruistic devotion, Enyo?” he asked with a sarcasm masking fascination.

She turned to Bianca. The way she looked up at her said it all. Simply having the Goddess tower over her in total command of the room was practically overkill.

“Your wife, Larry, is ready to understand.”

Larry looked over to his wife. Bianca, looking up to Enyo, quite literally looked enthralled. Her lips were subtly parted, eyes closed slightly, breathing deeply. He never saw anyone look that way before. 

“Once upon a time,” Enyo began. “We were worshiped because we simply looked the part of Gods. They also needed scapegoats for their own failings, of which my kind’s were as true as theirs. So, we just let it happen. It really was that simple, unlike what happened with the Titans. Now, we knew even then that sex and power can be epic bedfellows: The marriages of monarchs sealing alliances; the cataclysmic adultery between kings and queens. Ironically, we did not wield that much sexual power then, just letting the Humans not always think with their brains. That obviously glazes over the fact that we had plenty of sexual relations with Humans, Zeus the God-king of adultery. There were so many Demigods of little note. Once the world shifted away from us, we let our precious Hierarchy collapse. All we had left, we realized, was sex. In quite whispers, we knew the power of sex was not wielded by most of us. It did not matter anymore. So, we just began to fuck each other in epic orgies. Humans sometimes showed up. They had fun if they wished, but had more than enough after a week. All the Humans that appeared could have been ours, but the time of followers was over, we agreed. Now, times have changed again, and I know what I want out of my followers in 2020. Sexual power will create the devotion, and that devotion will create the altruism.”

Eyno walked to the other side of the room, owning every step, every subtle body movement. She opened up her special suitcase. This was the one with a truncation of her erotic ownership. She expected to open the suitcase as a reward for victory, but it turned out to be more tactful to be opened now. She took out some semi-opaque, black pantyhose. She grabbed a pair of pantyhose that looked about right for the somewhat shorter, slim Bianca.

“Bianca, catch!”

Bianca caught the packaged hose almost robotically.

“Take your shirt and pants off, put on the pantyhose, put back on your shoes if removed, and crawl to me.”

“Yes, Enyo,” she said without second thought.

Larry sat in total amazement, watching his wife follow the word of a literal Goddess. 

“Umm …” he blurted.

“Be honored, Larry! Few Humans became followers this way, as I never created followers this way before! Honestly, I am more than pleased how well this is working. You feel it, too, right, Larry? A sexual pull toward me? The growing need to follow my will?”

“Yes …” he huffed.

Enyo smiled at the not yet fully indoctrinated man. “Don’t feel jealously or shock toward how easily your wife is falling to me. She might as well have already been worshiping me. I am merely directing her on how to worship me.”

Bianca was now on her hands and knees, in her bra and gifted hose. She crawled over to Enyo slowly yet willfully. The soft black heels were sexy and blatant against the pantyhose. Enyo rather liked the black floral tattoo on her side. Yes, Enyo would make all her new followers have a tattoo of devotion … a swan. She always liked swans. To her they were symbol of beauty, as beauty may be found in war.

The worshiping waited in excitement below, looking up but not making eye contact. Enyo subtly presented her sandal-clad foot to the worshipper, who lightly touched it reverently.

Eyno lifted her foot, and said, “Worship your Goddess’ foot.”

Breathing heavily in clear excitement, Bianca cradled the foot, and began to kiss and lick, especially the fully exposed toes.

“OOOO, that’s good, Bianca. I love how your tongue feels between your Goddess’ toes.”

The way Bianca moved that tongue between her toes, it was clear there was nothing else for her. The Human’s mind was Enyo’s for the taking.

“Don’t forget to like your Goddess’ whole foot … UMMM, very good …”

Bianca passionately moved her lips from toes to the ankle. This was not about taste or even sensuality. This was exactly what Enyo wanted: power. But yes, this sexually aroused her more than she had been aroused in a very long time.

Enyo pulled over an endurable in reach, and sat on it. Feet flat on the floor, Bianca continued her worship. the leather traps on her sandals were starting to dark from spit. Loving the feel on the Human’s wet mouth around her big toe, she grasped Bianca’s head.

“Yeah, that’s great! Suck it. Suck it! … Now just my shoe.  Lick it. Lick it clean!”

Bianca moaned with joy, successfully satisfying her Goddess. 

“Get in there and make them shine!”

Bianca did as ordered, literally polishing the leather with her lips and tongue.

“Now nice long licks, shoes and feet. Very good.”

Bianca head was still grasped by Enyo, who was subtly nudging her in whatever direction desired.

Enyo then picked up the woman’s head, almost forced eye contact, and said, “You did well, Bianca.”

She melted with joy.

“Now I want you to worship my ass.”

