Review: Tantric Vengence

Tantric Vengence (Mind control, Demonic, Transformation, female-female sex, male-female sex, futa) by GenYun
A woman is given the ability to enact revenge on her attacker in the most unexpected way.

More a followup than sequel to technically incomplete The Tome. It features the ultimately possessed character from the first story, Sam, who seems to be now one and the same with the demon Niktoohns. The resulting character is fun, powerful, and beautifully scary. The story here is fantastic and layered, with visuals totally top-notch for those into the wild themes. In many ways, I’m not sure I’ve read/viewed anything else quite like this adult 3D comic. And I’ve read Clive Barker’s Hellraiser and sequels! The way Sam wields her powers, twists genders, creates toys, and recruits is truly inventive. And the best part is this story really launches the writer’s works with, thus far, a direct sequel and spin-offs (yeah, a lot a great and unique futa). Tantric Vengence may not be for everyone, but its orgasmic for those looking for all it has to offer.

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