JIP: Black Birds

Disclaimer: This adult short story is a work of fiction. It is meant for those eighteen and older. There is sexual and taboo content, some of which may not even be possible. All characters are eighteen or older. Though there are inspirations from other fictional sources, any similarity to real people, live or no, is merely coincidental.

Synopsis: A legendary vigilante learns of cult related crime and behavior in her ally’s city. None of the behavior makes much sense … The Dreamer has awakened …


Black Birds

The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far. The sciences, each straining in its own direction, have hitherto harmed us little; but some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the deadly light into the peace and safety of a new dark age … 

The barely successful masked vigilante sat breathlessly in her secret Rookery atop a falsely disused tower on her family estate. Well, most just call it the Nest. She partly chose the title “Rook,” because her father was an ornithologist, who liked to call her “Little Bird.” Indeed, Little Bird was how she wanted to be known early on. Her seemingly mandatory trauma: parents died in a fire at the Corwin City Zoo when she was fifteen, an act of arson.

“Good God!” she muttered to herself. “Have I really been doing this for 25 years?”

In some ways, she was not really sure exactly when she began to known as Rook, a bird within the crow family. She figured is was her black, birdlike attire, and the fact that title such as The Crow, The Raven, and even Batwoman were taken up by pop culture at some point. Lately, she had been called “The Lone Rook” in the media due to her surviving partners either being retired, dead, or out in their own solo adventures.

Diane Reagan Summers was growing old for a vigilante, and she felt it. She had been fighting her foes more cerebrally of late, even if the last required an old fashioned brawl. Luckily, Exterminator hit fifty not too long ago!

Still, she was utterly worn out from her battle with the Exterminator. Slowly removing her black cowl with white beak before the tall mirror, she could see the genuine tiredness in her eyes, and subtle crow’s feet. She slowly removed the feather-like textured kevlar suit, heavy sweat still leaking out of her. She was still gorgeous, for all intents and purposes.

She was very tall, almost six feet. Her moist hair still jet black. The eyes a striking blue. Her naturally sandy skin shimmering with sweat and smooth. The orbs on her chest a handful of a C-cup, still perky from her musculature. That musculature was blatant head to toe, adding to her distinct curves. She still worked out in all her free time.

That was not to say that she had scars from her long career. She had a very discrete plastic surgeon that kept her face elfin — her personal doctor was also discrete no matter how often he complained about her “lifestyle,” but the rest of her had some stories to tell. The scar on her waist, an eighth of an inch from her kidney, from some purse snatcher that was the final inspiration her to put on that bird mask. A subtle inch-long scar on her right side from her first true adversary, who called himself The Claw for good reason. A puncture wound scar on her inner thigh from The Huntsman, who became so obsessed with her that he wanted her as a sex toy. And the fucked up thing, not only were they publicly dating as Dianne and Jason, but also fought together in battle against an alien super-intelligence ten years ago in an annoyingly on the nose superhero team-up. Yeah, she loved the rough sex with him, especially with their masks on, but she learned too late that he was some crazed mastermind behind most of the villains they fought together after that Synth Crisis. That fucked up relationship ended 12 years ago now, after he fell several stories. He was the first she ended without killing, albeit unintentionally.

Rook lightly touched Huntsman’s literal scar with an almost nostalgic smile. “You really had to go destroy yourself to get back at me? You sick fuck …”

It was fucked up, but she did miss the old foes she outlasted. Many of them knew her better than most. Sure, prior to the Huntsman, she was just that much less aggressive, cerebral. She had those recurring nemeses. But after him, because of him, she became far better at outsmarting her foes. Maybe it was luck, but she can’t say she ever directly killed any of them. What changed was that she beat them so completely that they never wanted to cross paths with her again.

Looking into her tired eyes, she thought about the Exterminator, what she just did to him. She manipulated him into a situation that exposed him, but slipped away. In their fisticuffs, he really did nearly beat her. A lucky shot sent him off the scaffolding, apparently breaking his spine. He’ll spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair alone and humiliated in a maximum security prison of some kind. Sometimes she wondered if what she did over the last decade to her foes was better than killing them outright …

* * * *

The Rook spent the next five months on “vacation,” as she put it whenever she was not out fighting the foes the police could not handle (the Commissioner and her retired predecessor had an openly secret alliance). She was spending her days as the shrewd CEO of company she built from nothing, Summers Global. A lot of what they funded now were humanitarian efforts, but their hefty income came from patents and scientific research contracts.

She liked it, for at least quick sprints. It was less morally debatable than literally crippling people. Her COO and administrative assistant figured out her secret years ago by accident, but became some of her closest allies since. Well, they were masters at covering for her!

Dianne was quietly looking over some of the higher profile contracts, when her young administrative assistant buzzed.

“Ms Summers, a Lorraine Jacobson is here to see you. Very insistent.”

Her heart skipped a beat. It was the Shadowhawk! Well, the second one. The first retired five years ago. Similar to her predecessor, Shadowhawk II liked to specialize in taking down cults and the otherwise highly charismatic villains. She moved to Providence, Rhode Island, three years ago with her surprisingly supportive wife. Dianne thought she would retire a year or two back, but was more active than ever.

The fairly young blonde walked into the room. No matter how athletic she was, no one would suspect the little, bespectacled, light brown eyed woman would be a crime fighter. Why are people so fooled by glasses? Dianne often asked herself with a laugh, she herself not wearing glasses as “Dianne.”

Always the hugger, she hugged the young vigilante, and offered her a seat. The casually sat on the gushy black leather couch.

“So, what’s up Lorri? You’ve always waited until I was in my other suit!”

She looked disquieted. “I think I might need your help, Rook.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Cult activity in New England, especially Providence, has skyrocketed. You’ve heard of the Cthulhu Mythos, H.P. Lovecraft.”

“Yeah. That’s not supposed to be real.”

She sighed. “It’s real enough thanks to them. My contacts told me that Cthulhu has awoken and is now leading the Great Old Ones back to our world. Something about Cthulhu ‘breaking their eternal chains of deathlike sleep,’ or some such. The strange thing is how they have all become sex cults.”

“Lovecraft never did more than inspire tentacle porn …”

“I know, right? It doesn’t make any sense. Worse, people are going missing, including my contacts.” She took a USB thumb drive out of her red purse.

“OK, let’s get to the nest, and go through this …”

In the tower, they were already wearing their “work suits.” The Rook always found Shadowhawk’s suit quite sexually alluring in the light. Yeah, she’s admitted to making love to her wife while wearing it. It was of the same skintight, kevlar material as Rook’s suit (from Dianne’s company). It was a deep, brown, with a kind of flowing camouflage. Shadowhawk had a cape, unlike her. That camouflage patterned, brown-black cape looked exactly like wings. Shadowhawk’s cowl was not unlike hers, except it was that deep brown-black with a much smaller beak.

The usual records sprawled across the screen: missing persons reports, arrests, criminal profiles.

“A lot of these missing people seem … random …” Rook observed.

“So random, you know it’s intentional.”

“I agree. How manny missing?”

“About 100 connected to this throughout New England, and up to 85 of those in Providence alone.”

“What are they doing to these people?”

Some appear to simply be joining full-time, particularly if they have something like a medical, physics, or mythology background. The rest, well, looks like Human experimentation.”

“To what end?” 

Rook’s past nemesis, The Professor, was known to mastermind Human experimentation for the sake of “evolution,” leading to some formidable underlings, but he was murdered in prison seven years ago by essentially a disgruntled former employee of his.

“Bringing back the High Priest Cthulhu back to our work, it would seem, Rook, and perhaps other Great Old Ones …”

“What have you seen of this?”

“Too much …” she sighed uncomfortably. “Falcon, kinda my first side-kick, she volunteered to infiltrate one of the cults. That’s how I was able to confirm and organize so much of this. It was deep cover …”

Video file R_Cranston_RI_Investigation.mp4 began to play on the center screen …

“Hey, testing. Earbud and contacts workin’, Shadowhawk?”

Yes, and try not to talk to me while under cover, or lat least not mention my name, Shadowhawk said via audio.

“Oh, sorry, Shadowhawk … err … Sorry.”

She left the car, and walked up to a brown door in a thickly settled area. 

[“This is the house of a retired Professor Erikson in Cranston, just outside Providence,” Shadowhawk clarified to the Rook.]

The graying professor welcomed and led “Sabrina Geoffreys” into his subtly musty library.

“So you were the student interested in learning about the Cthulhu Mythos. What university are you going to again?”

“Oh, Emerson, up in Boston.”

“How’s the traffic up there, these days?”

