Review: The Female Intelligence Project

The Female Intelligence Project (mind control, male-female sex, sci-fi)  by All These Roadworks
A neuroscientist performs brain experiments on herself.

The underlying themes were very familiar within the mad scientist trope. We have radical research that too many find unethical, but the scientist must continue the work to prove everyone wrong. Perfectly fine theme. Indeed, the scientists experimenting on themselves always proves the most fun “solution.” Maybe this skews pretty far into male fantasy, but it was still kinda fun in a fantastical way. What was interesting was the subtle and unintentional serial recruitment flavor, especially in the context of scientific method. What also made this ironically palatable was how the man that took control was not really that likable. A strong balancing act: as MC readers, what want the women to altered, but we might not want to be like the controller. Well written overall.

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