JIP: Beyond the Green Door

Disclaimer: This adult short story is a work of fiction. It is meant for those eighteen and older. There is sexual and taboo content, some of which may not even be possible. All characters are eighteen or older. Though there are inspirations from other fictional sources, any similarity to real people, live or no, is merely coincidental.

eBook Edition

Beyond the Greed Door

Maple Street, Vancouver suburb, spring. On the horizon for some were assumed air conditioner growls, screaming children, and American-style barbecues. A silent roar from the unknown already came, unbeknownst to this little suburban world. In one of those little, suburban houses, newlyweds Jason and Linda will soon have a frank conversation about their sex life, and will agree they can’t always be “missionaries.” So, the more recently aggressive Linda will recommend they try something new. They were already long past the beginning …

The Proposition:

Jason found himself on his bare back with is wife trusting above. Linda had become a bit more aggressive in bed since they married almost a month ago. He did not really mind, though; just an unexpected development. Linda was so hot and out of his league, simply being with her was beyond so many fantasies.

The woman was very much a Latina Puerto Rican, having somewhat darker skin, pitch black hair, healthy ass, perfect handful breasts, athletic beach body, deep brown eyes. The “athletic” part was so recent that she only became an apparent fitness buff since they married! Anyway, they met through mutual friends three years ago, and technically met some years before that in passing. If he could be called shy now, he was impossibly shy several years ago. Thin condom-clad dick moving in and out of her, nothing else mattered in this moment. She was so fucking graceful in bed that her more aggressive behavior certainly intimidated him a bit, but there was a kinkiness to it that made him kind of love it! He had a healthy openness sexually.

Jason began to grunt hard, trying not to cum too early. Well, technically he did, failing to think of anything else with his eyes closed, hands on the smooth, full hips, he gripped tightly. She came herself moment after he began to test the tensile strength of his rubber protector. Linda almost casually lay half on him, smiling with him in the afterglow.

Before the afterglow completely faded, she said quietly, “I wanna talk about something, Jay.”

“OK …” he breathed, still catching his breath.

“I kicked it all up a notch in bed just to keep things interesting …”

“I love it, Linda. Fun surprise,” he told her before a loving smooch.

She smiled oddly. “I don’t want us to be some ‘missionary accomplished’ couple.”

“Me neither!” he laughed quietly. “Have some ideas? Got at least one more condom in the end table!”

“Would you mind a rather bold recommendation?”

“I’m listening …”

“You remember Lucy, right? Well, she and her wife got into a swingers club not long before we got engaged …”

“What …?” Jason was more than surprised, but was more surprised at his lack of shock toward where this was likely leading.

“We wouldn’t have to do anything at the parties, but I think it might be fun to hop in one of these days …”

“Err … A party’s a party, I guess … All right,” I agreed awkwardly …

The Orgy:

They dressed rather casually for the orgy, party, or something. Jason still had no idea what to make of it all. He wore a polo shirt and jeans; she wore a tight red T-shirt and cut off short-shorts. Yeah, Jason really liked how she dressed!

Walking up to the front door, Jason quipped, “What’s beyond the green door?”

She smiled oddly, and retorted, “Ha, ha, ha! A fuckin’ orgy!”

A woman answered the door that Jason did not recognize. Indeed, this was Lucy’s house, which he had been to before. She was rather tall, taller than Jason, had layered blond hair to the tattooed shoulders, larger breasts, full lips, striking face, and a sexily athletic yet subtle hourglass figure.

“Hey, Linda!” the woman greeted, ushering them inside. “Waitin’ on you forever!”

“This is Jenny, Jason,” she reintroduced.

“Hi,” he shook her hand awkwardly. She had a firm grip!

He knew a good plurality of the women there. Four of them were his wife’s old friends (the core group?): bride’s maids and bachelorette party “choreographers.” There was the slim, auburn haired Liza and her dark skinned, athletic wife Brianne; the voluptuous, raven haired brunette Lucy, the host; and the slim, brown haired Becca.    Lucy and Becca were accompanied by their husbands, while there were a couple other pairings. 

Something instantly struck Jason, who had not seen any of them since the wedding. “Linda, err, are all your friends fitness addicts, too, now?”

