Review: Resolutions

Resolutions (mind control, female-female sex, masturbation) by Trixie Adara
Four friends drunkenly make New Year’s Resolutions which will turn out to drastically control their lives in the coming weeks and months.

This probably was the intent of the author to portray as such, but I always found New Year’s Resolutions to be a joke. People will put all this thought into doing something positive, only to just not do it. I personally made a Resolution years ago to not do Resolutions! So, having women actually follow erotically charged Resolutions can only be a farce. Even the first part, which largely introduced this whole thing, delivered, in albeit more intriguing than hot ways. The Resolutions themselves were not erotically charged, but it seems instead that the interpretation of them became erotic. I’ll look forward to more.

Jan 4, 2020 Update

There was an interesting air of mystery in this chapter. While the last seemed to have a clear puppet master, this chap seemed less clear on that at first. Yes, the apparent puppet master did seem to take direct charge after a while, but that distance seemed to suggest something more was happening to these women. We really don’t know exactly how these women are taken to sexual extremes of their otherwise non-sexual resolutions. Well, there are certainly some more resolutions to apply!

Jan 11, 2020 Update

This has become quite the dark parody of New Year’s resolutions. Most never really follow them. So, the question might be in how they can be followed. Using methods of sex and addiction ironically makes some sense for the otherwise generic resolutions. The overall motive and plan of this Grace is slowly starting to be revealed. She is herself a mystery, these friends apparently not knowing her all that well or as well as they thought. OK, not much in the way of heat for much of this installment, while this was a much more shocking chapter. The resolutions are moving along …

Jan 18, 2020

I must admit this story went places I do not normally go. Granted, that “humiliation” tag is there, but the extreme of the last chapter might not have been necessary to the plot. Anyway, I’m it took this long to reach Grace, the apparent mastermind, partly because she continues to be unlikable (the sister, Colleen, was ironically more likable). As an aside, if this is set the States, the description surrounding the university was wholly unrealistic: most parents won’t directly give their kids’ tuition anymore — if they ever did, and I don’t think anyone other than the student could declare they were dropping out — assuming they were 18 or over. But whatever, this is fiction …

Regardless, I must admit this is reminding me of the Twilight Zone episode “A Piano in the House.” No true resolutions, per se, but the episode was also all about bringing out the inner selves and the humiliation that might entail. The mind controllers of both stories were vile and derived great pleasure in forcing the mask away from others. But then, the necessary twist: what about the mind controllers themselves? In “Piano,” the critic was really a scared little child lashing out, but Grace was pure hate and desire deep down. No serious heat until near the end, unless you like pure domination and humiliation. We’ll see where this goes from here …

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