January’s Journey!

January 27 will see the final installment of Journeys into Passion miniseries The Armageddon Archives.

Title: The Eye of Change
Synopsis: In 2015, Robert Smith learns about a fantastical family heirloom. In 2024, an archivist finds himself tasked with locating a mysterious object. In 2026, the powerful Darren, the young Alpha Demon of Lust Lucinda, and the Demon King Asmodeus must pool resources to save the world from the brink …
Tags: Mind control, transformation, male-female sex, lust, demonic, sci-fi, near future

On a related note, my story output may be decreasing in the coming months. There will be just that much less time on my hands! Instead, there should be an increased emphasis on the less time-consuming reviews. That certainly does not mean we’ve seen the last Journeys into Passion … So as always …

Stay Mesmerized
Mr P

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