Review: Glitchy

Glitchy (mind control, female-female sex, transformation, sf) by Skaetlett
Summer is a lovely, sweet princess knight in a video game. Her world changes when her mind gets corrupted by glitching monsters and she gets turned into a needy slut who can only think about sex.

The premise of this intrigued me for multiple reasons. First, the internet is filled with erotic depictions of video characters, Zelda, Samus. Second, some video games can be glitchy. Lastly, we can get “mods” and expansion to video games that can alter anything and everything. What do we get when we put such concepts together? This was fun and weird. I’m sure a lot of us have seen Samus doing some crazy shit with whatnot, sometimes from outside the franchise. A well done erotic fantasy of a fantasy. Hope there’s more of this!

Update: This will likely become an anthology series, and Summer’s storyline may or may not continue

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