Review: The Tome

The Tome (Mind control, demonic, transformation, female-female sex, futa) by GenYun
A plain young woman has a friend, whose sister is a witch, attempt to make her super hot. Maybe the young woman thought this was all some kind of joke, but after the spell seemingly works, the situation becomes very serious.

This 3D comic has it all, wrapped in crazy tentacle weirdness. It combines the what if and what’s the worst that can happen themes, and does them incredibly well. The visuals are top-notch, as they need to be in this form of storytelling. You never quite know where this was going, but attentive viewers may pick up the foreshadowing early on. Unfortunately, this comic has yet to get its suggested part 2. However, the characters do show up in the later works of this author, particularly the possessed Samantha, allowing us to tantalizingly use our imagination on the “unseen” events.

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