Review: Reverse psychology (Do not think of my feet)

Reverse Psychology (Do Not Think of My Feet) (Mind control, male-female sex, foot fetish) by nadiencendia
Jen sends her best friend’s boyfriend Derek an audio file with a very simple request. Or maybe not so simple after all…

A foot fetish story by nadiencendia? How could I resist? 🙂 What I liked from the start, from a writing view, is its interpersonal narrative. Felt almost hauntingly direct. This was hypnotic and hot. I really did find myself thinking about some sexy feet as well as the rest. OK, maybe I’m not always reaching for domination and humiliation, but it was well done here. Sounded like he deserved it after all. Well, that’s what Jen said. We listen to our sex goddess. 😉

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