Review: Festival Tipi

Festival Tipi (mc ft) (new)  by Mr. Scade
Marco’s first festival was everything he had heard it could be. As the concerts grow louder, Marco and his friends hide away in the experience tipis, places of reflection. And transformation.

Mr. Scade was always fun and experimental. You never quite know the journey you will take you. I have never been to such a festival, so have no idea how accurate this really was. However, this was so clearly written that it did not matter. After all, this was not exactly a “real-life” festival, lol! Took a little while for the MC/TF heat to show up, but it was psychedelically fun! Spandex cocoon? Oh, I think so! It looks like this might be the end of this particular story, but not necessarily the theme. This was more than engrossing. As one long-time reviewer liked to saw, greatly enjoyed.

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