“Don’t ask! Usually take the T, and is sucks!”

“Very traditional of Boston!”

They quietly laughed.

“Now …” the professor began. “Cults of course long predate anything Lovecraft wrote. While the term cult, has shifted in meaning somewhat. Christianity was essentially a cult within the Roman Empire when it budded off of Judaism, long before it came to define that empire. The overall concept of a cult has shifted to the negative over the millennia, thanks to Christianity’s doctrines status and psychopathic masterminds like Charlie Manson.

He took a sip of hot tea from his mug. “Oh, terribly sorry. Would like like anything? Water?”

“No thanks, Prof,” she said sweetly.

“Well, then … The cults described by Lovecraft are as much like the historical definition as much as they aren’t. They are worshipping ancient entities, and often working to prepare or hasten the return of those entities. They often lack a Mansion. They were largely disconnected and numerous. There was the Brotherhood of the Beast, the Church of Starry Wisdom, the Esoteric Order of Dagon, amount others.”

“All worshipped Cthulhu? “Cthulhu Mythos” right?”

“It was more like how the ancient Greeks and Romans worshipped their many gods. One city could be worshipping Minerva, but that does not mean they had no respect for the other deities. The cults in Lovecraft were worshiping the Great Old Ones, and Cthulhu was one of those, a high priest it would seem.”

“Does that make Cthulhu like Zeus to Jupiter?”

“Maybe!” he answered with an almost unnerving smile. “What do we really know about the Great Old Ones beyond the dreams Lovecraft wrote down? Not much. Then, we must understand the messenger is not the message.”

“Is it true that there are real cults today that claim to worship the Great Old Ones?”

The look on his face was difficult to decipher, but he seemed to like the question. “From my research, there are indeed cults in our world that claim to be worshipping the Great Old Ones. Are you interested in Lovecraft’s affect on the real world?”

“Basically. My research is partly about comparing real and fictional cults.”

He looked her over in a highly inquisitive way. “These cults are not like they were depicted, not anymore. My understanding is they started but some college students like they were in the books, but became more akin to sex cults, perhaps ironically. More recently, they began to network more, while concentrating on Cthulhu itself more. It would be a fascinating coincidence that multiple cults sprung up around the same time, if it were not for social media” He wrote something down. “If you are really interested in a real Cthulhu Cult, here’s a contact.”

She took it with a thankful smile. I read: “Tammy Jackson, Dreams and Tangerines Lounge, 257 Allentown St.”

“They function like a normal bar and grill during the day, and switch to adult entertainment at night. Tammy is the general manager, and it isn’t a coincidence that she has a knowledge of the Cults here. Not so much anymore, but many of their past patrons are in the Cults now, whether they still go to that bar or not …”

The video cut away and resumed in the parking lot of the apparent strip club. There were a few cars in the lot, but was long before their happy hours.

She was ultimately greeted by a healthy woman with wavy blonde hair and fairly large breasts. The woman, Tammy, had that kind of look like she could have been a stripper, but presented herself in a very professional posture. Her blue dress was tight, but not slutty. What was most striking were her very dark, almost black eyes. Falcon took a seat across from the desk in the small office.

“So, Ms Geoffreys, you are interested in that Cthulhu Cult that sprang up not too long ago?” She asked, while casually sucking on a large pen.

“Uh, yeah, doing a research project on cult fictional and non for my class at Emerson College. The Cthulhu Cult might end up being the whole paper!”

“Maybe!” she said with an odd, inquisitive smirk. It was reminiscent of the professor’s earlier.

“If you want to see a meeting of theirs, you’re in luck! One group rented out the place for the night. In about … oh, three hours from now.”

“Oh …? Though they did not come here much anymore …”

She shook her head with a knowing smile. “The cult does what it does.”

“OK … Will it be an issue that I’m here?”

She shook her head with a shrug, putting the wet pen down. “The Freemasons still like an air of mystery even though they are just an old boys club. The Cthulhu Cult is far more welcoming to all …”

In her hotel room, Falcon talked with Shadowhawk in the mirror.

“So, what do you think, Hawk?” She blinked her blue eyes. “I feel like I’m seeing a red flag here.”

That may be, Shadowhawk answered. We still need to know what is going on; you are undercover.

“You always said that getting captured can be a great way to find out what was going on.”

The best part is, I got a plan to get you out if everything goes wrong. Just keep me posted about your location by whatever means available.

OK,” she huffed. “Here I go …”

The video resumed back at the strip club, which was full of presumably Cultists. They all looked, well, normal. They all looked like regular guys clearly more interested in live entertainment than the rabbit hole of the internet.

However, whenever Falcon engaged with any of them, they seemed off. It was as if they were all hypnotized. Falcon picked the pocket of one: Larry Chambers, Boston, Massachusetts. She picked another: Brad Jameson, Bangor, Maine. Beyond the far and wide grouping, what made it all stranger was how none of them seemed interested in her. She was almost weirded out that no one was hitting on her.

The dark haired, sandy skinned bartender made a lot of conversation. It was as if that bartender was teasing: not revealing anything, but very talkative.

Tammy walked out, now looking like some stripper queen. Her hair looked thicker, her blue attire was just a bra and panties, and her heels were quite high.

“Hey guys!”

They cheered almost as naturally as programed.

“Ready for the show?”


“Ready for some action with my girls?”


“There’s gonna be some interacting, and a whole lotta sex!”

Loud cheers.

None of this made any sense somehow. At the same time, Falcon’s breathing seemed to be hastening, unblinking sights apparently glued to the stage.

Tammy brought out three of her strippers, literally blonde, brunette bartender, redhead, slim, latina. All had the same super-dark eyes as Tammy.

“And introducing … our new girl, Sabrina!”

Without a word, Falcon walked up the stage, amongst cheers.

“Break her in real good, guys!”

They teased each other and the crowd. That included Falcon, who was either just going with it or somehow entranced like the crowd. Within moments, Falcon was stripped to her underwear.

“Let’s have some fun! WOOO!”

Just in Falcon’s view, the bartender and the slim blonde were crawling on the bar in front of a couple Cultists, who might not have been Cultists. The teased them by making out, before presenting their rears to the men that automatically started consuming. The two did not stop making out, at least not right away.

Falcon was soon on her side, teasing a patron of her own. Just in her field of view, one of the strippers was squatting down, and hungrily sucking off one of the men. The strippers at the bar were sucking and jerking off their men, perhaps more hungrily.

Not to outdone apparently, Falcon when to the floor on her knees, and was blatantly sucking off her man. The system had already switched to apparently the camera from the purse, Falcon’s eyes not fully open in her hungry sucking.

It seemed as if all the strippers in the room were now either sucking dicks or being fucked by them. Indeed, they were mostly being fucking in the ass, screaming for harder thrusts.

Falcon herself now looked like some BJ savant. With the man’s hands partially guiding, holding up her hair, the passionately moved her mouth up and down the solid shaft, sometime playing with and slurping the tip. She looked just as into it as the rest, if not more. There seemed to be no doubt that Falcon was enjoying the stagers dick.

Up on the stage, two of the strippers were in a passionate 69, making the other men mindlessly jerk off to the site.

Falcon herself was now sitting on the man’s dick, taking it up her ass in an act of pure lust. She moved herself up and down the shaft like she had done it a thousand times, moaning cooing.

She soon moved herself onto a table, and lay on her back. The man held her legs up wide, before trusting back into her stretched anal cavity. She occasionally rubbed her we pussy, but generally just lay back and absurd the passion. At the same time, another man was watching groping on the other end, while she groped her own aroused breasts. There was a smile on her face, that kind of smile that only revealed pure ecstasy. In fact, that was the overall look of all the women in the room, regardless of position, dick location. The whole room was in a state of pure lustful bliss.

Across the room, the bartender was on her knees sucking the juices out of the man’s dick. She consumed it like a hungry animal, forcing out every drop for her to consume. The orgy was far from done, the grunts, the moans, the desire merely increasing.

The man soon removed himself from Falcon’s ass, and gave his cock back to her mouth. Cum squirted out of it, while Falcon costumed like the hunger bartender. Orgasming dick in mouth, she actually looked over to the camera with a look of pure hunger. She played with the slime and a member with her mouth, clearly enjoying herself.

With a look of true joy, the blonde at the bar received her cum with a look of pure joy lapping up every drop of cum.

The other man with Falcon walked up onto the table, solid dick at the ready. Falcon almost instantly began consume the member, perhaps more passionately than before. Tammy was there watching, looking pleased.

“Fuck yeah, take it all, baby. You’re doing great!” Tammy purred.

