Review: Succubus’ Folly

Succubus’ Folly (mind control, male female sex, succubus) (new)  by Anostus
Spectra is an ancient and powerful succubus. What chance does an apprentice summoner have against her?

Date Released: Sept 28, 2019

What was amusing here, beyond the modern day twist, was just how cocky this Succubus was. Well, we get the impression that she normally found a way to “win,” so it probably was not unfounded. Spectra was still a fun Succubus, as all Succubi should be, whether good, evil, somewhere in between. I weak, I probably would’ve given into her playful charms right away! 😛 The young apprentice reminded me of sudo-engineer Steven, son of a feudal lord, in the film Flesh+Blood. Not everything he did worked perfectly either, but being pushed in just the right way led to some genuinely impressive and cerebral tactics, leading to his arguable victory. I suppose the “hero” here won more definitively than Steven! This was a fun character driven piece.

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