This month’s stories!

This month will see the first of The Armageddon Archives JIP ebook trilogy, which will be reedited into a paperback at a later date. There will also be a Blog Flash serving as an indirect prequel. This Flash will be edited and expanded into the second part of the Armageddon trilogy, and will tentatively serve as October’s Halloween special.

Blog Flash
Title: Let’s Get a Thrall
Synopsis: After settling into their new life in Las Angeles, the Realm of Asmodeus, Marry and Jack agree to further embrace their new lives with a submissive thrall Demon of Lust.
Tags: MC, FF, MF, AN
Release Date: Sept 14

Journeys into Passion
Title: Deep Cover — The Armageddon Archives
Synopsis: In a world on the edge, Hunter turned Warrior, Lucinda, embarks on a desperate plan to fight fire with fire …
Tags: Mind control, transformation, demonic, lust, sci-fi, near future, female-female sex, male-female sex, futa, foot fetish, anal, spanking
Release Date: Sept 23

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