Enyo pulled off her tight pants, and leaned up against the wall, muscular ass protruding. Bianca quickly went in, hurrying her face between the form glutes. The woman licked excitedly, young taking long trips around the hole.

“Yes, feel your Goddess’ ass, rub it. Very good.” She grasped Bianca’s head, and forcibly buried the face between the cheeks for a moment. Pressing deeper, Enyo exclaimed, “Be honored! You are the first Human to taste this divine ass.” She pulled the head out. “What do you say?”

“Thank you, Enyo!” Bianca huffed honestly, before her face was forced back in.

She did not know it until the orgies, but Enyo genuine loved anal attention. The day Ares just shoved his dick up there was a truly divine moment.

Still leaning on the wall, Enyo lifted her foot, and ordered, “Take my sandal off. Slowly … Excellent. Enjoy the scent and taste of divine feet on them.”

Like pumping heroin into her veins, she inhaled the leather shoes with great pleasure. The taste was all but orgasmic for her.

“Do you like the smell and taste of your Goddess’ feet on the shoe?”

“Yes, Enyo,” she huffed, barely removing the shoe from her face.

“Now put the shoe down, and worship the real thing.”

Bianca did so. She licked the soles with great devotion, as she took the toes deep into her mouth. The foot was cradled like it was the most precious thing in the world.

“Take all of your Goddess’ foot. Take in all you can.”

Bianca began to force as much of the foot into her mouth as she could. Every toe was deep into the wet cavern.

“Very good. The rest of the foot feels dry.”

Bianca licked and sucked from heel to toes, clearly enjoying the toes the most. There was no protest on Enyo’s part!

Enyo then sat back down, and presented the other foot.

Bianca needed no instruction, removing the sandal. With a subtle motion, Enyo had Bianca paying great attention to the foot itself, shoe still in hand. That was not before Bianca took in the scent of the shoe.

“Yes, worship my foot. Take in the divine scent!” Enyo growled through her own growing pleasure.

Bianca practically made out with the foot, moving from heel, to sole, to toes, with equal devotion.

Multiple toes sucked at once, Enyo teased, wiggling the foot, “Such a pretty mouth. It is perfect for worshiping!”

Bianca moaned and cooed in joy. 

“Take those toes in … Lick it all the way, heel to toes …” Enyo micromanaged as a tease. “Take it in as far as you can. All the way … OOOO, that is amazing! No take it out and kiss the top. So very good.”

Bianca did as ordered like she had no mind of her own. Worshiping Enyo was her sole purpose in the world right then.

Eyno the began to feel Bianca’s breasts with her feet. “You feel really good. Onto your knees.”

She did so, Enyo’s foot now teasing her belly.

“Take off your left shoe, and smell it.”

She did so.

“The scent can never be divine, but it is yours. It is therefore wonderful, arousing.”

Bianca took the scent in just that much more deeply.

“Now the other one.”

Bianca put the shoe down, and took off the other to enjoy, as ordered. She took in the scent with great pleasure.

“Kiss it.”

“Ummm,” Bianca moaned, kissing and inhaling.

“Keep going. I like that shoe very much. Worship the shoe for me.”

She did so. Licking, kissing, taking in the shoe with all her senses. 

“Put it down.”

Bianca looked to Enyo expectantly.

Finger teasingly on Bianca’s lips, Enyo ordered, “I want you to stand up … Good. Open your legs.”

Enyo then placed her foot onto the very moist crotch, making Bianca moan. She began to rub the crotch, when Bianca put her hand on the foot on impulse.

“I do not want you to touch my feet.”

She quickly moved her hands away.

“Oh, yes. You are so warm, wet.” Enyo rubbed the crotch more excitedly

Bianca moaned in pleasure.

“Do my my feet turn you on?”

“Yes, Enyo,” she said honestly, in a pleasure-filled grunt.

“Move on my foot. So very good. Yes.”

Bianca rubbed her wet crotch onto the foot, practically worshiping it between her hot thighs. She moaned and cooed so happily.

“Yes, worship my foot with your pussy!” Enyo smiled largely. “Yes, faster and harder! That’s it. That is what your Goddess wants!”

Bianca looked genuinely joyous and full of pleasure, dancing on Enyo’s foot with her crotch.

“Oh, yes! I want you to cum, Bianca. I want to feel your cum on my foot through you pantyhose.”

“O, ERR, fuck, yeah!” Bianca cooed. “Yes, OHHH, ENYO!”

“Was that fun for you?”

“Yes, Enyo!” she huffed honestly.

“Come on down here, and suckle on you Goddess’ breasts.”

She did so, loudly smooching.

“Yes, worship them!”

