Blog Flash: I Met a Goddess Today

Author’s note: The following depicts scenes in the upcoming chapter of Voluntatem TenebraeEnyo. However, this is instead told from the perspective of Bianca Smith.

{Digitized journal entries from Bianca Smith’s journal. It describes the day she met Enyo. The entries go into a second book, which is not within this file.}

Bianca’s Journal

So, an actual Goddess walked into my bar. Her attire was a rather contemporary red tube top, skinny jeans, and brown sandals. She looked hot, but was disappointed somehow.

She quietly sat at the empty bar, and asked me for some wine.

She confirmed who she was: Enyo

“You are?”

“Bianca!” I gave her the wine. “I’m not normally allowed to just give out whole bottles, but I’ll bend the rules for you!”

Enyo drank down half the glass not looking dissatisfied. “It’s funny. I never thought of myself as a hero.”

“Well, you have been since you helped destroy that robot monster … Hey, would you mind if I ask you something?”

“Go right ahead, Bianca.”

“Did you really go to battle once covered with blood instead of armor?”

She raised an eyebrow, looking all awkward. “It was’t my idea …”

“Huh …” Now I was really curious.

“Ares said I should just use blood as armor as a joke. I said no without a laugh. Zeus overheard, and told me to do it. Did not amuse him much, so never again. Zeus calmed a lot since then, but can be quite the asshole.”

“Dealing with shitty bosses! I know that.”

Enyo smiled pleasantly.

“So, saving the world again?”

Enyo knew it was a jovial question. “Actually, it would seem so.”

“Oh … What’s coming this time?” I was very serious now.

“Already here. This one’s a real head trip, to use the contemporary parlance. The Protectors aren’t strong enough anymore for this fight. Maybe right after the last, but not today. We need something more. We need eyes an ears to figure out what is happening.”

“If you’re looking for followers, Enyo, you don’t need to try very hard.” I took out my phone, swiped around, and presented it to Enyo.

She looked at a Facebook fan page dedicated to her.

“Looks like you’ve got over three-million followers on there.”

“Err … Well, pedicare me! Is this even serious? I know you can like whatever you want on there, whether true or not, whether Human or not.”

“Well, even if only a third of them are serious, that’s a million people. Besides, I think even bots are afraid to troll you online!”

“You’re in this group, I take it?”

“Yeah. Why not? You’re as beautiful as powerful. You create victories even in defeat. You decided to help people, when you could have just stopped caring like the rest of the Old Gods. You’re the ultimate feminist icon!”

“Huh …” She sat in apparently deep thought.

“Our nemesis is not on Facebook, is he?” Bianca asked.

“No, I do not think so …” she said ponderously. She glanced at my wedding ring. “Caution is still of upmost importance, it would seem, though … It has been a very long time since I took a direct role with my followers. People have changed in ways at times intangible. Would you and your spouse like to come to my place tonight?”

I felt more excitement and joy than I thought possible. “Fuck yeah! I get off in an hour. I’ll call Larry …”

Larry sat on the red couch of Enyo’s cabin. He was surprisingly relaxed, compared to me. Well, I might as well have been the true “worshiper” here, but he looked curious.

We two sat before her, the mesmerizing Goddess.

“So this … Facebook group. How connected are you with it?”

I smiled. “Not at admin or anything, but I know one in real life. I can get into contact with her to make myself an admin, too”

“What I need in followers is not quite like the old days of glory, Bianca. You understand social media better than myself, but that is barely the first step. We need to keep in mind the timetable may be short, and the timetable is very much obscured.”

“Facebook is that, Enyo!” Larry said jovially. “But, what do you want in followers?”

Enyo smiled. “You get right to it, Larry! When have I ever had a large following next to Ares? … What I want, obviously, is devotion. I also want altruism. I was tired of burning whole cities to the ground before your ancestors’ ancestors were born.”

“How do your followers confirm this altruistic devotion, Enyo?” he asked with a sarcasm masking fascination.

Enyo turned to me. The way I looked up at her said it all. Having the Goddess tower over me in total command of the room was practically overkill.

“Your wife, Larry, is ready to understand.”

What happened after that was remarkable. I had sex with a Goddess. I will remember it vividly forever. I learned to derive pleasure from her, and let that become my pleasure. At the same time, I remember also deriving more and more pleasure every time I followed her commands. Her feet were perfect, yes, but I wanted to worship them, as ordered. Her asshole was perfect, yes, but I wanted to shove my tongue into it, as ordered. I wanted her to be pleasured above all else. I became … hers.

All I seem to know now is whatever Enyo tells me to. I no longer have a will of my own, yet I am now her General. The orders I am given are paramount. I am her extension, her translator, her Human wrangler. I feel her inside me, always, guiding my every action. The love that connects me to her is beyond any depth that may be dreamed by the Human mind. This is my life now. That said, Enyo does not care about having a journal. I just find it rapidly becoming necessary. This is the last page of this book! I do want to still explain what happened if anyone ever comes across this. I want others to know the pleasures that Enyo can give …

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