JIP: The Whispers of Stone

Disclaimer: This adult short story is a work of fiction. It is meant for those eighteen and older. There is sexual and taboo content, some of which may not even be possible. This story specifically contains darker themes than most others in this anthology series. All characters are eighteen or older. Though there are inspirations from other fictional sources, any similarity to real people, live or no, is merely coincidental.

Author’s Note: Elements of this were inspired by presently unpublished revenge story suggested by a fan. Stone was built more as a story of Weird Fiction than of supernatural revenge.

Synopsis: Jenna, a wealthy treasure hunter finds a mysterious, perfectly rounded piece of black onyx, and begins to experience inexplicable dreams that seem connected with the waking world …

eBook Edition

The Whispers of Stone

I cannot think of the deep sea without shuddering at the nameless things that may at this very moment be crawling and floundering in its slimy bed, worshipping their ancient stone idols and carving their own detestable likenesses on submarine obelisks of water-soaked granite. — Dagon, H.P. Lovecraft

Jenna had been diving all her privileged life. It wasn’t that Olympian style of arial acrobatics. She dove off the dock at her parent’s summer home as a child; she dove for the US Navy for primarily salvage and rescue operations; she dove as part of the freestyle races on the Harvard University swim team. Now, she dove for treasure and fun! Much of her commercial operations were for tourists wanting to see some old shipwreck or cave. However, she mostly went out to find mysterious artifacts for herself. That is not to say that she was really some kind of tomb raider; she never stole anything, per se, doing the necessary research to make sure there would be no claim on whatever she found. If there was a claim after all, she would just give the object in question back. As a billionaire heiress, she was OK with commissioning a perfect replica.

Her quick contract today was for some flirtations American tourists from out of New England somewhere. This one actually excited her. She had already mapped much of offshore Melbourne, Australia, in her head, but this dive was for an old WWII shipwreck off some old, defunct marina. She already went through the training and safety lecture with them. Basically, she would not let them swim too close to anything, but close enough for a good picture.

While going through her planned route early that morning before the tourists arrived, something shimmering caught Jenna’s eye. She swam over to it. The water around her seemed to become murkier, darker the closer she came. Were clouds rolling in above? By the time she reached whatever it was, she had to take out her flashlight. It looked like some piece of black onyx, perfectly rounded. She picked it up from the floor, and swam to the surface.

“Hey, stealing things the ocean again?” Bobby, her deckhand, asked jokingly.

“Always!” she said with a smile.

In her cabin, Jenna examined the pitch black thing. It was impossible to tell how old it was, but it did seem almost impossibly polished. Like anyone, Jenna had seen such rounded stones many times. The difference was its seeming perfection, in spite of where she found it. What amazed her was that she wondered if it was even an onyx stone. The blackest, most polished ones she ever saw in a jewelry store had the smallest of white bands. This hand-full sized orb was pure, almost hypnotic blackness …

She placed it on the table next to her, and continued her preparations for the tourists …

The four, sexy tourists were enjoying themselves way too much on their trip, suggesting she would have to watch them closely when under. Even with their names on the contract, there was no way to tell who was married to who.

“Damn, Janice! Your legs look awesome in a wet suit!” Lou stated to tall, athletic blonde.

“That’s a hell of an ass you got there, Lou!” the voluptuous brunette, Laurie, stated, playfully patting the man’s firm ass.

“Hey, my package barely fits in this thing!” Brad said to them in a joking, false dejection.

Hand lightly on Brad’s ample crotch, Janice stated, “Fine by me!”

Jenna sighed. “All right everyone. We still got safety checks, and a dive plan to go over …”

The dive was surprisingly uneventful, in spite of the tourists constantly taking pictures and feeling up one another. That uneventfulness was fine, because all Jenna could think about was that orb she found earlier. It provided a growing fascination she never felt before. There were a questions that kept flowing in her mind: Where did it come from; who made it? It seemed nonsensical, because people, including herself, have dropped their possessions overboard. There was no reason to assume she could find any more associated items …

The concierge at her hotel gave her a brown paper wrapped package. It was simply addressed to her with no indication of where it came from. She had not ordered anything.

Placing the stone she found on the glass coffee table up in her suite, Jenna almost cautiously opened the package on the same table. It was a jet black, latex catsuit. No boots or gloves, just the combined top and bottom. There was a slight shimmer reminiscent of the orb that made the latex seem almost stone-like.

Jenna caught her reflection in the stone, blinking her light blue eyes that looked off somehow in the orb’s reflective surface. She saw herself almost deviously smiling in the reflection, while her black hair almost seemed wet. Put it on, she heard a whisper she assumed was from herself.