“Fuck yeah!” she said honestly.

It almost all seemed too normal at first to Jason. Lucy brought him his drink, as he somewhat shyly made small talk with her.

“So, umm, have you always done orgies?” he asked with genuine curiosity.

“Eh, kinda a recent thing,” she said with slight smirk. “It’s really fun and freeing, Jason. No one has to do a damn thing!”

He gulped down his drink, which had more alcohol than he expected. Lucy mixed him up some more.

“It says a lot about you that you’re even here, Jason,” she forwarded.

“Thanks,” he slurred subtly. At the same time, he less than subtly looked over his wife’s hot friend. Her white shirt was loose and dress like, while just thin enough to hint she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her legs looked so sexily long and smooth below the super short short-shorts, exacerbated by her revealing heels. Her tasty feet were smooth and a bit large for her frame. The nails were a hypnotically shimmering deep red, matching her fingers.

“Your much more open than you pretend to be in public … Linda tells me you’re really into feet, Jason.”

He looked up, a little embarrassed. That was when he saw Brianne fucking a guy cowgirl on the couch across from them. Linda was also visibly getting rather handsy with Jenny and the tattooed brunette woman he just met. Suddenly, Lucy’s bare feet were on his fully tented lap.

“Go ahead,” she offered casually. “We’re all fucking drunk and safe here.”

“OK …” he breathed, not believing what was happening. 

It was Jason’s hands that started it. Beautiful, high arched feet just in his lap. They felt so silken and warm, very warm. He almost liked them as much as his wife’s, which had rather short yet suckable toes. Well, Lucy’s long toes look quite suckable, too, and again, it was practically his hands that did it all. He genuinely did not remember the moment Lucy’s delicious toes were in his mouth, while he rubbed, deeply. 

Lucy moaned loudly, “Linda’s a fucking lucky woman! Take off your pants.”

He did so, as Lucy pulled off her shirt and pulled down her shorts. Yup, she was wearing no underwear all along! 

Jason still couldn’t believe what was happening. It wasn’t just the fact that a woman not his wife was stroking his throbbing member with the most perfect soles. It was also that he could see his wife and another woman sucking and slobbering over Jenny’s large dick! He was so fucking turned on, to his utter amazement. Well, Jenny did look completely supermodel female besides the dick, which was much bigger than his.

“God, your dick feels so good!” Lucy exclaimed.

“Your feet feel so good …” He growled, already close. This was it. This was really happening! Jason and his wife was in the middle of an actual orgy. “Never dreamed of watching my wife have a threesome with a woman and trans-woman!” Right then, he could see the tattooed woman almost forcing his wife to deep throat that massive member.

“A voyeur, too!” Lucy exclaimed, stroking harder and faster. “Such a fucking lucky BITCH!”

Looking up and down his sexy presently slutty wife from the full mouth to soft soles, he felt so happy and horny! “Oh, FUCK YEAH, LINDA!” he came hard all over Lucy’s feet.

Lucy quickly licked her feet clean, and ordered, “Get down on the floor on all fours for me.”

He did so without question, which felt strange. Yet, he was too aroused and drunk to care, especially seeing his wife getting plowed by Jenny with loud coos.

Suddenly, he felt warm, slippery goo being rubbed all around and into his surprisingly relaxed asshole. “Your gonna love this,” Lucy breathily said in his ear amongst the growing cries of pleasure.

“OH FUCK!” Jason cried in pain and pleasure. The thrusts into his stretching ass soon turned into an intense pleasure he never knew existed, exacerbated by the deviant sights of his wife’s threesome. His wife lay on her back with her leg over Jenny’s shoulder, while the other women aggressively humped her mouth. Linda came hard while the woman choked her. It was clear their fucking was far from over.

Then, before his eyes something began to happen he couldn’t explain. Every time he blinked, Jenny began to change before his confused eyes. Her soft skin shifted to a bright red, as boney wings came into focus. Her ears became as pointed as her swept back horns, while sharp, fanged white teeth became apparent. A long, fleshy tail slowly faded into focus. Her black claws were especially hypnotic. 