Falcon moved up and down the shaft, hand sometimes joining, while clearly savoring the long member.  She soon moved to her back, and the man began to passionately thrust into her wet pussy. Her moans were loud and true.

“So, how’s everything, Sabrina?” Tammy asked teasingly. “Anything you want, just ask!”

“Oh, so good!” Falcon cooed.

After a while, Falcon had the man sit on the chair before them, and aggressively jerked him off by hand, bare foot resting in his thigh. Sex was growing more wild and lustful all around, almost muffling the music. Falcon then began to stroke the long dick between her soft soles, moving up and down the shaft like second nature. Pre-cum slicking up her motions, making her soles subtly shimmer. She held it tightly between her feet. Not too long after, she went back to all fours, and went back to the dick with her hand, spit and pre-cum clearly effective lube.

The man soon stood before Falcon, whose mouth was not far above the twitching member. The man then grasped her, and began to fuck her face. Her muffled moans, coos, gurgles were surprisingly audible. It soon became clear that she was in the most pleasure when the dick was moving in and out of her mouth and throat, eyes barely open. Nimbly, she was soon on three limbs working personally working the shaft with her mouth and hand like it was her favorite thing in the world.

Up and down the undercover vigilante went. It soon became apparent that she was now working to create yet more cum for herself. In fact, every woman in that room was sucking a dick with our abandon. One dick exploded, and then another, and another. Tammy in particular had all the unpaired men spew cum all over her face, body. The hunger for cum seemed to now be orgasmic in and of it self, the very taste of cum making the women orgasm. Falcon herself was now laying on her back, mouth open wide and young out, letting the man provide what she clearly wanted desperately right then. The thick slime quickly squirted out in a large grunt. Much of it fount its way inter mouth for apparent savoring, while the rest plopped all over her face. Her orgasm was loud and true. Almost hauntingly, she looked over to the camera, while she swirled her tongue around her cum-laden face. She almost did not look Human, lust permeating her eyes, demeanor. She looked to the camera the whole time she slurped the cum off her face with her tongue and fingers …

Not long after, Falcon was standing on the stage with Tammy and the other strippers. The men in the room were lying there, semi-conscious.

“Guess you guys are spent!” Tammy exclaimed. She looked over to Falcon, who was breathing heavily. “Wasn’t that a nice party, Sabrina!”

“Wha … what happened …?”

Tammy chuckled. “You wanted to see a meeting of the cult. Well, what better way to do so than have you unexpectedly pulled in! Not all men, but a lot are just taken for their dicks and cum. Most of these guys were taken and processed some time ago for these feedings. I’m in charge of the local Cthulhu chapter, you might say.” She pronounced the name closer to Lovecraft’s suggested pronunciation as “Khatulhoo.” The “K” was very guttural, the “T” was almost nonexistent, the “U” was like “full,” and the end was like “who.”

“I’ve … I’ve never done anything like that before …”

“Nothing like hot slime from a long member, am I right, girls!”

The cheered and laughed.

“It was more than that …” Falcon said quietly.

“Yup!” Tammy confirmed. “As Priestess, I juiced up the room, for lack of better words. These underlings have can consume orgasmically without my help, but you were here.

“Holy shit, consume!?”

“Now you’re gettin’ it, girl. Through their cum, you consumed a part of them. The High Priest of the Great Old Ones grants us that power. If you stick around, you’ll develop a hell of an oral fixation!”

“I, err

Tammy pleasantly placed her hand on Falcon’s cheek. “Take the night. Let the experience settle. Come back any time …”

“What the fuck did I just do!?” Falcon said as much to herself as Shadowhawk in the hotel mirror.

Are you OK?

“I’m not sure … I feel … amazing! I never felt sex that good before. It almost can’t even be described as sex, Hawk. I’m not hungry, barely drinking anything.” The ice blue eyes the stared back in the mirror were as they always were.

Do you want to continue, Falcon? I can pull you out right now.

“I have to continue this, Shadowhawk. Even if this is a trap, we’ve learned so much already …”

The video continued the next day in Tammy’s office. She placed the bluish-gray, rubber tentacle she was casually sucking on onto the desk.

“Well, surprised it took you this long to come back. Looked like you really took the festivities last night.”

“It, it just felt so fucking good! Don’t understand it. Not sure I want to. I just … want to see where this goes.”

“Excellent! You have the right idea, Sabrina. The Human mind cannot fathom the endless eternities of understanding the Great Old One possess. It is, however, humanly possible to go down this rabbit hole further …” She offered the rubber tentacle. “Here, suck it. I know you want to after what you were exposed to last night.

She did so, almost excitedly.

Tammy stood. “Come on. Normally, I don’t toss initiates into the deep end so soon, but we are at the edge of something glorious. Any day now, Earth time.”

They moved through a gray doorway on the left side of the office apparently not visible before, and down stone steps. The hallway below was carved into the dense bedrock itself. The non-euclidean twists and turns was disorienting in the golden light, in spite of it not being maze.

“There is ritual even here. To move between dreams and worlds, straight lines are but dreams themselves, as motions of all must be precise yet dynamic. Our Great Lord gave us the knowledge to create these halls in just the right way. It called to us in our dreams. For whatever reason, it was our erotic ones that create the most vivid connection. Great Cthulhu adapted accordingly, and our preparations have been erotic ever since. It has changed us, as it is already changing you. We do not know the full extent of the plans, but it does not matter, will not matter.”

They eventually reached an only curved room with no real corners. The slowly rose up like a ramp until, more or less, flattening two-thirds of the way in. The wall on that end was the flattest surface in the room.

“There are twenty-one of these subterranean rooms across the world at locations given to us by our Master. Each room will focus sexual energies into the far end to open the path. Here will be the likeliest place for the final crossing, but all the rooms are capable. Everything is in motion. The calculations that have been done were by the greatest minds we could erotically enhance, and their supercomputers.”

“Cthulhu’s coming here?” she asked in utter dread.

“Of course. You may ask why we hasten the end of humanity as we know it, but you already sense the answer. Cthulhu ends worlds, but does not annihilate them. The Old One is far more … dynamic. Eons of sleep will do that to you. Oh, and perhaps the most interesting tidbit that might not really matter is  … That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even death may die. What once chained the Great Old Ones in seemingly endless slumber has been broken by the Great Cthulhu, who was thus granted dominion over his kin as reward …”

A line of naked men suddenly walked into the room, and stood in a row at attention from end to end. 

“Last night was merely an handshake, an appetizer. You merely tasted the power from the vast aeons. Now you will bathe in it, should you still desire to join us. You made need some further nudging after this, but we just have barely enough time before we open the Gateway. You see, you are among the last to be indoctrinated. Once the Great Old One arrives, we shall be repurposed in ways we have yet to fathom.”

Falcon, I can pull you out right now! We have more than enough to start dismantling this cult.

“Oh, you might wanna take that tentacle out of you mouth for this. You can put it wherever!”

Falcon slowly removed the rubber monstrosity. It was dripping with her spit. Eyes fixed on the dicks before her, she stated with amazement, “I have to do this …”

“That’s the spirit!” Tammy exclaimed, outside Falcon’s view.

Falcon sudden and distinct increase in respiration suggested Tammy started “juicing up” the room. She then moved the rubber tentacle to her rear, and grunted.

“Who doesn’t love anal?” Tammy teased.

Falcon went down to her knees before a long, solid member, and clearly began to suck it. At first it was almost tentative, like she was resisting, but eventually the motions became hungrier, more excited. From what little was visible, she clearly used her hands and mouth to consume, while moaning hungrily. The first dick soon came in a couple of thick slimy streams down her throat. She savored the dick and slime in a deep, guttural orgasm. 

She quickly moved on to the next dick Her motions were faster, with almost a desperate hunger. The man soon came hard, almost sloppily. The gray slime visibly on the orgasmic Falcon’s hands, before she slurped up all the goo anywhere it landed.

The next dick was soon in her mouth. Her motions were so hungry and excited that it was clear she wanted the member inside her as much as the cum, which was suggested to hold the energy of the originator. She was soon just sicking the tip of this one, while wildly stroking the shaft. When the slime exploded out, the orgasming Falcon moved in the most euphoric of ways. Cum was likely all over her face before she took a moment to slide most of it into her mouth.

In a quick shuffle, she was already working the next. Her hands were almost methodically working the shaft and balls, while the mouth audibly slurped the tip. It did not take long for the initial slime blast to travel into her desperate mouth. In an almost reverent orgasm, Falcon somehow forced more cum out of the dick, that slime all over her hands an mouth.

