Review: JL Forsaken Souls

JL Forsaken Souls (Mind control, transformation, lust, male-female sex, female-female sex, sci-fi) by The Black Pharaoh
In the basement of an ordinary house an entity from beyond our universe has been summoned, putting all of creation in dire danger. This story takes place 5 year after Brightest Day in a similar universe with no Flashpoint

This ongoing fan-fiction comic follows DC comic book heroes in struggle to fight a seemingly unbeatable, alien foe. Though it was suggested right at the beginning that it was possible to throw the being back into oblivion, the being’s erotically charged effects on women — and indirectly on men — made the possibility fade away in the first few pages. The transformations in this are as incredible as the engaging story itself. Yes, there can be exacerbated lulls of exhibition when waiting every four days or so for a new page, but always made up for with amazing dark erotica, whether you’re plugged into the author’s Patreon or no. The story takes a lot from Lovecraftian Weird Fiction. So, yeah, I’m kinda rooting for the black tentacled invader …

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