Moving her chest in blatant ways, Enyo guided the enthralled Bianca between the divine breasts. She practically played with Bianca’s face with her breasts. It felt so damn good! Of course, a lot of that pleasure was from the power she felt over the Human. That control felt all but complete.

“You are sooo good with your tongue, Bianca!”

Enyo then nudged Bianca in closer with her foot on Bianca’s ass. Liking the feel one Bianca’s ass, she had her stand, and show the bare ass, having her pull the hose down. She teased Bianca’s ass with her foot. Enyo then positioned herself to have Bianca back into her own ass. The positioning was just that much more effective, Enyo’s leg up on the low table.

Bianca was ever more deeply buried between Enyo’s firm cheeks this time, whole Enyo pulled Bianca into her ass. Indeed, Bianca was excitedly pleasuring her asshole.

“Oh, yes, Bianca. You really are coming to understand what your Goddess wants! Yes!”

Enyo moaned and cooed wildly in the anal pleasure, silently thanking Ares for introducing it to her.

Bianca consumed, worshiped, blatantly enjoyed herself.

“Yes. Push you tongue in there. Do not hold back! Don’t stop until I let you. OH!”

It was clear that this was now Bianca’s duty, to pleasure her Goddess’ asshole. And she went for it. She sucked, she licked. Enyo’s asshole was becoming quite moist.

Enyo encouraged her through the growing pleasure, making Bianca worship just that much more deeply, hungrily. Enyo actually came a little, but still wanted to work on Bianca more.

Repositioning to partly lean on the wall, leg still up on the table, Enyo ordered Bianca to worship her pussy as her asshole.

“Oh, yeah. Worship your Goddess’ pussy!”

Bianca’s new task was clear, and she excelled like before. She consumed like it was the only thing in the world, and luckily for her, she enjoyed it more than anything in the world. 

Enyo tightly pushed Bianca just that much deeper into her crotch. This felt so good that she had to admit that it somehow felt better that the orgies. There was no power, no conquest. Enyo was conquering Bianca, and exerting power over her. Yes, Bianca was practically a worshiper before Enyo even knew she existed, but that did not take away from the fact that she was completely subverting Bianca’s will.

“Make me cum, Bianca. Make your Goddess cum like she never has before!”

Bianca amazingly did as ordered. She sucked and liked and kissed without abandon. Enyo than came hard and loud, her juiced dripping down Bianca’s face.

After basking in the greatest of afterglow’s, Enyo ordered, “On your knees, Bianca.”

She did so, her Goddess standing before her.

“Look up to me. Look into my eyes. Will you worship me now and forever, Bianca?”

“Yes, Enyo,” she said truly.

“Will you forever be and extension of my will, following my word without question?”

“Yes, Enyo.”

“Good, Bianca. Thus, you are an extension of my will.”

Enyo felt a kind of exhilaration, looking into Bianca’s eyes, for for first time in more than two-thousand years. Indeed, this was a rare thing to do to a Human, even when her kin practically presided over the fates of whole civilizations. Bianca was genuinely letting her will be fully subverted by Enyo’s. This was something deep and spiritual, and far beyond psychological. Enyo could actually feel Bianca’s consciousness, and do with it as she wished. Bianca will literally just know and do things now that step from Enyo.

“As reward, Bianca, you will be my General, my Stratega, the chief of my Warrior Worshipers. You will be my sole avatar. Do you understand, Bianca?”

“Yes, Bianca. I am your General, the chief of all your Warrior Worshipers. I will be your avatar.”

Enyo squatted down to her General’s level, and held her subservient face at the chin. “Your Goddess loves you for this.” She kissed the Human, who melted at the touch.

She stood, glancing at the mesmerized Larry on the couch. Enyo lifted her foot to her Worshiper, who automatically licked and kissed.

“Very good, Stratega. Come with me.”

They walked over to the amazed yet smiling Larry. Enyo crawled on top of him.

“Are you … gonna take me like you did my wife?” he breathed.

“Your wife will be conquering your body and soul to become my first Warrior Worshiper.”

“OK …” he said amazed. “You’re just making this up as you go along, aren’t you, Enyo?”

Enyo smirked. “Improvisation may mask one’s tactics.” She glanced at her General on all fours. “Before she begins, ask your wife who she loves the most.”

He blinked, looking somewhat uncomfortable. “Um, Bianca, who do you love the most?”

“Enyo!” she said joyously. “I am hers.”

“Very good, Strategy Bianca,” Enyo stated. “Now, make Larry understand.”

Bianca sat before him on the coffee table. It was obvious he saw something different in Bianca’s eyes. She had, after all, the will of a Goddess with her. As such, she had a fraction of the very power the conquered her, and that can be enough to overwhelm an unsuspecting Human.