Others in the room became demon-like, too, including Brianne and Becca. Brianne was now a distinct burgundy with lighter red palms and soles, as Becca was an almost crimson. He then saw Lucy’s “hand” tightly gripping his shoulder. It was now an orangey red with distinctly red claws. Linda finally looked over to him with excited cat eyes and a sharp-toothed smile as joyous as hungrily horny.

“Oh gah, oh gah …” he grunted through the incessant thrusts. “What the fuck is happening? Am I drugged?”

Jason suddenly found himself flipped around and being fucked up the ass on his back. The sight was horrifyingly erotic. Lucy was now as distinctly demonic as the rest, if not more so somehow. He then found himself into a deep kiss with a long, slithering, forked tongue. It all made him cum everywhere, harder than before.

Lucy quickly removed the strap-on, and mounted him in an aggressive sixty-nine. He never even ate out his wife’s pussy before, yet here he was consuming and fingering this apparent Demon’s! Fuck, her tongue moved around his dick in such epically pleasurably ways. Suddenly, as to his pleasureful shock, her tail aggressively fucked his asshole … At the same time, he was just barely able to see his wife’s threesome progress. The demoniac Jenny was in a reverse anal cowgirl, the woman now wearing a strap-on. Linda was aggressively stoking and sucking off Jenny’s now distinctly red member. Jenny then exploded a massive load of thick, green tinted cum into the orgasmic Linda’s mouth, the three of them desperately sharing the boon.

Jason the experienced a massive load of thick, greenish cum explode into his mouth through the red pussy lips. It was indescribable, unlike anything he ever tasted. Yet, how it made him feel was clear. He found himself wanting more, as he came so damn hard into Lucy’s mouth …

The Bachelorette Party:

Becca in her blue tank top led the bride to be up to Lucy’s green door. Linda had no idea what to expect. She saw The Hangover films, Bachelor Party, and was once told by an old professor that the best such parties were only really for the amusement of their friends. If it was any good, they probably would be too drunk to remember. Linda later learned that her destined husband apparently was forced to go to a strip club he did not enjoy.

Linda perhaps sensed something different about Lucy’s behavior of late. She had become more aggressive, for lack of better words. More willing the dress in more revealing clothes, more actively showing sexualized affection toward her husband. Well, Linda did not think anything was really wrong, it was just a little different.

The glossy green door opened to the super happy Lucy, who wore a rather revealing top and very high cut shorts. Her finger and toenails were a shimmering red.

“Hey, there’s the bride!” Lucy greeted, ushering them inside.

Linda found her head clad with a silly plastic tiara and “bride” sash. Lucy plopped her at the end of the couch, while flanked soon by Liza and Brianne (wife and wife) on the right and Becca on the chair to the left. Their host handed out the champaign. They cheered and drank happily.

“Still can’t believe it!” Becca cooed.

“Yeah, one person for the rest of your life?” Lucy forwarded, sitting on the couch arm. There was something sexy and domineering about her posture.

“And a guy?” Brianne teased.

They chuckled like school girls.

“Yeah, Brianne and I were really hoping you’d come around!”


“Well, there was that one time with Lucy back in college …”

Lucy smirked.

“Oh do tell!” Becca nudged. “What happened?”

“Well …” Lucy smirked. “You know how she was a little shy then. She came to me. Said she kinda liked girls, wasn’t sure about guys. So, we kinda went for it.”

“What’d you two do?” Liza cooed.

“Oh, everything. Sloppy college sex is so wild and curious, right?”

“So bad!” Brianne teased. “You never told me that!”

“Cut it out. I’m so fucking embraced!” she said in nervous laughter.

“Seriously it was great!” Lucy added. “Never came that hard before.”

“Holy shit! Never expected that,” Liza said amazed. “Why’d you hide that, Linda?”

“Well … I guess I’ve always been bisexual. Just, you know …”

“You shouldn’t have hid that! We could have had some great sex, Linda,” Liza teased. Brianne chuckling.

“That was years ago. I mean, I’m still attracted to girls …”

“You are?” Liza teased further.

“Yeah, obviously,” she chuckled nervously.

“But you’re gettin’ married,” Liza lightly observed.

“We both like girls, I like guys …”

“You think he’d ever be all right if you ever brought a girl into your relationship?” Lucy asked curiously.