There was an odd, almost etherial confusion for a moment, before her hands removed her clothes. She almost casually rolled the latex on like a wetsuit, genuinely loving the feel of it. Indeed, she always liked the skin-tight feel of diving gear on her skin too much, but never really admitted that to herself. At first, it felt too big for her, but found herself not questioning how it tightened around her. She found herself unable to suppress how good it felt on her body, how the tight feel of it seemed to caress her skin.

Lightly feeling her encased body with her bare hands, rubbing her inner thighs together, her mindless gaze moved to the stone. Looking at her reflection in glassy darkness, she heard a whisper, Hold it …

Without thinking, aroused more than she let herself be in her life, she picked up the orb. Laying back, she embraced the feel of the suit encasing her, as she rubbed the orb all over her sensitized body. She moaned and cooed, body no longer hers within. Her hand groped her humid crotch with the orb, while her other felt up and down her entire body.

Eventually, it was as if the suit was doing the caressing for her. Her body was alive with pleasure beyond any she ever knew. She moaned, she cooed, she writhed in ultimate ecstasy. It was an orgasm, the truest most pleasurable one she ever knew … The world went as black as the stone …

Jenna woke up the next morning in her bed naked. There was some confusion on her part. The last thing she remembered was orgasming in the catsuit. No … she remembered a dream, sort of … A man in a bar. Did they have sex? The other flash of the dream was them underwater, and she “remembering” something down there. The next “memory” was stripping out of the suit, cleaning it, and going to bed. That part must have happened!

She picked up her phone. To her shock, three days passed. Yet, it was the headline that made her shiver. The news app stated the police were investigating the disappearance of a mid-forties man, last seen near the old marina. The reporter briefly mentioned a mysterious disappearance of a diver, Jennifer, in 1969, and how that then just closed marina was of special interest to the police at the time. Nothing definitive was ever found. 

There was chill down her spine. Yet, something deep down told her not to worry; everything was fine.

In the suite’s living room, Jenna saw the shimmering black suit casually laid out on her couch, with the stone at the head. There was a sense of … pleasure, while she looked at it all, making her forget about the dream and lost time and article …

Jenna was in an odd haze. It was not a big deal, because she did not plan to sail back home to Rhode Island until next week. Still, she felt different, and as much herself as not. It took her half the day before she realized she was wearing that catsuit under her clothes. It just felt right to be encased in a skintight suit. This was perhaps always the case. Since her time in the Navy, there were literally weeks at a time were she comfortably wore a wetsuit for most of the day (even occasionally sleeping in one). Indeed, the only times she remembered sex being good at all was when she didn’t remove all her clothes!

There was a sudden knock on her suite’s door.

“Concierge, Ms Anderson.”

She put on a gushy robe — not thinking to remove the catsuit, and opened the door. “Yes?”

“This package arrived for you, ma’am,” he said pleasantly. He presented a white bag.

“Another one?”

“So it wold seem, Ms Anderson.”

She took it, tipped him, and closed the door

In the bag was a latex hood, a perfect match for what she was already wearing. Without any thought, she rolled the shimmering black thing around her head. Orgasmic darkness overwhelmed her …

Jenna found herself standing in front of some old antique shop she did not recognize. Well, she almost never found herself walking around a tourist trap. Worse, she did not even remembered leaving her hotel! Her hood-less reflection stared back at her.

Through the window, Jenna could see a set of black gloves and high socks casually placed on a counter. They looked of the same latex as the catsuit she felt herself secretly wearing. Without thinking, she walked in.

Ding-aling-ling, the brass bell went.

“Hi, what special thing can I help you find,” the older woman kindly offered inside.

“Where did you get those?” Jenna asked, pointing to the shimmering black gloves and boots.

“Hmmm …” she pondered. “I believe they came in a package of various items my husband received yesterday. Probably from someone’s estate.”

“How much do you want for them?” Jenna heard herself ask in an alien, almost hungry cadence.

“Oh, how’s thirty sound?”

“Done,” she heard herself say flatly, having no urge to haggle …

Later that day, Jenna went out on her boat. Bobby was already aboard performing some cleaning and maintenance.

Jenna suddenly felt confusion and excitement toward something she did not want to comprehend. Bobby was a few years younger and fairly fit. Still, she never considered doing anything with the man, an employee. Now, she was looking him over with an aberrant curiosity.

“Just finished looking over your suit … What happened to that guy?” He looked deeply troubled.

“Oh, yeah, he chickened out …” Jenna heard herself say. She wanted to feel deep concern about what Bobby was asking, but all she could feel was the near full-body pleasure of the tight catsuit right then. “Looks like it’s all in good shape, Bobby, let’s go diving when you’re done fixing things up,” she heard herself offer. The pleasure of the latex suit somehow made her excited to do so. And well, they did test their equipment all the time.

