Review: Wildcats

Alt Title: Wild Cats

Wildcats (Mind control, transformation, sci-fi, female-female sex, male-female sex) Directed by Brad Armstrong & Greg Steelberg
An experiment of unknown purpose goes wrong, transforming women — and some men — into catlike sex-fiends.

Date Released: 1995

The early to mid 1990s definitely had a quiet fad of ultra-cheap, made for video, sci-fi tinged films (i.e. Subliminal Seduction). We got a dash of some kind of sci-fi, and another of distinct eroticism. The late night premium cable of these did not always seem to know or embrace all that they were, budget notwithstanding. However, films like Wildcats knew exactly what they were: a themed porno. The looser plot here is almost an asset, as a result of that embrace. It also took itself seriously, but not too seriously. We get just enough of a story to frame the great albeit a little unusual set of sex scenes. The women here truly embraced the catlike behavior, as their erotic effect others was almost orgasmic in its distinctness. Plus, the somewhat eerie undertones throughout helped to exemplify the erotic power these women had over themselves and others. OK, yeah, its super cheep, obviously so, while perhaps a little too quick. But again, the pornographers knew their target audience.

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