“Just relax, Larry,” she ordered in domineering tones reminiscent of Enyo’s. “Let yourself go, and let me take you into Enyo’s Army.”

Larry’s wide eyes glanced at the smirking Goddess. “I can’t believe you guys rarely used this power a few thousand years ago!”

“General,” Enyo forcibly stated to Bianca.

Bianca smacked him hard, and with her hand over his mouth, she ordered, “You were not given the allowance to speak, Initiate!”

Larry effectively silenced, Bianca leaned back, and presented her nylon-covered foot. “Take it. Worship it.”

Tentatively at first, the spellbound Larry took the foot, and began to rub it. He took the heel into his mouth, almost experimentally sucking on it.

“Very good, Larry. I am glad you are starting to understand.”

Albeit far less powerful and experienced, what Bianca just did was exactly of Enyo did to Bianca. The really difference was that Bianca was more naturally passive than Larry. Enyo felt a touch of pride at how well Bianca used her new power over Humans.

The more Larry licked, suck, and rubbed the encased foot, the more energy he put into the worshiping. He was really starting to like this. And through that growing enjoyment, his own will and alpha-ness was starting to break down.

Bianca possessively touched Larry’s face, and Larry automatically began to worship the palm. She let go, and teasingly felt up her leg. Larry followed the hand, licking and kissing upward.

She then guided him onto the floor, and positioned herself just above his chest, teasing him by nudging him away from her wet pussy.

“Look at it, Larry,” she said, felling the top of her pussy. “Do you like the way it smells?”

“Yes, it smells so good, Stratega!” He looked almost surprised at the statement, probably because of what he automatically call Bianca!

“Good, lick it, worships it!”

“Umm!” he exclaimed, moving in.

He was completely mesmerized, worshiping the Stragega’s pussy.

“Now my asshole, yes … Just the tongue. Just the tip … Yeah, that’s it, amazing! OHHH, yeah … That so damn good. Right there. OOOOOH, YEAH!”

Bianca had a quick bot good orgasm. Enyo gave Bianca a long, thick dildo, and Bianca then guided Larry onto his back.

She began to lube up and finger Larry’s relaxing asshole. With a gasp, Bianca began to shove the rubber member into the anal canal. She went deep, while she allowed him to stroke himself. The pleasure for Larry was clearly unlike anything he ever experienced before.

Bianca then worked the other end into her wet pussy, and holding the dildo lightly, began to thrust back and forth. They moaned and cooed primally, Bianca more so.

She eventually removed the member, and crawled up to him. She kissed him lovingly, but not like she ever kissed him before. It was aggressive and possessive. Bianca was kissing him with the Love of Enyo. He could not get enough, especially when Bianca “lovingly” licked his face with the tip of her tongue. Larry’s will was nearly subverted fully now.

The dildo was then placed into his mouth by Bianca, having him hold it in with his teeth. She startled it with her pussy, and began to squat up and down on it, moaning deeply. She let him stroke himself, but it was clear her pleasure was all that mattered right then.

When he was visibly close, she had him stand and jerk himself. He came hard into Bianca’s hand’s. She gathered most of it. In a blatant sign that his will was now that of Enyo’s, he squatted down to Bianca’s hands, and began to worship them, cum and all. When they kissed, they lovingly shared the cum. What they they now felt was no longer the love they once shared, but of the Goddess Enyo …

* * * * 

The next morning, Enyo checked her cellphone. There were messages from Arisia and Tezca about their respective groups. The situation was still being assessed, but would help as much as they could. They still cared, but compared to the Olympians, everyone cared.

She deeply sighed. Nothing was happening as she planned. The third message was from her son in Greek:

No one is being stopped of course, mother, but they all decided, including Ares, that they have no fight left in them. They genuinely feel that fucking themselves is the best course of action now. I’m not sure if they think this is really the end, but they prefer to be in the throws of pleasure if it is. I will be there for you, mom. I should be arriving by mid-afternoon tomorrow.

“Good enough, I guess,” she said quietly.

“Everything OK, Goddess?” Larry said just past her bedroom door. Bianca was out rallying the soon to be Warriors. Enyo personally gave them swan tattoos over their hearts last night.

“Just me and my son! The rest will go down fucking.”

She looked over the willing and obedient Larry. Maybe it was a little hypocritical of her in that moment to take the man as her sex toy, but a good orgasm did sooth the mind!

The naked Goddess ordered, “Bring me my silk top and red stockings, Larry.”

“Yes, Goddess.”

She quickly slipped on the delivered attire.

“How do you feel toward your Goddess?” she asked as a tease, knowing the answer.

“I am in love with you, Enyo. All that I am is yours to command.”

“Good. Worship your Goddess’ feet,” she ordered hungrily.