Like they were not even her hands, they strapped on her diving gear over the complete body suit. Bobby certainly did not mention her being visibly encased a moment ago. Did he not see the latex? … Everything suddenly became hazy, dreamlike. A deranged vision suddenly came to her …

With her hands not her own in the hotel room, Jenna took the dark stone. Her grasping hand moved toward her relaxed, moist crotch. The filled hand pleasurably moved into the implausibly welcoming orifice. The hand moved upwards, the pussy lips tasting well past her wrist. She could almost, no, she could see the orb within her. The hand released, and the stone thing moved into her womb. It settled in, somehow forcing the ova within her to move into the womb, and the stone began to work …

Just beyond the face mask she did not remember affixing, she saw Bobby walk out onto the deck.

“Oh, I see you’re all set to go, Jenna!” she heard in the distance.

“Yup, let’s get goin’, Bobby!” she barely heard herself say.

Eventually, through that epic pleasure of total encasement, Jenna found herself underwater. Yet, all her motions were beyond her control. It felt like a dream, and maybe it was. It was so damn hard to think. Maybe, she did not want to think. Something seemed wrong with Bobby, but felt oddly separate from it all.

Ironically, she was sure Bobby’s dick was somehow deep inside her, thrusting hard. Was this the source of her continuing pleasure? Who knows? Who cares? It felt so good, so right just to be encased while fucking. She did not care that she was out of control, thanks to the perfect pleasure.

Just beyond the orgasmic waves, she could see herself almost playfully removing and replacing his respirator. He seemed to be enjoying it, the most dangerous tease. He eventually came into her already orgasmic self. The respirator was replaced in his mouth, but she barely saw her hands again playing with the hoses. Something was emerging in the darkness, something comfortingly familiar yet grotesquely alien …

Jenna awoke the next morning on her stomach. She felt as much like herself as much as she didn’t. Sleeping on her stomach was not normal for her, but apparently necessary. She was fully encased in all that shimmering black latex, which she somehow knew was not latex at all. Being encased felt so natural, as it always did. She could no longer deny how much it turned her on anymore. Which made things so much easier …

That last part was not from her at all!She suddenly shot up the to edge of the bed, the sensing through the latex implausibly vivid.

“What’s happening?” Jenna mumbled almost incoherently. She found herself unable to move her body all of a sudden

You are becoming, feminine voices whispered. Your fetish for encasement that you repressed made this process quite natural for us.

“Those weren’t dreams before, where they?” she incoherently blurted, mouth drooling. “… What happened to Bobby?

Isn’t it obvious, Jenna? We forced him to admit his truth: wanting you, and to be controlled by another. He needed to be cleansed of his lies to be consumed. Don’t worry, you haven’t done anything. In a way, you will never do anything. Your body is ours now. Besides, resistance to us now is impossible right down to your very DNA. Let this happen, let your true self fuel us — don’t let others you know get in the way, and we will bring you to pleasures beyond this world …

Presently allowed control to eat at least, Jenna’s heart raced, thinking about what happened in the water. Her memories were barely there, like something maddening was hidden out of natural mercy. At the same time, there were articles about at least three further disappearances at or near the old marina, including the first mentioned earlier. The local police released no speculation toward any linkages. What was the most surreal was that two days passed since she last saw Bobby …

“I’m so fucking sorry, Bobby …” she said quietly.

Before she could really let loose her emotions toward him, the tight feel of the suit grew apparent again. A memory flash of her ova being deconstructed and repurposed somehow appeared in her mind’s eye. It felt so fucking good to be encased, to be physically altered. It was all so clear to her now, this encasement fetish. The first time she put on a wetsuit was when she was seventeen, and remembered masturbating herself silly that night, failing to make the connection then. Her boyfriend in the Navy could only really give her a good orgasm if she was diving not long before. She all but made the connection then, but refused to do so, seeing the encasing wetsuit as the professional uniform it was. She was only ever happy when encased, physically and mentally. The fact that this apparent entity practically tied her hands behind her back — trapping her within her own body — made it all just that much more pleasurable.

On her own will, she let herself give in to the fetish she denied herself for so long, rubbing her warm crotch through the latex that was never latex. She groped her encased breasts, her encased hips, legs, her encased everything. They all felt so fucking good that she found herself worrying less about what was happening to her. She came, and she came, and she came! Eventually, she just lay on the floor, lightly touching the smooth latex-like material as if it were flesh … 

“Your name’s Jennifer, right?” she asked quietly. “What happened to you?”

There was long moment of silence, but Jenna could feel the entity within. It was an odd moment. Jenna found herself starting to feel the controlling entity encased within her, while Jenna herself was encased by that entity.

