Review: School Foot Daze

School Foot Daze (mind control, foot fetish)  by Jake Elwoods
A college student is overwhelmed by the smell of Janet’s feet.

Mind control? Foot fetish? How could I resist!? Definitely for those that are really into feet, even through the associated MC aspects. So, yeah, I personally found it all a pretty hot and fun read. What was interesting here was how that scent did not enthrall everyone. It seemed polarizing in a way, giving a degree of mystery as to what makes one repelled or enthralled. The guy did not seem to have a foot fetish at the start. At the same time, others turned out to be aware of what she could do to people. It all gave off the scent, I mean, sense that Janet was still learning about her power over others. Fun overall with a nice laugh at the end.

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