He did so, rubbing, kissing, loving. He often concentrated just on one foot, so she would then tease him with the other, rubbing his face and chest with her toes. Enyo moaned in pleasure, encouraging her Warrior. 

Larry was soon sitting on the floor, at the edge of the bed, with Enyo’s legs draped over his shoulders. She had him spread the worship to her legs as well, moving them provocatively from his head to shoulders. There was so much for him to worship, to love, but he put everything he had into it.

Eventually, Enyo tantalizingly touched his tented crotch with her feet. He groped and kissed her encased legs almost mindlessly at the same time. She then freed his throbbing cock with her nimble toes, and began to rub the member between them. She stroked him excitedly, making him almost growl incessantly.

She then brought him partly up onto the bed to stoke him from there. His noised of pleasure amused her through her own pleasure.

Enyo flopped on her stomach, legs and feet up to be further worshipped by the man, who did so without question. He slobbered all over the toes, while he made the feet jelly in his hands. The moaning between the two was technically a loosing battle for Larry, but they were both loud nonetheless.

With all ten toes shoved deep into Larry’s stretched mouth, Enyo realized something profound. She enjoyed the orgies of her people after they influence began to wane, but never as much as the others came to. In the past twenty-four hours, she sexually conquered two Humans. The very sense of power from it was arousing, as the feeling of Larry worshipping with everything he was drove her wild. This was better than anything she did with kin. What’s more, the though that she had devoted following that was about to become her army to command sent the most erotic of chills down her spine. Enyo genuinely enjoyed the irony that she was creating a sex cult of her own, a cult filled with Warriors that linked each other through sexual pleasure of their Goddess’ Will.

“Oh, that is so good, Larry! Your Goddess now wants your dick between her feet.

Without hesitation, he sandwiched his dick between the top of one and the sole of the other. The fact that the stockings were quite moist by that point made this just that much more arousing, because the the devotion that moisture.

She let Larry use her feet to stroke her cock for a few moments, before flipping onto her back. The dick was then sandwiched between her soles, Enyo now in total control of the stroking. 

The pleasure moved through Enyo like erotically charged lightning, pulling down her top to grope her aroused breasts without thinking. Her powerful legs flexed, while she moved her feet up and down the solid shaft. She alternated between tower soles and toes. Larry loved the pleasure regardless, but the active shifts to add to Enyo’s personal pleasure of power and control.

Dick between her toes, Enyo began to furiously rub her wet pussy, moaning quite loudly now. Eventually, she moved her feet back to his face, which automatically began to worship.

“Remove my stockings, Larry.”

While her moved his hands down her legs, Enyo rubbed her feet onto his face and chest. Larry mindlessly licked and kissed whenever the foot was near.

The semi-opaque stockings folded onto themselves made her skin temporarily look blood red. She smirked, thinking about that moment ridiculous moment in her life, and how she was far happier in the present.

One stocking was removed, and then the other. She let him worship her now bare feet. Yet, she was in full control, moving and guiding his worship of her feet with her feet. The true worship merely spiced the pleasure of the power she exerted. 

She then guided him onto his back with her feet, and began to stoke his twitching member between her spit-lubed soles. She was giving the Human great pleasure, but the point was that it was on her terms.

The bed jiggled and creaked at her powerful, almost wild strokes. She did not even have to touch herself to enhance the pleasure more. Still, she was enjoying the look of the dick between her feet. She began to play with it, nimbly groping it with her toes. The man moaned deeply from the attention, while her own enjoyment almost made her deaf to his.

They soon went to their sides, and she was practically stroking from above. She wanted to put the dick in her mouth, but decided to tease herself beforehand. She lubed it up with her spit as an excuse to taste it by proxy. Her eyes were locked on the pre-cum spurting member. 

She then brought her feet to her mouth in turn, consuming the spit and pre-cum all over them. The stroking quickly resumed, Enyo now wanting not only the dick in her mouth, but also the cum.

Enyo then moved to her other side, now stroking him aggressively between the top of her foot and sole. It took all her effort not to jump around, and shove the thing down her throat. The tease drove her wild!

Eventually she was onto her back, wildly stoking him with her high arches. The she saw he was about to explode, all resistance she forced on herself collapsed. In a blur, Enyo was suddenly sucking off the near explosive member. Her entire body melted into the pleasure of it. A few head bobs later, Larry blew a massive load down her throat.

Enyo’s eye went wide, not because of the cum — she had sucked out cum dick and pussy before, but because there was something more. She was sucking out his energy! She leaned back, screaming in the most epic orgasm of her life.