No, Jenna. The entity that was Jessica is one with us. It is true, she was a diver, like you. A man she didn’t know began a relationship with her. In a drunken night, she fell and hit her head. The man, thinking she was dead, decided to cover up the accident. By the time she was found by us, her body was no longer viable for the changes we are inducing in yours. However, the Master deemed her worthy to be incorporated into the Whole instead of consuming her. She was born of different gender internally, but accepted the truth within her, no matter how difficult …

“So, what is this? What is happening the me?”

Soon you will be one of us. Our Master’s Will is already within you. Our Master requires sustenance. Before you can join us, you must find that sustenance, as you have already done under the Master’s Will.

It was a strange moment for Jenna. Rationally, she felt she should be resisting, but could tell it was far too late for that. The pleasure she continually felt was undeniable. She had ironically denied herself the pleasures she desired. The wealthy thrill-seeker that now knew she was missing the most exquisite of pleasures the Whispers were revealing to her. No amount of cash ever really gave her enough pleasure. That was why she kept seeking thrills in diving dangerously. She felt that was a reason why that dark stone caught her eye. She felt the pleasures it could give without conscious understanding then. In that moment of total understanding, that she realized the green eyes reflecting back at her from the table were her own.

Through the pleasure of understanding, Jenna walked over to her tall door mirror. Jenna’s eyes were green now. She then had the revelation that the suit fit her perfectly looked like second skin. Indeed, all the zippers and seems were gone. There was no visible way to remove it. Her hair just freely flowed out from the latex-like skin.

She physically changed, too, wrinkles and ridges literally visible on her hands. Besides the eyes, Jenna’s somewhat sharp featured face was about the same, but there were other blatant changes. She was about two inches taller now, about five feet and eight inches, while her breasts seemed smaller. Her body was always a swimmer’s body, but it seemed just that much more streamlined now.

“I’ll be noticed, looking like this,” she said quietly, almost laughing.

To take control of your body through the Seed Stone within you. It has now converted your ovaries and womb into a center of change, as it is as connected with your nervous system as your hands. Visualize the Stone within, and become whatever you wish …

The Whispers were right. Looking like a women that might never have existed would ensure she was safe from any suspicion for their Master. Indeed, Jenna wanted to help her Master.

“OK, let’s do this …” she said, visualizing her transformed womb and the stone at its center. There was a focus on a sexy, athletic, Amazonian form.

A few moments later, something changed. The suit no longer felt tight. It seemed to be shifting to the measurements of a taller woman. Jenna crumbled onto the floor feeling very strange.

You are changing right to the genetic level. The first active transformation is always difficult, but we will ensure it is pleasurable for you. Once you are fully with us, this process will be easy, beyond the pleasures you ever imagined.

Jenna could feel her insides changing, but the Whispers were clearly masking that discomfort with full-body pleasure. Structures transformed and formed within her. Her whole body seemed to moving, growing at once, slowly filling out the suit’s revised dimensions. Her breasts shrank a touch more, as her hands and feet filled out the larger ends. At the same time, the latex-skin shifted to more natural skin tones. Everything was soon in a deep haze, exacerbated by hyperventilation. Everything felt so strangely different yet like that old childhood bed at the same time. She felt jumbled, but deep down, she felt right.

The orgasmic afterglow slightly subsiding, Jenna stood, within a new, tall, attractive, Amazonian body. She, they were certainly female, but close inspection might have suggested something was different. Her olive skin subtly shimmered, as there were no imperfections visible on her super-heroine body.

“How many more?”

As many as you can before your body can no longer exist without the direct touch of our Master …

Jenna walked into a bar, the one where Jenna found a prior offering. She wore a tight red dress over her Olympian body. She rather liked how she received perhaps more sidelong glances than she received in her old body. That curiosity was short-lived. A target was in sight.

The man looked rather like the one that accidentally killed Jennifer decades ago, save for the hair. He was stalky, not very tall, sharp features, and fair hair. The other man’s hair was black. What she felt toward him was almost alien. It was like all she wanted was to bring out his sexual truths, while she felt an excitement toward delivering him to her Master.

“Hi!” she casually greeted in a husky, purring voice as familiar and foreign.

“Hi …” he breathed nursing his golden beer.

“Looked like you needed some company!”

“Do I?” he said, glancing over. “Humph! … The first and only time a woman decides to greet me at a bar is the one time I wasn’t hoping for one to …”

“Wanna talk about it?” She ordered some dark beer.

He finally started to look at her, not displeased with what he was seeing. He deeply sighed. “I hate this town, you know? Went to college, and never wanted to come back. That salty ocean smell! I hate boats, I hate fish!”

“Why’d you come back?”

He sighed again. “My father, Mark Jameson, finally fell overboard, I guess. Gone missing. Kinda a dreary asshole. A bigot, really.”

“And you?”

“I dunno … Not sure I care enough to compare myself to him.”

“Was he really so bad that you’re the only one showing up?”