This time, she did not even take a moment to slurp it all up, and just moved onward for more. She was somehow a master now of making cum. So much spewed after such a short amount of attention. Her own orgasm was even harder, louder this time. That said, she still found the time to enjoy the member itself with her hands, mouth, and tongue, somehow creating just that much more cum.

Clearly no longer taking the time to eat up the cum blatantly on her, she moved on to the next. She savored, she stroked the dick hungrily without abandon. This one seemed to spew the vast majority down her throat. Her orgasm was loud and joyous. This time, from what could be inferred from her moans and motions through her near closed eyes, she took a quick moment to reverently lick slime off her hands.

For whatever reason, the next took some more work. That seemed to excite Falcon, whose motions only became more joyous. The man’s orgasm sounded massive, making Falcon swallow audibly. In her orgasmic state, it looked as if she rubbed the exacted cum all over her face.

She moved on quickly for more, but not before the man she just consumed nearly fell over. Falcon wasted no time to make the next man release a massive load cum, but was a little different this time. Instead of actively trying to swallowing most of it, she let most of it spew everywhere, including her mouth. In her orgasm, she seemed to take in the dick, its feel, its taste, its look, and well as savoring the flavors of the cum, especially on the member itself.

On the next it all seemed like second nature, manipulating the cum creation however she wanted. Maybe only half made it down her swallowing throat, with the rest all over her orgasmic self. She especially seemed to enjoy slurping this particular tip like some slick lollypop.

She rubbed some slime into her face, and moved on. She simply made this one explode a slight distance from her face, most of it landing in her wide open mouth. While orgasming, she stroked the shaft, and sucked off the tip. More cum audibly squirt out. Instead of swallowing, she played with it all over her face, in all her ecstasy.

One after the other, Falcon orgasmically consumed. At first, it was almost as if sucking them off was her one purpose, but the reality was the opposite. It was the men’s purpose to feed her, make her orgasm.

The couple she enjoyed literally collapsed onto the floor after they let loosed their load …

Falcon walked over to the very pleased Tammy. They slowly made out. Though there was little in the way of visuals, there was a sense of an inquisitive nature about it. 

They pulled back.

Tammy asked, “How do you feel?”

“There are no words …” she breathed reverently. “It’s like I’m more alive than I’ve ever been, but I don’t feel like I have ever felt. I feel … powerful. It’s as if every time I consumed, I could see the vastness of eternity. I want more, but it’s not addiction.”

Good,” Tammy said proudly. “That sense of eternity is the touch of our Lord Cthulhu. The Great High Priest granted you the knowledge of how to consume them. I think all we need is one more to seal this deal. The knowledge of Cthulhu is not yet in your conscious mind. The first one you consumed is not shaky at all. Have him. Have all of him.”

Falcon turned to the mindless man without hesitation or word. The other’s filed out. Well, the last couple were carried out. He was a bit limp, but Falcon began to work him effectively. While he came back to life from her hands and mouth, she almost casually sat down to more comfortably work him. She was slow and hungrily passionate. Eventually, she shoved the almost fully erect thing halfway into her mouth, and joyously moved back and forth ever so teasingly. Working the shaft with her hand, her mentions slowly increased, as did her yummy sounds. It was almost subtle how different she was with him this time. Well, her rarely even half-opened eyes left a bit to the imagination. The man soon came, over and over, Falcon consuming some and letting some just splatter on her, while she orgasmed harder than before. When it stopped spewing, there was inexplicable pause. She the sucked and stroked it more without abandon, making it blast out more. They were in this almost painfully orgasmic cycle for nearly five minutes, before the man collapsed onto the floor.

“I thin he’s spent! Come on over here.” Tammy ordered.

Falcon did so, not look back to the man.

“That was all you, that time. I stopped juicing up the room after your first round of true feeding. How do you feel now?”

“Now … There is no description in our language to adequately describe this,” Falcon said slowly yet reverently. “I could not directly sense our lot at first, but I just … knew what to do. Everything clicked on that first load. I felt eternity become a part of me in a kind of orgasm so deep it might as well not have been anything a Human could experience. I came to know our Lord. I could see and feel the Great Old One, wanting every tentacle, every appendage inside me. I bowed to our Lord, accepted our Lord’s essence inside me … Then I was back, and took the meal before me.”

“Congratulations, you are one of us now …”

The video switched to the hotel room mirror.

Falcon’s eyes were now that near black of all the Cultists.

I think, I think we’ve gone to far! Shadowhawk said with clear discomfort. Did you kill that guy!?

“No, but he won’t be food stock anymore, Hawk … I know I’ve gone too far.” She huffed. “I’m still with you, Shadowhawk. What better way to infiltrate than to literally become one of them? They can only trust me now.”

Did you really accept the essence of a Great Old One into you?

“Yes, I did … My vision and power is beyond that of any Human now. I’m aroused by the very thought of the Great Old One. I can almost tase the Great Dreamer’s thick black cum. I genuinely want to feel every one of my holes penetrated by the High Priest’s tentacles. There is no resistance to the aeons of pleasure I can already sense …” Barely gaining composure, she reassured, “But you know me, Hawk: anything to my advantage. I may genuinely want Great Cthulhu to take me as its sex toy, but the Great Old One is not physically here. All superheroes need a good origin story, right?”

Transforming into a Demon does not necessarily turn one villainous, yes, nor does having Demon parentage. We don’t know about your transformation. We have to pull you out. See if this can be reversed.

Falcon shook her head. “I’m in the perfect position to control the situation, Shadowhawk. I am not addicted to dick and cum. Well, it’s pretty much my sustenance and sexuality now, but my mind is not clouded by it. Great Cthulhu is not physically here.”  She pronounced the name exactly like Tammy. “I am in the perfect position to sabotage the cult’s entire operation. If I pull out now …  yes, I know you and I will loose. The cult can open the gateway without me. It’s like how I know there is only thirty-three hours until the ritual, which I also know. We will all assemble in the chamber to fuck ourselves with our tentacles, and that orgasmic energy will fuel the creation of the gateway. I can become an opposing force; literally fowl up the equation.”

Are you absolutely sure about this, Falcon?

Yes …”

The video eventually switched back the strip club. They had a another feeding where Falcon actively fed on several men. She explained that this was necessary, because that was what sustained her now. They’ll figure out hot to deal with it in the long run. Shadowhawk repeatedly made it clear how worried she was about how effortlessly and happily she sucked just about everything out a of man.

Eventually, the video was back in the underground chamber.

All sixteen Cultists, including Tammy, were there naked with their tentacles shoved up their pussies or asses. Falcon had her up her ass.

Tammy began, “This is the day. The awoken Great Cthulhu is ready to cross the endless aeons between the worlds!”

To the surprise of everyone but Tammy, men piled into the chamber. A bunch of them held hearty ropes. What looked like a very solid wall formed behind, apparently sealing them in.

[“The video actually cut out at this point, with only fuzzy audio originally,” Shadowhawk explained, “but I was able to recover the video and clear audio after.”]

“First and foremost,” Tammy continued. “I am more than pleased we have every walk of life present within our chapter. Not necessary, by heartening in its way. We have college students. We have immigrants from Japan. We have scientists. We even have a vigilante spy transmitting the whole thing!”

“What!?” Falcon muttered under her breath. Two of the men tightly grasped her, while at least one man casually held an arm of one of the other women.

“You are as welcome as ever, Falcon!” Tammy exclaimed. “Do not be alarmed, no little bird joins until they receive the deepest of background checks. You see, freewill is a factor until our Lord arrives. Falcon is not the first to infiltrate our ranks, but probably the last. If she arrived even days before, she would not be standing here as one of us. She would have found a way to sabotage this moment. It was my risk, but I was certain she would not have enough time to effectively to do so when she arrived. You haven’t sabotaged us, have you, Falcon?”

“Umm …” Falcon muttered, eyes on her.

I’m coming for you, Falcon!

“Well, I know you haven’t done anything to this room, so whatever you had planned appears of no consequence at this point!” Tammy said happily. “Now, to be sure, the original plan of fucking ourselves into oblivion would have worked fine, but I decided, thanks to Falcon, to do it a bit differently. I have heard the site in Kyoto is applying a similar alternate method …”

The men pushed down the somewhat surprised women onto their knees, including reverent Tammy and terrified Raven.

“We will all be bound and on our knees while they spew their essence onto us. In turn, we will absorb and reflect as we do. All the gateway needs are our inhuman orgasms. Once the gateway is open and our Master emerges, the only thing that will matter is the Will of Cthulhu …”

Sitting on her folded legs, Raven’s wrists and ankles were tied tightly together. She was breathing heavily, especially when the several men surrounding were starting to jerk off. The same thing was happening to the other women in the room, barely seen.

