Review: Xhalation

Xhalation (mind control, female-female sex) by Jukebox
Sarah is exposed to a new drug via secondhand vapor and it blows her mind.

Not only is this timely with those secondhand vape devices causing issues, but also drug MC can be quite fun if done right. Who better than Jukebox to take on the theme? There was a rather amusing level of realism in how the Goth Chick acted. There is a very distinct behavior many of those vape users exhibit. It is as if they were somehow better, because they were not smoking the old-fashioned cigarette. They just don’t seem to care in some ways. At the same time, one does sometimes wonder what exactly that mist coming from those pens really is. Anyway, perhaps this was a bit mean spirited. Maybe a little. But it was so well written that it didn’t matter. It did not really matter that it was a vape pen as the MC medium. All we ever do on the MC Archive is work to get a dose of that good old MC. And sometimes, we get to enjoy flavors we don’t normally look for.

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