“We’ll see … My half-sister should be here soon, too. A lot younger than me. Haven’t spoken with her in years. Kinda nuts. Ultra-conservative nut like my father, last we met. Always suspected something strange between she and my father. So close, so much alike, so hypocritical …” He took a big gulp.

“Anybody else?”

“Some old friend of my father, Jack, I think, Bradford Lewiston. That old fuck! If I remember him correctly, he was worse. My father might have been the alpha, but he was the dark core. He’s the one that deserved to be alone. Not me …”

All too easy … Jenna stealthily smirked, sensing so many repressed truths.

They talked for a while, drinking. They did exchange names at one point: she as Jennifer and he as Larry. He was not exactly progressive in his views. While not stated directly, there was a suggestion of how everyone had their place in society, and trying to change that was a personal and societal detriment. He certainly did not want to admit that understanding to himself.

It was not difficult to persuade Larry to take her to his hotel room. He was too drunk to notice her latex-like skin. Before they knew it, Larry was fucking her up the ass, on all fours. Jenna never had anal sex before, and in a way, this did not count. Jenna was not really Jenna anymore. 

“Choke me!” Jenna called through her bright white teeth. She sensed that he needed to be in control, so she gave that to him, perhaps more than any other woman in his life.

He began to do so without question.

“UH FUCK harder!” she growled.

He began to thrust harder into her asshole, tight grip around her neck steady.

“FUCKING CHOKE ME HARDER!” she croaked loudly.

He slightly obliged, but seemed tentative about it. There was no doubt that he was enjoying this. Of course, this was something he never knew he could enjoy.

Now I’m gonna fuck with you, Larry, like no one else can! Jenna thought. “You like choking and anally fucking women, Larry?” she grunted through an almost blocked airway.

“What!?” he growled, not changing his grip or motions.

“Yeah, I know what you really want! First time with someone calling out your true needs Larry? First time realizing you don’t give a fuck about anyone, except that they stay as they are. Yet, now you have a woman forcing you to be who you really are. Admit your truth!”

“What the fuck!” he yelled. “What is this!?”

She laughed through the clenched throat, mocking him.

He finally began to increase his thrusts, while his grip around her neck was now tightening dramatically. In his wild, angry thrusts, he chocked her completely with his adrenaline fueled hands. Her airway was completely crushed, and she suffocated. 

Larry then came hard into her ass in a mad, furious growl. “THIS IS ME!”

Jenna came wildly, and collapsed onto the bed, lifeless.

With Jenna not exactly being Human anymore, she was fully aware of the succeeding events …

Larry paced around the room, not knowing what to do. He was clearly freaking out not only over both who he fucked and how her crushed her throat, but also how he liked it. To accept such a reality would be to change how he assumed he always was. Intentionally or no, he knocked over the tray with the scotch glasses. He picked up a shard, and looked over to the body on the bed with shock and excitement. He sat with a shard in hand, slowly losing his nerve, and soon fainted upon total acceptance …

Sitting up on the bed, Jenna was no longer Jenna. In a way, Jenna did die from suffocation. Jenna’s memories were there, but so were The Whispers’ … There was Jennifer’s, the trans woman saved by the Master just before her death. There was Juliana. There was Mary. There was Alice. They were all there as much as they weren’t. They were all interconnected within a meshed conciseness fully subservient to the Master, whose consciousness was beyond memory and Human compression. At the same time, she knew that the Master had its Human worshippers that aided in the shadows, while it was unlikely she would ever meet one.

The Agent of the Master that was Jenna not long before arose from the bed, fully healed. She walked over to the disconnected man, and dropped a tiny black orb from her vagina into her palm. This was not necessary with the prior ones taken when Jenna was unknowingly under their control, because she simply dropped them into the water.

She forced the pebble down the surprised man’s throat. Soon, that black thing will pull him to the ocean to feed the Master …

At the gathering for the officially missing Mark Jameson, the Agent of the Master was carefully moving through the few attendees. Larry’s lack of attendance was a quiet subject. He was probably the only one of them that was even close to human, even if he only admitted to his inhumanity not long before he was consumed. 

The Agent quickly locked in on a woman standing alone. She was clearly a twenty-something, and was quite attractive. She had long black hair, fair skin, and a body she clearly worked on regularly. The Agent more than appreciated her long, tight, black dress.

“So how did you know my father?” the woman, Lucy, sarcastically asked the Agent. They stood at the table with drinks and snacks.

“He contracted me for a dive a while back.”

“Humph! Must’ve left a good impression for once. I think I’m the only one that really liked him, and even then …” She was drinking heavily.

Hot angry sex, I am sure! “A love-hate relationship?”

“You could say that …” she said quietly. She leaned in and almost whispered. “A good fuck until his dick gave out a few years ago. I knew he murdered people before I was born; he knew I would always willingly fuck him. We played the sickest of games …”

“Why are you telling me all this?”