They soon started squatting thick blobs of cum on her face. It clearly felt good, Raven starting to moan in pleasure. It seemed a man grasped her head, while the others surrounding jerked off into her apparently wide open mouth. Her vision was quickly obscured somewhat by a thickening mask of cum. She began to orgasm herself, while swallowing whatever slime made it inter her mouth.

Some static became visible.

MORE!” she orgasmically blurted through a mask of cum.

Falcon had almost naturally slipped out of her bonds without much struggle, but was clearly too enthralled to stop herself from feeding. She was soon stoking two dicks at the same time, playing with one with her mouth and tongue. Cum spewed down her throat making her orgasm and swallow loudly. She quickly moved on to the other in hand, forcing out the man’s cum and life into her. With great hunger and desire she orgasmically fed on the men that had bound her. She was consuming more cum and life that she had before. She did not stop until all her me was collapsed onto the floor, barely breathing.

Static levels subtly increased, like a burgeoning snowstorm.

Like all the rest, Falcon began to explode in a massive super-orgasm. All the life they just consumed was almost literally making them explode.

The golden lighting in the started to change. Before them, the wall began to glow brighter and brighter, until it was a shimmering, flowing mass of whitest blue.

Falcon slowly stood, and walked over to Tammy. The wildly flowing air in the room made all the women’s hair move like wild tentacles. She unbound her.

“I guess there never was any turning back,” Falcon stated reverently. She helped the almost jubilant Tammy to her feet.

“I’m glad you understand. Rejoice, soon we shall all be reforged, body and soul.”

They hungrily made out, orgasmically lapping the cum still dripping down their faces. After a few moments, they removed their fake tentacles, and turned to the bright flowing chaos.

Dark, octopus-like appendages slowly came into view. The large, scaly, black members of all sizes almost tentatively peaked through the threshold, before they extended out in quick, deliberate motions.

Almost at the same time, all of Tammy and Falcon’s holes were stuffed in an instant. The entire room was stone filled with a haunting level of muffled moans and coos and grunts. Even through the growing static, it was clear other tentacles caressed their receptive bodies in ways as tender as inhumanly aggressive.

Falcon did not even seem be on the floor anymore, as many others in the room visibly weren’t. She stroked and sucked the maddeningly scaly appendages one after the other with far more want and hunger than the ones on the men she consumed. Like  with the women, the other appendages wrapped around her helped to thrust the penetrating tentacles further inside. The darkly orgasmic noise of the room increased, more dramatically when thick black goo began to violently escape from all their holes.

At the same time, Falcon’s hands seemed to change. Her nails grew into long black claws, as her hands seemed to grow longer and subtly sinewy. The fingers connected with textured webbing up to the first knuckles. Her now shimmering skin of her hands slowly formed tightly interconnected scales of black latex. 

Others visible in the room transformed, suggesting the other changes to Falcon’s body. All the ropes were torn away. Ears became larger and more pointed. Their elongating feet also developed longer toes and distinct black claws. Their skin, shifted, to the latex-like, black scales that resembled the tentacles within them. That reforged skin looked wet in the shifting light of the chaos bridge. The whites of their eyes turned an infinite black, with that near black color of their irises prior ironically the only lighter part. Bodies becoming more muscular, as their breasts grew to varying extents, with black goo leaking from their super dark, enlarged nipples. The hair on their heads all darkened, and twisted into shimmering black yet soft tentacles. And finally, long tail-like appendages just like the ones penetrating them grew out of the base of their spines.

The video was now obscured through a blizzard of static.

They were all placed back onto the floor, definitely standing on the balls of their long feet. All turning to the chaotic light, a silhouette of a massive winged anthropoid with a head of flowing tentacles became visible.

The video cut out …

“What the fuck!?” Rook said after standing a shock for a time.

“Mindless and not so mindless men fought me back for nearly a half an hour. By the time I got to the chamber, they were all gone. I did a search of the now completely empty complex. All I could find in the chamber was the sickly sweet, black goo, which was strangely arousing. It took a lot of effort not to taste it; took samples of it, though. I’m having samples tested as we speak. Found the special contacts and earbud just sitting on Tammy’s desk. I think Falcon wanted me to see all that.”

“Can there be anything left of her, any of them?”

“I can say they all still exist, but saying there is any humanity left after all that seems like false optimism.”

“And Cthulhu …?”

“The feed seemed to cut out because of a visually indecipherable power discharge, based on the underlying A/V data. The backup data compression software within the earbud could not handle it. There’s about twenty minutes of static after that. Even before then my own computer had to ungarble a lot of that the immediately preceding part. So, that suggests the Great Old One made it though. The dread is that it is unclear why there seems no trace of that entity yet …”

“We need to reassemble the Righteous Protectors,” Rook stated breathlessly.

“I guess that’s why I came to you first. They predated me; you got that phone book …”

While Shadowhawk was talking with her biochemist contact about the sample, Rook was making calls. The results were not great to her lack of surprise. Much time had passed since they practically defeated a god, and many were already veteran superheroes then. The first Shadowhawk was in a nursing home fighting bronchitis. Rook’s former lover-nemesis being a vegetable in the city’s mental health institute her company partially funded!

At least two long retired masks, Golden Ram and The Mysterious Sphinx, said they would help in a strategic capacity, physically unable to do much else. The Bostonian almost surprisingly was still going strong at nearly 70, and wholeheartedly said he would be there. The man always seemed to have a chip on his shoulder and something to prove; not that he ever bothered to fully explain.

There were three from the original team she was relieved to have returning. The three were not really Human, and probably closer to the true meaning of “superhero” or “antihero.” Enyo was literally a Goddess of War a couple thousand years ago. She was historically notorious for her rather extreme tactical methods, and at times just watching the bloodiest of battles. The next was the ancient Aztec God Tezcatlipoca, who also went by The Smoking Mirror or Tezca. Enyo liked to tease him to see his reaction when she called him “The Aztec Army Knife” and “Swiss-Aztec Knife,” thanks to his vast variety of tactics and understanding. She always seemed both annoyed and impressed by how he would just shrug off the technically accurate description. And finally, there was Arisia, who was also known as Love Burn. She was a Demon Progeny of Asmodeus, and often ironically represented the “Demon League” unofficially now. Initially, she helped to form the Protectors to fight the Demon League, before it was learned an extraterrestrial intelligence was pulling the strings. Tezca and Arisia had become close allies over the past decade, and the strangest of on and off lovers.

It would be up to three days before they could resemble in some way or form. Rook and Shadowhawk II both silently admitted the dread between them. If Cthulhu was indeed on Earth, it was only a matter of time before the Old One Tentacles crushed the world …

There were vast darknesses surrounding her. She knew it was a dream, but that knowledge was meaningless in and of itself. Something massive resided in the shadows of the infinite nothingness. Its winged, anthropoid form seemed to parody life itself, but all she felt was incomprehensible arousal.

The tentacle-headed beast moved toward her, all her orifices opening on apparent instinct to a degree that should not have been possible. She could not sense where the Great Old One was on Earth, but did not really care. The scent of the approaching Ancient God permeated her senses. Could she describe such a thing? Did it make any sense? It was like a fetid, sickly sweet ichor that made her yet more aroused. 

Tentacles grasped her wrists and ankles, while yet another wrapped around her waist and teased between her aroused breasts. She moaned and gasped loudly, feeling a massive tentacle slide from her pussy to stomach.

“TAKE ME, GREAT ONE!” she screamed desperately.

The massive tentacle plowed into her with enough force to tear her apart if it wasn’t a dream. It was like a flash of orgasmic, burning pleasure

Another massive tentacle teased the lips of her desperate, wide open mouth. She extended her tongue toward it. The musky taste of eternity sending shockwave of world destroying pleasure down her body, as the tentacle in her pussy created an orgasm on every thrust. The upper tentacle then forced it way down her throat, stretching her mouth and throat open beyond what would have been a breaking point in the waking world. Instead, her already insane level of pleasure more than doubled, so much of the epic entity inside her. And then, yet another tentacle shoved itself all the way into her asshole. The was beyond any Human concept of pleasure now. Her continuous orgasms burned more than the stars themselves.

Tentacles now grasped her nipples, as her Master began to thrust into her holes wildly, benign apparent pre-cum into her that tasted like the power of eternity.  That did not last long, for the Black Cum of the Ancient One began to flow into her …

Shadowhawk was running late for a planned meeting that morning. Indeed, she never showed for breakfast. The concerned Rook walked to her guest’s room in the mansion.