In the powerful afterglow, Enyo knew what just happened. She just consumed the Human like one of the Cultists! Yet, Cthulhu was not even in her psyche. Enyo was still otherwise Enyo. Well, that was not quite true. The feed made her feel stronger, more powerful. In fact, her connection to her General and Larry was dramatically stronger in that moment. She knew Bianca had and orgasm with her, as Enyo was practically one with their thoughts. This enhanced power was likely to fade, but could only be useful.

“Fire with fire,” she said through both Larry and Bianca.

* * * *

Enyo sat at the top of the table with her stern expression. This meeting with the Protectors could go any number of ways. She always hated unpredictably when she was not the one creating it. Still, predictably, the Bostonian spoke first.

“All right. I’m still scared shitless.”

“We all are,” Enyo stated. “The good news is I have found something beneficial by accident. The bad news is two-fold: we were allowed to leave, and most of the Olympians plan to fuck themselves until oblivion comes.”

“There’s a fuckin’ surprise,” the Bostonian said under his breath.

“Another fucking surprise is that I have a very loyal following now, and never tried to cultivate one. I am working to gain a more direct role in it. The plan is to have them work as a silent network to report on Cthulhu’s activity. By next sunrise we should start seeing some preliminary reporting. Also, my son, Enyalios, should be arriving tonight.” She turned to Arisia. “What news of the Demon League?”

“Well, firstly, through his network, my father actually obtained some journals of Tammy Jackson, the one that started the first contemporary Cthulhu Sex Cult with just a few friends. I will forward what we have to everyone. On the Demon League, you all know that Asmodeus’ Lust Demons are completely subservient, and will do as commanded by my father regardless. The rest are not really sure how to proceed. The Archdemons may have sworn fealty to Lord Asmodeus over a thousand years ago, but they’re still Demons.”

Demon Politics, that sounds redundant,” the Bostonian grumbled.

“That may be, Bostonian … I would like to forward something Enyo.”

“Go on, Arisia,” Enyo said.

“I know you wished to learn more about the so called Elder Gods. I have spoken more with my father about them. He is now certain that these Elder Gods had everything to do with why the Great Old Ones were imprisoned outside time and space in what we poorly describe as a dream-state. Yes, post-Lovecraft stories suggest that this was the result of a kind of war amongst these ancient entities, but my father thinks it was probably more nuanced than that. When Demon factions are in a squabble, Asmodeus likes to let it play out to make an example of it somehow. My father is sure that we can communicate with those ancient beings, but they are so far above that some kind of boost may be required to get their attention to start. A Demon may be able to attain the appropriate level of power, but Asmodeus is uncertain about the long term consequences. He instead suggested that even an old Titan could be boosted enough with the right spell.”

Enyo deeply sighed. “The old Titans … Would this be a demonic spell?”

“Yeas and no. My father suggested that the spell would need a one to one ratio. As in, a Demon may need a demonic spell; a Titan may need their own magic.”

“Hrmm …” Eyno sat back. “Most of us were always more about manipulation than magic, but I understand what you mean … Hecate would definitely be the one to talk to. Unfortunately, she just uses that knowledge now to create the more surreal sexual experience within the greater orgy … No, we will keep the path to the Elder Gods in mind as a last resort. The risk of a creating a being with such great power is too much at a risk this juncture, Arisia, as we have no idea those being would react to us. But, thank you for your information.”

Enyo almost instantly noticed that Arisia looked rather miffed. What Arisia forwarded was a legitimate idea, and it was clear Arisia wanted the chance to flesh it out somehow. Enyo noted the blatant reaction, knowing this could become an issue at some point moved forward.


“Well, Enyo, my kin are very disturbed by the recent events. They are, however, ready to fight. Like your new network, they are working to make their own. They are building a timeline of events in order to better predict Cthulhu and the Cult.”

“Excellent,” Enyo stated. “When may we first see results?”

“Within a day there should be something available. We are digging as deep in time as possible, pulling together anything that may be connected, directly or no.”

“As you all know, my first instinct is always to attack in some fashion. I have already followed that, and learned as much as was possible. Now, we must stick together to develop the weapon of knowledge …”

* * * *

First the first time in Enyo’s long life, she finally began to understand how Zeus felt. She now had many, many devoted followers, and could actually feel them. She liked it. They were hers to command, for pleasure, war, or whatever her fancy.

Right now, Enyo wanted pleasure and cum. Not only did it more intimately connected her to her growing followers, but also she just liked it.

Enyo put on a black fishnet top and opaque black stockings. On all fours on the couch, she was on all fours on the couch, and shoved a large dildo up her perpetual tight ass. This was a warm up, a great teaser. She rubbed and moaned. Larry walked over, and began to move and twist the thing within her stretched rear end. The man needed not instructions, Enyo’s Will guiding his every action.