“I don’t know …”

“Do you even wanna be here?”

“Not really. Let’s get the fuck out of here, skip the seduction, and fuck. Need a distraction …”

The Agent soon found herself at Lucy’s hotel. They were making out, and aggressively removing their clothes.

With almost inhuman strength, the Agent tossed Lucy onto the bed on her stomach. “Holy shit!” Lucy exclaimed.

“Just lay there. I’m gonna fuck the life out of you!”

“Fuck!” Lucy gushed.

The Agent climbed onto the bed, and held the expectant, passive Lucy down at the head with her foot. She sensed that Lucy always wanted to be dominated, but her father never provided. At the same time, she never admitted that was what she wanted from him. Maybe, she never really understood what she wanted from him. 

The Agent then removed her clothes, and began to concentrate on her crotch. A thick member began to force it way out of the pussy, making the Agent moan with pleasure.

“What’s goin’ on up there?” Lucy breathed in excited nervousness.

“Gettin’ ready, Lucy!”

The thick, twelve inch member forced itself out the last inch, a healthy set of balls flopping out. She stroked herself, while the pussy lips fused with the base of the newly formed cock.

“Hey! Maybe get some lube if you’re gonna … OH FUCK — Uumphah!”

In a remarkably smooth motion, the Agent shoved her massive member down Lucy’s tight anal cavity, and a wad of underwear into Lucy’s mouth, the Agent holding it in with her strong hand.

Errooouhhhgerrr!” Lucy cried through her filled and covered mouth. She could barely breath.

“What is you want, Lucy? What is it you always wanted?”

“To be taken!” she cried. “UHHHH-guh … I pretended to hate my father for being a lover, but I now know I liked it! I lusted for his cock: so big, like yours. OH gah … ERRR … I wanted that monster to just take me as his sex-toy, bu-huh, but couldn’t even admit I liked him inside me! I HATED MYSELF FOR GOING TO HIM, BECAUSE I COULDN’T ADMIT I WANTED TO!” Lucy screamed orgasmically. 

The Agent curiously saw Lucy’s arms go limp as a sign of total submission.

The thrusts were rough, too deep, but Lucy cooed happily regardless. Lucy’s tears flowed in the joy and pleasure of an understanding deeper than the dick inside her. Eventually, Lucy exploded in the most powerful of her life. She was Human for the first time in a long time.

The Agent sensed that not only was this woman cleansed for the Master, but also worthy of becoming one that served. An Agent only had the physical resources to give such a gift to one Human. Usually, Agents did not even find someone worthy in their brief physical existence.

She almost painfully forced out a Seed Stone from her pussy, and placed the black orb next to the unconscious Lucy …

The Agent casually sat in the corner of the room at the poorly attended gathering to see if there was another target. Lucy walked back in looking a bit dazed, and the Agent smiled …

And there he was. A bit older than Lucy, but someone the Agent’s Master should find tasty. He almost casually strolled in wearing and old black suit and shimmering, mahogany cane. He was the kind of person that you would not realize was the villain until after the fact. Yet, deep down, you knew the slime he always was, even if he would not admit it to himself.

After observing him take a few drinks and fail to impress a few of the visitors, the Agent made her move.

“You a friend of Mark?”

He almost casually looked over to the Agent. There was a moment of confusion, before indifference. “Yes, I’m Bradford Jameson, Brad … You look very familiar. We’ve met?”

She smirked subtly at his clumsy come on. “Maybe you knew my mother.”

“Hrmmm … Feels like it was a fun memory. It’ll come to me eventually! Guessing you knew Mark.”

Yes …” she answered, barely holding back the near orgasmic satisfaction. “I met him not long before his disappearance.”

“As impressive as I?” he asked sarcastically.

“Sure,” she answered with an equal sarcasm, masking the excitement. “He told me you still had a boat.”

“Yes.” He less than subtly looked her over. “Over in the marina. Spot 12. I got a fuller bar than this there.”

She almost wanted to take him out here and now, but decided to move forward almost carefully to have the best satisfaction. “I love boats. Would be honored to have a tour of yours.”

He seemed surprised at how easily this woman seemed to show interest in some form, but did not really care. “I plan to get back to my boat by four. I’ll show you around then.”

“I’ll look forward to it …”

The Agent arrived at her target’s houseboat. It was definitely something he bought rather recently. Bradford welcomed her aboard almost right away with a drink.

He showed her around while she sipped. It was drugged, of course, but her body seemed agnostic to such things, like being asphyxiated.

They quickly made it to his bedroom, while she was pretending to be somewhat groggy. A full bar lay on the other side of the large room.

“Let me fix you a drink … You were kind enough to fix me one!”