Before she knocked on the closed door, she could hear muffled moans of pleasure and sucking noises. Almost without warning, what must have been the sound of Shadowhawk in orgasm.

Rook knocked on the door.

A few moments later, Shadowhawk responded almost casually, “Out in a minute!”

Shadowhawk walked out a few minutes later. A man lay in the bed looking exhausted. He was definitely not her wife.

Err … should I have someone get him some breakfast or something, Hawk?”

She glanced back to him with a smile, and said almost awkwardly, “Oh, yeah, definitely, Rook! Didn’t expect my assistant to show up late last night, and didn’t wanna wake you.”

At first, she wanted to asked about her wife, but decided against it. “Well, don’t break anything, superhero!” Rook teased instead. 

“I’ll do my best!”

Well, I’ve never seen anything like it! The bespectacled man stated the to consumed women in the Nest. It seems to have properties that are not unlike squid ink and male ejaculate, sans-semen, while being unlike either. It contains compounds that I’ve never seen before. Some of them resemble dopamine and endorphins. Others resemble nothing comparable I know.

“It’s created specifically for us, I’d guess, Dr. Lucci.” Shadowhawk stated.

He nodded. That is a legitimate theory, Hawk. It has zero effect on men, but my lab assistant, Shirley, stated how she could not explain how drawn to it she was. Not uncontrollable, but notable. On a hunch, Shirley requested that she be hooked up to a couple machines to measure her responses to being in the substance’s presence. Things like behavior control diminished, exacerbated by the euphoric sense of increased dopamine and endorphins. That all suggested increased or direct exposure could create a kind of trance-like state.

“So, it’s like some kind of mind control drug?” Rook asked.

He shrugged. A good a guess as any. Another thing we observed is that Shirley’s reaction to the substance faded quickly once it was sealed away.

“That’s good news,” Shadowhawk stated. “Do you think that could be the case for direct physical exposure?”

Perhaps, he answered.

If its like any drug on Earth, The dark haired and green eyed Shirley finally chimed in, That is not an unreasonable theory. The Human body is highly adaptable and fixes itself well enough under best circumstances. Though, I would be weary about exposure to more than this small sample we have. I genuinely want to taste it.

We’ll keep throwing tests at the stuff, the scientist stated.

“We will touch base again in tomorrow at nine in the morning,” Rook stated.

They ended the call.

“So what do yah think, Shadowhawk? Are we fucked?”

She deeply sighed, rubbing her eyes under the mask. “I don’t know. Most cults I’ve dealt with almost did not even have a real God to contend with. We might find hope in the fact that Great Cthulhu is still flying under the radar.”

A chill went down Rook’s spine. “What if the god’s shoring up is forces? Converting the remainder of the followers, and perhaps adding more?”

Shadowhawk shook her head. “I’m gonna just keep thinking there is still time …”

The rest of the day was uneventful, save for the dread silently both felt. They at least learned that most if not all of the Protectors that could come would be arriving by tomorrow afternoon …

In the vast darknesses, Great Cthulhu was reforging her soul, as she was ready for the High Priest to reforge her body like the rest of the Old One’s Zealots. Not yet, apparently. That was fine, whatever the Great One wished was her will. Tentacles incessantly continued to fuck her very being, her dream-body capable and willing.

Then, something began to change. The Great One moved her through the shadowland of dream. Familiar elements slowly came into focus before her: walls, bed, fireplace, a man. The familiar man was now food, nothing more. She landed softy upon him, placid dick before my face. The penetrating tentacles were there and not at the same time, keeping her in a state of bliss rather than orgasm.

She quickly awoke the sleeping member. The man made no protest, not that it mattered. It was aggressive, hungry. She was actively focusing as much life as she could from him for a feed she yearned by resisted. He soon exploded, cum and all, into her face. She swallowed much of it in her ultimate orgasm. In a moment of clarity, she realized something horrifying about this lucid dream …

Rook met Shadowhawk in the Nest.

“Hey, want some breakfast before the call. I can have something sent up.”

She shrugged. “I’m fine for now. Dread is not good on the appetite.”

“I know what you mean, Shadowhawk!”

They initiated the call.

Hey, this stuff doesn’t respond to much, so haven’t learned much more since yesterday, the scientist stated.

Yeah, Shirley began, about all we really know is that it is the Human female that reacts to it.

Hrm …” Shadowhawk sounded. “You theorized that a small amount of physical contact might not lead to anything permanent yesterday.”

Yeah, we did, Shirley confirmed. I still think that is the case. That video showed exposure to gallons of the stuff, and I know when its sealed away, my euphoric state fades quickly.

“What are you suggesting, Hawk?” Rook asked.

She took a few moments. “We need to learn everything and everything we can with what we have no matter the risk. We are dealing with something aeons old, planning for almost as long in its slumber. Everything we don’t know is the Great One’s advantage … Shirley, would you be willing to physically expose yourself to the sample? Hook yourself up to the machines?”

There was a long pause. I think so. If we really are dealing with something as insane as you say, then let’s do it.

“Is this really a good idea, doc?” Rook asked, not wholly rejecting the idea.

He sighed. No, but I trust Shadowhawk. We need to know everything, and Shirley is willing …

Yeah, let’s do this, she said. We will call back when ready. Maybe half and hour.

“All right.” Rook nodded …

OK, we’re ready, Shirley stated somewhat nervously on the exam table, hooked to the machines, wires coming off her head like artificial tentacles. Prior blood samples before and after intangible exposure yielded no change. I already had one sample taken twenty minutes ago, and will be taking a sample after exposure. Bob is bringing the substance now. We wanted every instance of my reaction recorded.

Her view instantly turned when the doctor walked into the room. He held the canister filled with the black goo with gloved hands. Shirley’s respiration when up notably, confirming the arousal the substance gave her, even contained.

She took the canister, unscrewed it, and inhaled deeply. Her sigh was deep and nearly orgasmic. The readouts merely confirmed the visible, growing excitement she exhibited. She then tilted the canister downward, and stuck two fingers in. 

The moment it touched her skin was obvious. Her eyes went wide, and rolled into the back of her head. She moaned and cooed like she was being fucked. The machines all recorded her highly elevated reactions obediently.

Through her orgasmic state, her hand moved out of the canister like another was moving it, and she put the black goo covered fingers into her mouth, sucking them off excitedly. She lay back on the table, writhing in ecstasy beyond ecstasy.

To the other’s shock, Shirley then poured the contents all over her face. She rubbed it into her face, swallowed some more. Above all, her orgasms were maddeningly deafening. 

There was then an odd moment where she seemed to freeze, eyes rolled into the back of her head. And to everyone’s further shock, she rolled down her eyes to reveal their color was now the super dark brown of the Cultists.

It soon became apparent that her body was absorbing the substance as quickly as she was shoving it down her throat. As the more and more goo was absorbed, the more her cosmically orgasmic state subsided.

Not long after there was nothing left to consume, she sat up, and removed the sensors from her body.

Holy shit … she huffed.

Are … you OK, Shirley?

Well, she started wide eyed. She put on an odd smirk, looking at her morphed reflection on the canister. I feel … absolutely amazing. Its like all the pleasure of the cosmos just poured through me, into me …

“Cthulhu?” Rook forwarded.

Fuck yeah! I mean … There was not really any other option than to bow to the Great Old One, body and soul, like the video. It’s quite the feeling to want to be a god’s sex toy, but still be you. I’m like the Cultists, but not the Reforged Zealots … I was wrong. That women juicing things up — eating cum and life from a Human can have reversible effects if not repeated, but … Great Cthulhu’s cum automatically alters you to be like one of the Cultists on first consumption. She pronounced the entity’s name in that very traditional, difficult l way.

“Can you sense the Great One on this Earth?” Shadowhawk asked.

Yes, I can. Its hard to say where the Great One is. It’s like Great Cthulhu is recovering from the journey or still waking up.

“You still have your free will?” Shadowhawk asked.

Yeah, I guess. Just don’t put me in the same room with the Great One! I don’t really wanna consume my boss, even though I will need sustenance sooner than later.

The doctor stated uncomfortably, We’ll work through this, analytically and scientifically …

The call ended soon after.

“Did we just fuck up gloriously, Shadowhawk?”

“Not gloriously. We did get some important intel … Look, I know I’m coming off as overly dispassionate about what just happened, but letting ourselves freak out is something we can consider later. Great Cthulhu is not yet full strength. There is still free will even after becoming like the Cultists, even after the Great One traversed the void.”

Free will until their Lord walks in,” she said somewhat sarcastically.

“That seems to be the point. The Great Old One is buttering up women to be his followers, but carefully even now. Ones like Shirley can still help us. They retain their minds, souls.”

