March’s Journey and More!

This month’s Journey will be the first of Voluntatem Tenebrae — The Will of Darkness, the static-filled preview of which seen with The Cultists. The planned Journeys into Passions trilogy will feature perhaps the darkest themes to date. It mixes Weird Fiction (Cosmic Horror) and comic book stories.

Title: Black Birds
Synopsis: A legendary vigilante learns of cult related crime and behavior in her ally’s city. None of the behavior makes much sense … The Dreamer has awakened …
Tags: Mind control, transformation, male-female sex, sci-fi
Date: Monday March 23rd

And more!

The print copy of The Armageddon Archives is now available on Amazon. This version features updates, tweaks, and fixes to the overall story, as every story in the series in included.

On updates to this blog, the sidebar now features a dynamic menu system to improve overall site navigation. There is a persistent menu focusing on story and review posts, as well as any other menus relevant to the viewed post.

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