Review: The Mind Masters of Earth

The Mind Masters Of Earth (mind control, science fiction)  by Delta Wave
It’s been six years since the unscrupulous telepaths, the Mind Masters, took over the world and established a global tyrannical government. A young woman, Maya Hudson, hates the telepaths’ regime with a passion. But, as she’s conscripted for service at the Masters’ governmental complex, her life is about to change drastically…

What is interesting is the underlying theme of “nothing was as expected.” In some ways, that is always how the present is in hindsight. Into the 1970s, it was expected that we would be colonizing our solar system by as early as the 1990s or have destroyed ourselves in WWIII before the twenty-first century. 2021 will certainly not be exactly as expected by those living in the tail end of 2019! Anyway, I did enjoy the old school, alien invasion undertones, as well as hints of They Live. The eroticism here was definitely for those more interested in the mind control itself, especially for those looking for minimal struggle and total control. An interesting, albeit very quick, cerebral piece.

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