Review: Organism-X

Organism-X (mc ff mf gr) (new)  by DevilBookCorruptions
After a meteorite crashes near Bailey College, female students begin to undergo dramatic physical and mental changes while developing insatiable libidos. Meanwhile, the men begin to fall ill and die. In the middle of it all is a girl with exceptional abilities who might just hold the fate of the world in her hands…

Date Released (EMCSA): Dec 21, 2019

[This story may also be found on the author’s blog, while story updates may be posted there first]

Chaps 1-7:

This was a rather large story to start. Generally avoid reading more than 5k words when I review a story or chapter update. In fact, this might have been just that much more fun if it was split between even just a couple updates. That said, the premise here was irresistible, and this story delivered on its promise. Sure, there was a moment or two where I wanted a mass transformation that didn’t occur to move things along. That was not really how this story was written. It was consistently paced and methodical. The transformations and seductions were amazing. The story was engaging and well written. Everything flowed orgasmically from one section to the next. Nothing was held back in the long run. Serial recruitment at its best, while succeeding at being far more than the otherwise redundant trope. Hope there’s more! This was greatly enjoyed.

Chap 8:

This has thus far been a wild story with a lot of characters. That is the story’s strength. The women are transformed, but not necessarily into mindless drones. They are all unique, some more than others, while many retain a lot of who they were, in direct conflict with what they became. What that diversity of characterization means is a major drive of the story. At the same time, other things are shifting in intriguing and realistic ways. As the Sisters expand their at times disharmonious numbers, they are clearly becoming more known in some way. Whether that be the (maybe?) CDC or general student body, everything can only become more complicated for everyone. This really is like some 1980s sci-fi horror like Shivers or The Stuff!

Chap 9:

It continues to be incredibly interesting to read how differently the women take to the transformation. Some try to retain something of what they were, some embrace it, and yet some others derive great pleasure from it. The last almost seems to cause the most “problems.” They take their time to savor infecting others, when they might have far less time to continue transforming other than they assume. At the same time, how the ones not yet infected react to all this is equally as engaging. Maybe there are times I ironically agree with the women not wanting to waste any time, but this story is too well written and fleshed out for shortcuts. Of course, the erotic MC powers and transformations are still exquisite!

Chap 10

What is interesting about this chapter, more than others, is the continuing argument on how to go about anything. It seems unlikely to effectively plan for the continued transformations in an effective way, while fighting against those already transformed lacks any real context. All anyone seems to be falling back on is instinct, whether that be to fight or spread. Yet, their overall situation just keeps getting more complicated! And well, I might be rooting for the slug women!

Chap 11

I must admit, Professor Pierce is quickly becoming my favorite character. You never quite know what she is going to do, and we find ourselves thinking like the other characters that she is either half a step away from mad scientist or cynical fool. This teases the reader is dramatic ways, because Pierce had already experimented in ways that seem sketchy at best, apparently to confirm or deny the cynicism. That’s not to mention what’s happening with Melissa! Perhaps a bit more exposition in this chap than usual, but things are definitely still moving along.

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