Review: The VK Test

The VK Test (mind control, sci-fi)  by Kallie
Leilani’s wife’s strange experiment causes Leilani to start doubting her own humanity

Date Released: Oct 5, 2019

There was a distinct lightness to the story that helped it flow quite well. Of course, I’m instantly reminded of a line from Blade Runner, “How can it not know what it is?” That is a very heavy-handed question when dealing with sentience, especially when one learns their own truths. That is not to mention the kinds of testing the synthetics received in that world to learn if they are synthetic, and for later models, to learn if they are functioning properly. This story was ultimately a bit less heavy-handed, though. What I really liked was how I genuinely was not sure until the end if the machine induced a hypnotic state, revealed robots, or had a mix of both. Not terribly erotic, if you’re looking for more than just hypnosis. It was still an interestingly cerebral piece.

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