The Goddess moaned from the pleasure, Larry pulling the thing in and out in perfect timing. Two more men then walked into the room. Enyo knew these were gifts from her General, loyal followers obedient to her Goddess’ will.

Enyo squatted to the floor, the three men encircling her with their heft dicks. She soon stroked two and sucked off the other at the same time with great enjoyment and hunger. Yes, the ability to feed on cum made her love rods of pleasure. She loved this so much that she had moments of indecision on what to suck and stroke next. It did not matter, because they were all what she wanted in that moment. The best part was that they were so enthralled that they would not cum until she was ready.

She went on sucking and stroking for some time, indulging in ways only her kind knew. There were even moments where she shoved the ends of all three dicks in her mouth at the same time. Enyo’s moaning and drooling was almost matched by the men’s, but she care little about their pleasure.

Larry eventually sat on the couch, and Enyo mounted his throbbing dick with her asshole. She then began to suck dicks flanking her in turn, holding herself up just enough so Larry could thrust into her strongly. 

Larry then lifted his Goddess up to let the others pleasure Enyo’s asshole. He moved her like an Empress on a chariot. Eventually, Larry let her back down on his solid member, so she could suck the others some more. Larry thrust just that much more aggressively.

Enyo eventually flipped herself around, leading to two dicks in her asshole at the same time, as well as a dick in her mouth. She really cared little about who was who anymore. She gulped and slurped, while her ass was pounded by double the meat. Soon, Larry was thrusting into her wet pussy, while the other was deep in her ass. This all helped Enyo understand this was what was missing in those Olympian orgies: pure worship. These men were there to pleasure her and not just for the sake of pleasure to pass eternity.

Before she knew it, all three dicks were penetrating below. They traded off the holes and semi-regular intervals. She genuinely could not tell after a while what was in which hole, and really did not care. The pleasure was as epic as she desired. Enyo’s moans were growing louder, more hungry.

She then flipped back around to have all three holes penetrated again at the same time. It was pure ecstasy, including when both lower dicks were in a single hole at the same time.

They went on like this for more than an hour. Changing positions, changing holes. Yes, Enyo came, multiple times, but that was practically appetizer to what she wanted most.

Eventually, Enyo was ready. She turned her head to one dick, allowing it to spew his seed and life force. Barely holding back her own epic orgasm, she let the next dick go mostly down her throat. She finally then let Larry cum in her asshole, consuming from here.

Enyo’s released orgasm was deep and powerful from the feed, reverberating amongst her entire following … 

* * * *

That afternoon, Enyo felt truly giddy. Enyalios texted her that he was about to arrive. She already made special plans for him, including how we will fit in her new cult. He would be unlike to agree to her plans for him when asked flat out, so it would take some finesse on her part. Having two Olympians greatly increased their odds, and she wanted him in a vary particular way.

She eventually opened to door to her son. He took after herself in many ways: dark eyes, sandy-painted skin, athletic physique. He was over seven feet, though, and well chiseled like his father. They smooched.

“So where do we stand?” he asked.

“I have my own cult now,” Enyo said casually.


“After that last crisis, a lot of Humans started to look up to me. You know me, wasn’t looking for that.”

“Old habits.”

“Indeed. Stumbled upon it literally. Needed a drink, maybe a good fuck to blow off steam, and the first woman I crossed was practically a devoted worshipper already.

“OK! I am sure you are already putting them to good use.”

“Of course, Enyalios! … What news from home?”

“Not much knew since we last spoke. They are fucking themselves back into the bosom of Chaos, mother. All but heard their cries of pleasure miles away …”

“Did you want to stay with them?”

He deeply sighed. “I don’t know, mother. The call to war is not what it was, you know that. I really tried to convince Ares to help you again, but …”

“Go on, my son …”

“The reason why I failed this time was because I just do not feel the call to war as strongly now as the urge to be with them. I almost did not even come myself. It is just blind habbit to follow you, mother.”

Enyo rubbed her neck tiredly.

“Are you OK?” he asked.

“I guess so. This is all very stressful for me.”

“What can I do to help?”

“Maybe a good massage in bed?”

“Sure, mother …”

Enyo laid on her stomach wearing only her pinkish-red dress. Enyalios took the oil from her, and straddled her lower back. He dipped some oil on her, and began to rub her shoulders and upper back.

“Oh, that feels good, Enyalios, very good.”

“Just relax, mother. Your son is here.”

“You have magic fingers, ummmm.”

“I need you to go deeper, Enyalios,” she huffed.

“I what way, mother?”

“Do it like you worship me …”

“All right …”

He began to rub just that much more willfully, lovingly. He was not truly worshiping her, but was very close to doing so.

“UH, oh, that’s better …” she huffed.

