Blog Flash: The Cultists

Author’s Note: This serves as an edited preview of the upcoming JIP miniseries Voluntatem Tenebrae — The Will of Darkness.

The Cultists

{Partially reconstructed video files to be merged with source backup files}

The video began at a strip club in Cranston, Rhode Island, near Providence. The women were in a wild feeding frenzy of blow jobs and orgasmic cum eating, where the young vigilante Falcon actively fed on several men. 

Good God! Shadowhawk’s voice sounded via audio. Did you have to feed until they pass out?

“I have to do this,” she said seriously when a dick wasn’t in her mouth. “This is what sustains me now … UMMMM …” She joyously came and swallowed. “We’ll figure it out when we’re done here …”

You did it again! Shadowhawk exclaimed. Falcon made no response.

Eventually, the video switched to an underground, stone chamber of a non-euclidean design. The video was somewhat hazy, partly being transmitted through rock.

All sixteen cultists, including Tammy, the official manager of the strip club and apparent cult leader, were there naked with apparent rubber tentacles shoved up their pussies or asses.

Tammy began, “This is the day. The awoken Great Cthulhu is ready to cross the endless aeons between the worlds!”

To the surprise of everyone but Tammy, men piled into the chamber. A bunch of them held hearty ropes. What looked like a very solid wall formed behind, apparently sealing them in.

The video began to grow hazy, like a snow storm was on the edge of blowing through. The audio began to fade in and out.

“First and foremost,” Tammy could be heard through the garble. “I … than pleased we have every walk of life present within our chapter … Heartening … We have college students. We have immigrants from Japan. We have scientists. We even…”

“What!?” Falcon muttered under her breath. Two of the men tightly grasped her, while at least one man held an arm of one of the other women.

“You are as welcome …” Tammy exclaimed. “Do not be alarmed … [garbled] … You see, freewill is a factor until our Lord arrives … … Probably the last. If she arrived even days before, she would not be standing here as one of us … … It was my risk, but I was certain she would not have enough time effectively to do so when she arrived. You haven’t … [garbled] …”

“Umm …” Falcon muttered, eyes on her.

I’m coming for you, Falcon!

“Well … [garbled] …  of no consequence at this point!” Tammy said happily. “Now, to be sure, the original plan of fucking ourselves into oblivion would have worked fine, but … … to do it a bit differently. I have heard the site in Kyoto is applying a similar alternate method …”

The men visibly pushed down the somewhat surprised women onto their knees, including reverent Tammy and terrified Falcon.

“We will all be bound and on our knees while they spew their essence onto us. In turn … … All the gateway needs are our inhuman orgasms. Once the gateway is open and our Master emerges, the only thing that will matter is the Will of Great Cthulhu …”

Falcon looked to be on the floor. She was breathing heavily, especially when the several men surrounding were starting to jerk off. The same thing was happening to the other women in the room, barely seen.

Thick blobs of cum looked to be spewing onto her face. It clearly felt good, Falcon starting to moan in pleasure. It seemed a man grasped her head, while the others surrounding jerked off into her apparently wide open mouth. Her vision was quickly obscured somewhat by a thickening mask of cum. She began to orgasm herself, while swallowing whatever slime made it inter her mouth.

The video now began to fade in and out as well.


It appeared that Falcon had slipped out of her bonds without much struggle, but was clearly too enthralled to stop herself from feeding. She was soon stoking two dicks at the same time, playing with one with her mouth and tongue. Cum audibly spewed down her throat making her orgasm and swallow loudly. She quickly moved on to the other in hand, forcing out the man’s cum and life into her.



The epic sound of a super-orgasm became audible. All the life they just consumed was almost literally making them explode.

Even through the growing levels of static, the golden lighting in the room visibly started to change.


Falcon slowly stood, and walked over to Tammy. It looked like she was walking through a blizzard of digital snow. The wildly flowing air in the room made all the women’s hair move like wild tentacles. She unbound her.

Falcon said something inaudible. She helped the almost jubilant Tammy to her feet.

“I’m glad … … Reforged …”

They hungrily made out, orgasmically lapping the cum still dripping down their faces. After a few moments, they removed something from their rears, and turned to the bright flowing chaos.

Even with this high levels of static, something seemed visible. What resembled dark, octopus-like appendages slowly came into view.


Images of what looked like women wrapped in black tentacles faded in and out of the growing static blizzard. They almost seemed to be floating.

The entire room was filled with a wild level of muffled moans and coos and grunts, and the haunting nature of it exacerbated by the high pitched garble.


Falcon herself did not even seem be on the floor anymore. She visibly stroked and sucked the maddeningly impossible black snake clearly penetrating her mouth. 


What looked like black goo became visible through the nearly destroyed image. The darkly orgasmic noise of the room increased, as did the static.

What might have been Falcon’s hands became intermittently visible. Each time they seemed darker somehow.


Others in the room began to look darker somehow through the white-out blizzard. Shimmering black tentacles were everywhere.


Falcon seemed to float downward onto the floor. Through the static, there still seemed to be the chaotic light emanating from the wall. A silhouette of a massive winged anthropoid with a head of flowing tentacles barely became visible.


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