Review: Trapped

Trapped (mind control, masturbation, fetish)  by Mr. Scade
She had trapped herself many years before, when she fed her fantasies and fetishes. She had become trapped, when the sight and smell and even thought of latex aroused her. She was trapped in this suit that kept changing, her, her mind, her life. Trapped and unable to escape. The latex was taking more and more of her.

Date Released: Sept 28, 2019

Mr. Scade was always the kind of author that gave something different. As such, there never really is disappointment, even when the story isn’t completely to your tastes. And well, Trapped was certainly different and hot! She was not in control, but fully aware of it. Well, I guess it was what she wanted! All that is all but forgetting to mention the wonderful yet almost subtle TF elements. I love Latex MC and TF, but inspiration to write such themes in their purest form come in fits and spurts. OK, fine, I’ve been on a kick involving demons with latex-like skin, but that is wildly different from this wonderful story. Hot, quick, vivid. This was near perfection!

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