The Agent was amused at how easy it was to stealthily find his sedatives. While mixing the pill dust into his whisky, she mentioned how her drink was making her lightheaded to ensure he still felt in control.

They sat and sipped. “You know, I never did get your name …?”

“Jenna …”

“Huh …” He seemed quite ponderous. Perhaps drugging women that came to him unprompted was foreign to him.

They talked casually for a while more. He seemed to be waiting for something to happen, the women before him passing out, no doubt. And then, he started to feel groggy.

“How many woman have you … medicated, Brad?”

“Wha …” he blurted.

“I’m not exactly Human anymore, so your track record is probably clean on the drugging front. Most change throughout their existence. But you? I get the sense that you never changed much throughout your life. My instinct brings me to those that have been lying to themselves, and such people are often — not always — the most inhuman. Well, here we are. Soon, you will finally know what you really are …”

“Uh … wha …” He passed out …

The Agent joyously yet methodically tied up the old man onto his own bed, putting a large gag in his mouth. She stripped naked and formed a cold, rubbery, dildo-like dick.

SLAP, SLAP! He slowly grunted awake.

“We need you to be awake for this.”

SLAP, SLAP, SLAP! He was awake and struggling.

“Shall we begin …?”

She forced her fingers into his unwilling asshole, making her growl in pain. She eventually shoved multiple fingers into his cavity.

The Agent then teased the asshole for a few moments, before forcing her hand back in. He screamed in pain. Unlike the accomplice’s daughter, there was no pleasure in this for him. That blatant fact excited her greatly, making her thrust into him wildly. He moaned and screamed until his body apparently went into shock.

The old man’s strength was gone, beyond humiliated, violated by something far from Human underneath. He never experienced this before, not on this end. He had no control, no power. His life was in her hands. He doubted she would give it back to him.

When she was close to cuming, she removed herself from the violated asshole. She crawled on top of him, and removed his gag. The fact that he was being fucked by even something close to a dick was something that would have sickened him almost didn’t matter anymore, cuming harder than he thought possible with only a few strokes of his dick.

She then forced the jaw open wide. In a primal scream of a banshee, the Agent came gallons worth of cum down his throat. He eventually just lay there motionless, defeated.

“Tell me your truth, Brad …”

“I could never feel sexual pleasure, so I only ever gave pain … I know now that was my lie to myself … Pain is my pleasure, and my own pain is somehow the most potent …”

The Agent eventually undid the ropes of the cleansed. She took the rag doll of a man over her shoulder, and carried him to the top. The night sky was almost in bloom, like the night Jennifer became one with the Master. There was no one to see what was happening.

With a distinct pleasure, she dropped him overboard, watching the old man sink into the blackness, while the even deeper blackness that was her hungry Master came to consume …

“Shit, it’s great to see you again, Jennifer!” Jenna’s ex, Derek, greeted at the bar back in Rhode Island. “How long had it been?”

“Oh, forever!” The Agent morphed back into Jenna’s form, mostly. The skin was now that flawless latex flesh.

They ordered drinks. The Agent was now not all that surprised that he was divorced and a confirmed bachelor. She could practically taste his deep-seated fallacy. He was far from ugly, but was a little surprised that the former athlete gained a bit of weight.

“I was just stupid then,” The Agent began. “You were right, Derek, we were perfect for each other. Do you think we still are?”

He looked her over with a smile, showing he had become more of a pig. “I’d like to find out!”

They were driving back to Derek’s place, and the Agent in Jenna’s form began to give him a blow job. The man’s dick was small, unimpressive. The irony that Jenna never saw that thing when she existed as an individual was not lost on the Agent.

The surprise oral attention dramatically distracted Dalek, who was driving erratically. The Agent counted at least five cars he probably came close to hitting, before he came down her throat. He quickly pulled over.

The Agent quickly reawakened the tiny member.

“Tell me why you really left me, Derek!” she growled, his dick tightly in hand.


“Tell me why you never stuck with any woman!”

He breathed deeply, wide-eyed. He knew what she was talking about, but still felt the habbit of pretending there was nothing there to say. She grazed his member with her sharp teeth, and he blurted, “I can’t love!”

The Agent smiled.

There was total shock and terror in his face. “I though I could. Somehow pretended I could with Linda, the last one I was with, for a while. I think she knew the truth, made worse by how I could never admit it then … I think I am empty …”

Satisfied, the Agent reached to her crotch to release a black pearl …

It was not terribly difficult for the Agent to find just one more. She thought about finding her old commanding officer in the Navy, but there was no memory of her that suggested some deeply buried truth. However, she did seek out an acquaintance she suspected would be quite tasty. Until recently, women were believed much less when they accused men of being terrible, while a woman accusing a woman was almost laughed at. Jenna only experienced inappropriate comments and touching from this forward investor, but the Agent knew she did much more to others …

The Agent surprised the still striking, single, 40 year old at her small home. The woman had medium length, black hair, blue eyes, athletic physique, and tall stature. She always had that “one of the boys” demeanor.