“I hope so …”

About an hour later, Rook and Shadowhawk were looking over the raw data sent to them from the experiment earlier. Shirley’s very genetic code was slightly altered to now contain sequences that were both related to sexual activity and fully unknown. Her bio-psychological state became heightened in euphoric ways. Women tend to not specifically experience emotion at the peak of orgasmic ecstasy, essentially entering a bliss-like trance. Shirley’s orgasmic state here was different. Not only did she experience that trance, but also extreme emotions related to sexual arousal. This seemed directly related to a dramatic increase of dopamine and endorphin levels that were close to the levels associated with refined opiate use. In other words, the black slime was like a kind of orgasm inducing drug that also acts as a kind of retrovirus. Because Shirley did not transform further into one of the Reforged Zealots, it was theorized that only Cthulhu could initiate that further level of transformation via that goo …

Looking at the now spent and impotent man before her, she now understood. She was in a dream-state, but dreams can state truth. One truth was that Great Cthulhu accessed her subconscious, metaphorically shoving in the dream-tentacles still within her, giving her unquestioned bliss. It took great effort for the Great One to slip itself into her the way it did, especially after traversing the epic vastness of the cosmos, but there was advantage. At first, she did indeed have a will of her own, but that was ever so slowly subverted in the most ironic of ways. Little by little her thoughts were taken over, as her dreams of the Dreaded One were more of seduction to move things along, she now understood. There was even a moment when half her will was subverted when she did things she did not fully remember, and in the times she did remember then, she unknowingly applied the Great Will in ways that seemed logical. Though she knew the Great One was still far from full strength, she knew he had already recovered significantly. She was now remembering those little moments that were not her, thanks to now only being a part of the Great Cthulhu’s will …

Yeah, open it up, Liza!” Shadowhawk said jovially over the cellphone to her wife. “You’re gonna love it!” There was a long pause. With a big, happy smile, Shadowhawk stated, “Told you, babe! … See you as soon as I can.” She hung up.

“What happened to your friend?” Rook asked, finishing her breakfast.

She shrugged. “My assistant? He had to get goin’, had work to do for me back home.”

“Whatever …”

“Let’s call up Bob and Shirley again before the other’s arrive. I have an idea …”

Hey, guys, he said on the monitor. Still researching the data. Anything new on your end?

“If Shirley is up for a little further research, I have an idea,” Shadowhawk forward.

Last time you use suggested something I became a slut for dick and cum and Cthulhu! She stated dryly, before unconsciously sucking off her pen.

“Well …” Shadowhawk began. “Have you fed since the change, Shirley?”

No, not yet. I mean, a little nervous about doing it. Don’t wanna hurt anyone. But …

“You have to eat …”

Yeah … She said airily, glancing at her boss.

“If willing, perhaps Shirley should be hooked back up, and feed.”

On who? she asked awkward.

Let’s stop going around it, the scientist stated. I’m the best choice. The one here, and we don’t want to expose what we’re doing to anyone else yet.

Shirley looked over to her boss. I’m fuckin’ due for a raise! … You know, the amusing thing about this all it how I can actually just know what to do. I just know that there are different levels of intensity for the feed. Regular would be to just suck him off and naturally suck out a little of his essence with his cum, allowing him to fully recover quickly. I could force out a bit more, and basically make him into my personal food bag. I could go all the way and suck so much out that he becomes impotent at best.

Not sure I wanna be a food bag! he laughed awkwardly.

I don’t plan on that!

They soon hooked themselves into the machine.

OK, Shirley said to her boss. It’s hard to fully explain, but I will concentrate on you, basically enter your mind and sexually stimulate you. You’ll basically be frozen until I let you go.

She turnedon, after visibly fighting through nerves. It was remarkable, the look in his eyes, becoming fully passive. This was the same look on the men in the video to varying extents. She removed the man’s clothes, and quickly began to work his already erect member. One hand on the balls, another the shaft, while she sucked him off like a hungry animal. He moaned wildly, but she was louder, more forceful. No matter how joyous her motions were, her hunger was more apparent. This was, after all how she lived, fed now. And sure enough, he exploded down her throat and all over her face in what was likely the most massive orgasm of his life. Shirley of course exploded loudly in orgasmic reverence.

She looked over to the breathless Bob, and turned to the screen. You’re not gonna like it — or maybe you will, but I’m gonna turn him into my food bag. This is Great Cthulhu’s Will. The Great One is not at full strength, but being on this world, can take hold of the will of those not yet reforged if wished. The initial passive connection is stronger than even a day before, and the feed now practically brings us to the Great One’s feet, making the connection active. Before the Great One’s arrival, well, I probably could have lived my life in theory, with the variance of sucking dick all the time. But now, on the first feed, the Great One decided to subvert more than half my will. I still have a will of my own, but the Great One wanted me to show you truths. Thank you, Shadowhawk! I love being a Cultist of Cthulhu!

Shirley turned to the now truly frozen Bob. She quickly awoke his limp member with her strong hands, and commenced deep throating it wildly until he blew his whole load in her mouth. The Cultist leaned her head back in a hard orgasm, and clearly not swallowing, she began to make out with the semi-conscious man. Cum dripped out from the almost sloppy kiss. She thrust the apparently hardened dick in her pussy, and thrust widely until she came. He leaned back, looking utterly mindless.

She turned to the screen, licking her lips, and sucking her fingers. He’s mine now. I took his energy, gave a little back, and gave him a little of mine. Quite easy. You both are gonna love it! 

The call ended

“All right, Rook,” Shadowhawk stated flatly, rubbing her eyes. “Gloriously fucked up …”

* * * *

The Righteous Protectors, what was left of them, discreetly filed into Rook’s secret meeting place roughly in between the heart of Corwin City and her mansion. Not everyone knew each other’s secret identities, as being a group of superheroes and vigilantes did not require revealing themselves.

They reviewed the videos and other data. The fully compromised Shirley sent all the further data.

The bulky Bostonian was quieter than usual, sitting in his red outfit and blue mask. The wheelchair-bound Golden Ram and The Mysterious Sphinx sat ponderously. The tall and glorious Enyo sat in a kind of ponderous fascination. The short yet imposing Tezca and the perfect bodied Arisa, sitting hip to hip, sat pensively.

“These tactics,” the husky voiced Enyo began in her subtle, Greek-like accent. “This Cthulhu is not really cocky, but is very sure of itself.”

“Yes, it knows what it wants,” the purple-clad Mysterious Sphynx stated in his  still airy tones, “but for others to know those wants, they must become like an extortion of him, it.”

“Cthulhu is somewhat known to the Demon League, and particularly my father, Asmodeus.” Arisia began. “The Great Old Ones did indeed predate the ones that call themselves Demons. They never communicated to the Demons to the same degree as they do with Humans. About two-thousand years ago, Asmodeus and Lucifer sought to learn more about them without much success. However, they did seem to learn anecdotal evidence that Cthulhu was more the tactician of his people before falling into the long slumber, which may have been brought about by the, so called, Elder Gods.”

“What I want to know,” Enyo said, “is why they were in that slumber to start. I’m not sure I care about what they did to piss off the Elder Gods, if that is indeed what happened. I want to know, if they were imprisoned, how the Elder Gods did it.”

“Meeting beings stronger than the strongest one on this planet?” Tezca stated in his deep and charismatic tones. “I would hope the reward is greater than the risk! These godlike beings have a history of seeing even us earthly gods as not much better than a large bug amongst tiny Human bugs. Then there is the fact that much the dichotomy you are speaking of came after Lovecraft’s writings. We might need to know if those works are more extension than derivative before looking for the most ancient of ancients.”

“Here’s what we know,” Rook quickly interjected. Tezca and Enyo normally went into long, heated debates on strategy, and Rook did not think they had the time. “Cthulhu decided to return to Earth using some unexpected means. That entity, based on what its followers have stated, somehow broke its race’s bonds, and was anointed their leader. That suggests some kind of imprisonment, but it is unclear if that was thanks to stronger entities or some little understood cosmic cycle. It rebuilt its cults on Earth to be female driven, with men as food or servants, and those female servants of the Great Old One. Now that Cthulhu is on Earth, all altered to be like the Cultists might as well now all be Cultists awaiting to be reforged into what we saw in the video. So … What is Cthulhu’s plan? Is it possible to attack head on?”

“You know my vote!” Enyo stated dryly. She had seen enough, and was ready to be direct.