He rubbed for a while longer.

“I want you to really worship me Enyalios …”

“Oh, OK, just this once. I want you to feel good, mother.”

“It will make your mother feel really good.”

Now his motions really changed. They were deep, loving, and most importantly reverent. When her kin worshipped each other directly, it always felt like a tingling, flowing pleasure. The orgies certainly had this, but not so intimately.

“Were you on your feet a lot today, Goddess?” he asked quietly.

“My legs and feet could indeed use your worship.”

Within moments, the hot oils were being rubbed into her feet, making Enyo moan in pleasure. 

“Oh, yes, that is AMAZING, Enyalios!”

He moved down to her calves, loving them deeply.

“You do not know how much I needed this Enyalios. That is so very good …”

Enyo money loudly in encouragement, especially when he worshiped her legs and feet at the same time. She sighed deeply when he began to work her thighs.

“I love your legs, Goddess.”

“Thank you, Enyalios.”

“You are the most beautiful being I know, Goddess,” he said truly. “The call to war may be lost on me, but your are all that matters to me anymore. I love you.”

“Your Goddess approves of your love.”

He worked up and down the back of her legs with great love, Enyo just absorbing the deep, true worship. Enyo moaned and huffed at the feel of his divine fingers working up her inner thigh and firm glues. He knew how much she enjoyed in when Ares took her ass, and for the first time Enyalios loved her ass like his father. He kissed and groped it like it was the only thing in the world.

“UMMM, yes, Enyalios! You are better than your father.”

He began to lick and suck between the cheeks and into the asshole. Enyo moaned and cooed, pushing her ass into his worshipful face. At the same time, he rubbed her wet pussy with all the love he had for her.

“Oh, Enyalios, how come you never did this back in the orgies?”

“You never had me worship you before, Goddess. I never worshiped anyone before, and I think you are the only one I could ever worship.”

He was so aggressive, so hungry with her ass, it really was like Ares but greatly improved. Fingers began to worship the inside of her asshole, baking her huff and coo in encouragement. There were times he just buried his face between her rear cheeks. The way he worshipped her ass and pussy at the same time was better than what Ares had done with her.

Enyalios then rebased his massive dick, slightly bigger than Ares’, and thrust it into her asshole. 

“OH YES, Enyalios! You really are better than you father.

He thrust aggressively for his mother’s, his Goddess’ pleasure. Victorious orgasm was coming to Enyo quickly. He thrust hard until Enyo exploded in orgasm.

She flipped around, and Enyalios worshipped his way up his mother’s perfect, Amazonian body. And they kissed deeply, dick already deep inside her wet pussy, her legs clamped around his waist. His balls may be turning blue, but him orgasming would not be in line with the worship she desired.

He thrust hard into her, So hard the bed frame screamed and broke. Enyo began to feel herself falling into a powerful orgasmic state.

“Finish yourself inside me!”

He did so, collapsing on top of her.

Enyo took the dazed Enyalios’s head in her hands, and forced eye contact.

“Look up to me. Look into my eyes, Enyalios. Will you worship me now and forever, Enyalios?”

“Yes, mother,” he said truly.

“Will you forever be an extension of my will, following my word without question?”

“Yes, mother.”

“Good, Enyalios. Thus, you are an extension of my will …

* * * *

Cthulhu stood before Enyo in its true form, a monstrous, anthropoid parody of life.

Enyo looked around the deep darkness, and stated, “You are not known as an invader of dreams. I will never bow to you.”

“I am the Great Dreamer,” it stated in a multitude of tones. “Your presence is powerful in the Realms of Sleep.”

“Then I shall perhaps destroy you here. My understanding is that the body cannot live without the mind. I would like to learn if that is true for your species.”

The moment she leapt at the invader with her dreamed spear, something changed. She was somewhere else. She knew the taste and feel of death more than most on Earth, but this was some deranged cousin. Colors radiated at and above her visible spectrum, a beautiful, horrifying, piercing violet. They danced and consumed and transformed all life around it, but not methodically. There was no time in the Earthly sense around it, not that time was something that existed beyond the earthly method of rationalization. Whole worlds seemed either changed or destroyed at once or over a thousand years. 

Even Earth seemed a part of this viral madness. What looked like a century before at least, this Color changed and destroyed forgotten lands and people. And then something clicked in her mind. Every world she saw “spared” was later consumed by this alien contagion. Maybe it was within a year, maybe it was a million. There was no way to know.

Enyo suddenly awoke in her bed, covered with a cold sweat. A women stood in the shadows across the room. In a blinding fast motion, Enyo flipped on the light, and held an old spear forward.

“Cthulhu!? … I guess even you can develop habits of appearance,” she spat.

“It does not matter …”


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