“Brown? Err Jenna Brown?” Lara Brennan said bewildered at the door.


“Uh, come in … What are you doing here?”

“Wanted to catch up with you.”

They sat on her couch. Lara wore sneakers, yoga pants, and a sports bra. Judging by her somewhat sweaty appearance, she was working out moments earlier.

“Well, um … I’m the COO of Jackson Capital now. Will be ending my mini-vacations in a couple days. Err, what’s happening with you?”

She smiled knowingly. “I’ve changed a lot, Lara.” She put her hand on Lara’s firm thigh. “I wanna show you how you’ve made so many feel.”


She possessively groped up into the sexy soldier’s war crotch.

“No! Fuck off! What the fuck are you doing, Brown!”

Lara suddenly found herself on the floor on her side, pants ripped off. The Agent was groping her thigh and ass, holding the squirming woman down like she weighed nothing. “Let’s get through those layers, Lara! All you ever do was control others and take away others’ control … I’m gonna fuck you!”


She began to grope the struggling woman’s crotch. “What are you doing!?”

“Fucking you!”

The Agent pulled away Lara’s panties, and grew out her large member, balls and all. Lara went wide eyed, feeling the fleshy pole press into her ass cheeks.


“Told you, not the same woman you knew …”

The Agent began to force her monstrous snake into Lara’s pussy. Lara huffed and groaned, unable to speak from the blinding sensations of pain and pleasure. The Agent grasped Lara’s hair, and forcibly thrust into the tight cavity, occasionally spanking. 

Lara was still resisting, trying to pull away, but was utterly powerless. This was perhaps the first time in her life she was so powerless. She tried to hate it from the core of her being. “OH GOD!” was all she could blurt out.

“Yeah, nice and wet!” the Agent cooed, before repositioning the cock toward the asshole.

“No, not my ass!” she huffed.

“I’m taking your ass! Stop fighting! I’ll fuck it good, better than your pussy!”

“Oh, God!”

She wasn’t relaxing her asshole for the Agent, unsurprisingly, but the dick was being forced inside regardless. Lara began with grunt and cry from the intrusion, never having anything forced up there before.

The Agent, growling in pleasure, grasped Lara’s hair, shoulders, brutally thrusting her dick all the way in. Lara growled loudly in pain and pleasure beyond her control. This was brutal, uncaring, but in the end, this was exactly what she got away with in the Navy. 

“Tell me your truth!” the Agent ordered.

“Ugh … Uh … A month ago, errr I found a twenty year old new hire in the shower, and literally ordered him to fuck me … Oh … When I came, I la … later ordered him to forget the whole thing … I just fucked whoever she wanted, whoever was below my status. They often told me no, to stop, but I never listened. Oh, OH, fuck …

“Go on …” The Agent urged, on the cusp.

In a kind of self-defense, Lara, went limp. Like a leaf, the Agent flipped her onto her back, while the impossibly changed woman reinserted the very real cock into her stretched asshole. Almost terrifyingly, Lara found herself squiring in orgasm, but the woman didn’t stop.

“Done fighting me now?” the Agent growled, hands grasping the woman’s throat.

“Just get this over with …” she answered in near total defeat.

The Agent placed her hand over Lara’s nose and mouth, cutting off her air. Lara came again quickly, but harder, blowing her mind. The Agent let her breath for a moment, almost in fascination.

“Get a belt,” the Agent ordered.

Lara went into her bedroom. It was obvious what terrified Lara in that moment, more so than the fact that asphyxiation gave her the most powerful orgasm of her life, that she was not screaming for help. The former associate took away all control Lara had … She returned moments later with a thick leather belt. 

“Belt around your neck. Through the metal loop, good girl. Now on all fours.”

Lara, totally beaten did everything without question.

The Agent began to fuck her ass again, perhaps more wildly than ever. At the same time, the Agent choked her with the belt. Lara could not breath, but found herself screaming in orgasm regardless. 

Lara eventually collapsed, and said quietly, “Yes, that’s it … I have been an alpha all my life. The reality, I now know, is that I derive pleasure from a lack of control. I could take control away from others, but it was never enough. So, I kept taking away control. Now, I know, I always wanted to loose control …”

A few moments later, the Agent gave the woman a black pebble …

The Agent of the Master could only go back to the sea. The body was now spent. A ghostly being swam toward her, a thing within and without her perception. It did not consume her, no. It absorbed her into its very being amongst the others deeply meshed within, before dropping a large, round, black Seed Stone … It quietly lay … waiting for the next meal its Agents provided …


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