Shadowhawk rubbed her eyes, and said, “We can’t assume anything. What happened with Shirley is proof of that! We need to conduct a global search for any and all unusual behavior and phenomena. I know it sounds like a lot, but we just do not know how to fight something like this yet. That ancient intelligence you guys battled was a teenager compared to what we’re up against. Need I remind you all how you first failed to see that intelligence behind the Demons’ schemes, when those Demons were doing things wildly different than usual. Like then, something has changed with Cthulhu and its race. We should go at his sideways at first, before we can be sure we even have a grasp of how to fight this.”

Even ten years ago, when she was just starting out just after the Protectors’ victory, she definitely had quite a bit of charisma. But today, she practically took charge of the Protectors with ease. Even Enyo at least partly stood down, begrudgingly agreeing to one a fraction of a fraction of her age. Well, Rook was sure Enyo did want to study the information more. They all wanted to study this more. Something could not be fought directly, if they did not even know where that something was …

The now active Protectors went out to look for any signs relating to Cthulhu and its cult. Shadowhawk suggested Rook come with her back to Rhode Island where they knew one cult was. They also agreed to search for Shirley and Bob specifically, if the two were still there.

* * * *

Shadowhawk was sitting at the desk of the strip club’s manager, Tammy. The whole place seemed abandoned, but they had yet to explore below. Shadowhawk rubbed her eyes under her mask, before fidgeting with a thick pen in her mouth.

“You all right, Hawk? You’ve been ribbing your eyes a lot.”

She looked over and said, “It’s the contacts. Bugging the hell out of me!”

“Didn’t know you needed any …?”

There was a brief pause. “I guess the timing works. Might as well get this over with. Will take away some of the surprise. Not that it matters!”

“What are you talking about?”

“You’re a good detective. You eventually even notice oddities of your closest friends while in the midst of an extreme situation.”

Rook just looked at the vigilante ponderously.

“Based on everything you’ve seen thus far, it would have been quite amazing to not have consumed that alluring black goo in the chamber below … You see Rook, I couldn’t resist. There was a pool of it! My hand just dipped in, and put it in my mouth! As you could guess, it was a glorious orgasm!” She removed her mask and hood, and removed the contacts, revealing the Cultist eyes. “Once I regained composure, I was me, more or less. Took the samples, made some dynamic colored contacts. I even fed on my assistant, who had no trouble keeping my secrets already, including my wife. My will was mine. That slowly changed, Rook. Even this transformation, you know, connects us to the Great Cthulhu. The Great One decided to reforge my soul, and eventually took full control over me. My soul is literally not Human anymore. Fuck! The first dream or two of the Great One fucking me, I didn’t grasp the reality of it. When I suggested and saw Shirley transform thanks to me, I guess I knew even then I had no control over my distinct connection. It also helped that the Great One basically move me like a puppet while sleeping to consume by assistant until he was spent to prove that I was no longer in control. And yes, Shirley brought some goo to my wife as a gift from me. Heard her transform over the phone!”

“Is this happening to all the Cultists to yet fully reforged?” Rook asked in terror.

“Not quite.”

Shadowhawk stood. She walked over to the door leading to the club’s main area, and opened it. Three women walked in. Well, only one looked Humans, save for the dark eyes. One was clearly Shirley in a white blouse and blue pencil skirt. The one on the left was Shadowhawk’s cute blonde wife, Jenny now with the darkest of eyes. And on the right, seemed to be what became of Falcon. In the light, this naked female looked almost more terrifying and alluring. Her tentacle heir flowed naturally past her shoulders, cat eyes black with Cultist brown irises, pointed ears, scaly shimmering black skin, webbed fingers and toes, claws. Her overall body was now fuller and more muscular. She did indeed stand on the balls of her feet. The very smell of transformed woman made Rook want to inexplicably suck the large black nipples. That was all not to mention her think, long, tentacle-tail.

“To poorly translate it all in Human terms …” the Reforged Falcon stated with deep, hypnotic tones. “The Great One used Shadowhawk and Shirley for a kind of experiment. Oh, yes, every Cultist can become fully subservient to the Great One’s will now upon the first feed, but the Great one still lacked the energy to immediately take control of Shadowhawk when she became Cultist. Anyway, Great Cthulhu took the time to reforge Shadowhawk’s soul remotely via the Dreamscape, leading to total subservience. Whereas Shirley and Jenny retain some of their will. Their souls have yet to be touched like the Reforged or Shadowhawk’s.”

“Results?” Shadowhawk began. “It’s is easier to subject others the Great One’s will via the feed alone, but total subservience could still be useful. However, that is all knowledge for the short term. All Cultists will be directly reforged, body and soul, eventually.”

“Why are you monologuing like some egomaniacal villains?” Rook stated, barely pulling her eyes away from Falcon’s hypnotically shimmering breasts.

“The Great One does enjoy irony at times,” Shadowhawk stated. “That said, this is all more about showing unavoidable truths about the meaning of the Great Cthulhu’s arrival. Our lord finds lies to be a waste of time … well, in the long run” She motioned to the camera watching them on the wall to the left. “We will ensure video of this all will get to the remaining Protectors. They will see the truth, and do with it as they will.”

Rook tried to say something, but her focus was now stuck on Falcon’s now mouth-watering chest.

Falcon began to rub her breast, and said, “Give into the pull, and learn why the breasts of the Reforged Cultists were enlarged …”

Rook could not control herself. It was like an inescapable pull to the now inhuman woman. Rook could almost taste the inexplicable smell Falcon gave off, like some kind of pheromone. Her eyes went wide when Falcon’s breast started to drip a thick black goo that resembled the stuff that came out of Cthulhu’s tentacles.

Before Rook knew it, her mouth was over the nipple, sucking, squeezing. The thick goo squirting into her mouth permeated, her senses, creating pleasures beyond known pleasures. With Falcon’s tail keeping Rook upright, Rook exploded in a powerful orgasm.

In the epic pleasure, she saw the Great Old One, tentacles and all. Her arousal toward it was debilitating. All she could do was bow to it, whimpering for the Ancient to take every hole she had.

While the cosmic orgasm faded, Falcon’s almost alien face slowly came into focus. “Holy fuck …” Rook breathed. She could still think on her own, but knew that ability might be short lived. 

Falcon took a pocket mirror from Shadowhawk, and showed Rook her reflection.

“Oh my God …” she breathed, seeing her darkened eyes.

“Now you’re getting it!” Falcon stated. Her toothy smile revealed the sharpness of those teeth, especially the little fangs.

“Guess who’s in the subterranean chamber!” Shirley said excitedly.

“You’re gonna record that, too?” Rook asked defiantly.

“They’re gonna see it all! There are cameras everywhere,” Shadowhawk exclaimed. She turned to Falcon. “It’s interesting how so much free will can lead to defiance in obvious defeat.”

Arms bound by Falcon’s hearty tail-tentacle, they made their way down to the chamber.

Rook went wide eyed. The Great Cthulhu was silently awaiting them. The dark, tentacled, monstrosity, while technically large, was much smaller than one would expect. All in the room knew that had to do with both the recent slumber and traveling between worlds. The Great One was growing in both size and power by the day.

Falcon let loose Rook, who felt an inexplicable pull toward the Ancient. It was like what she felt toward the Reforged Falcon, but much stronger. Rook was so mesmerized that she barely noticed the others walking with her.

Suddenly, Cthulhu’s tentacle’s began to move, and in a single force, the holes of all the women in the room were filed with the massive, alien members. As other tentacles wrapped around their tingling bodies. They were effortlessly lifted off the floor.

They all found themselves in a continuous, cosmic orgasm. The black scaled, tentacle haired Falcon truly looked like she was the extension of Cthulhu she now was.

The moment the Great One’s black cum started to spew out, Shadowhawk, whose soul was already reforged, began to transform quickly, morphing into an anthropoid form like Falcon. Rook, Shirley, and Jenny started to morph at around the same time, but somewhat more slowly. Their bodies shifted to the erotically charged form the Great One deemed for all those it took into its Will.

There was no stopping it, but in the end, Rook wanted the taking of her humanity, body and soul. This was not out of Cthulhu’s will at all. She was genuinely tired, only then finally admitting that to herself. The love of her life turned out to be psychotic, as she did horrible things to him and others for the sake of saving people. When she did not literally cripple her foes, they just hurt more people. The morality within her created a kind of torture that was slowly destroying her. Worse, her parents were ultimately avenged long ago. She had enough. Yes, there was no stopping her transformation into a Reforged Cultist of Cthulhu, but this reforging represented a path away from anguish and weariness. She somehow felt what might have been honor in the Great One out of her revelation and willing submission.

The Reforged Cultists were pulled into the Great one’s cosmically orgasmic embrace …


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