“You know what, guys? If Jason didn’t let me do what I wanted — and I didn’t let him do what he wanted, we wouldn’t be together.”

“Cool!” Lucy said. “Well, Liza there seems really interested. Sounded pretty bummed out she didn’t know you liked girls, too”

“You guys are so fucking bad!” Linda said amazed.

“Hey, we’re just having fun, Linda,” Lucy said with a smirk. “Plus, we have a really great surprise for you later. You’ll love it.”

“Can’t wait,” she said with a happy laugh. “Can I ask what it is?”

They laughed.

“It’s gonna be the best night you’ve ever had,” Brianne said cryptically.

“You’ll love it,” Becca forwarded deeply.

“Better drink up to get ready,” Lucy ordered.

Linda did so, starting to feel the champagne Lucy kept stealthily pouring after every sip.

“If I knew, we would’ve fucked, he-he,” Liza said. “Come on, give me a kiss, Linda. Its a congratulatory smooch.”

Linda, in her amazement, slightly leaned over to the married woman, and they smooched for real, Liza lightly holding Linda’s chin. It was a lightning strike of arousal, something she never felt before nor knew how to handle.

“UMMM!” Liza cooed playfully, smiling along with Linda. Smooch, smooch smooch.

“That kinda turned me on,” Lucy said honestly. Linda herself was speechless after the multiple strikes of pure arousal.

“Oh, yeah, Lucy?” Liza cooed.

“You know, I’ve hooked up with Liza,” Lucy said with a horny smile toward jaw dropped Linda. “As good a kisser as her wife.”

“Well, you wanna show us?” Linda forwarded on impulse. She wanted to think she was calling a bluff, but really did want to see the two go at it.

“Sure!” Lucy said, before going in her hands and knees before Liza.

“Yeah, kiss my wife!” Brianne cooed.

Lucy grasped her waist, as Liza framed her face. The host leaned in for an almost held back, teasing smooches at first. Their intensity slowly rose, Lucy clearly choreographing, while they began to feel up their tight bodies, their breasts.

“Bring back some memories for you?” Lucy said to Linda.

“Oy my God!” Linda chuckled nervously in her intense arousal.

“She likes it!” Becca cooed.

“I’m gonna kiss you a little more,” Lucy said to the hungry Liza. “Let’s show Lucy what we do …” They hungrily made out some more, before moving to the middle of the room.

Brianne shifted over on the couch, as Becca hopped over, sandwiching the bride to be.

“It’s showtime, Liza, get on all fours for me.”

“Oh, wow,” Lucy said amazed, turned on.

“Such a juicy ass,” Lucy said squeezing Liza’s exposed butt cheeks. She then began to spank the cheeks audibly in turn.

“She loves to be spanked!” Brianne cooed. “This is your first surprise, by the way, Linda.”

“I love it!” Liza confirmed. Smack, smack, smack.

Lucy pushed away Liza’s black thong, and began to kiss and burry her face between the cheeks. Liza cooed and swayed. Lucy began to playfully lick the asshole and pussy. “You’ve got the best fucking tongue, Lucy!”

Linda noticed how Lucy’s slithering tongue looked somehow long and dark, but assumed that was just because of where she was sitting. She was a little too turned on by the show to care, already feeling up the soft thighs of her friends on impulse.

“Well, this is supposed to be my party!” Linda said in her deep arousal.

Becca quickly took the initiative, and began to make out with with wanting Linda. 

At the same time, Lucy flipped the moaning Liza around and began to lick the woman’s moistening pussy. Linda barely noticed, now making out with Brianne. 

“Oh … OH my gah …” Liza cooed. “That tongue … FUCK!”

Linda’s friends lustfully undressed her, loving how they made her the center of their attention. She went back and forth, kissing them with more hunger than she ever knew. 

“Oh God, Lucy, your tongue! Your tongue is so deep,” she cooed.

Becca and Brianne were groping and exploring Linda’s quivering body, while they wetly drenched Linda in turn. Linda legs naturally opened, as Becca’s hands naturally went down.

“Oh, oh yeah, mistress Lucy, please don’t stop! Can’t wait to become just like you!”

The three on the couch fully exposed themselves, more than aware of the growing coos of Liza. Yet all that really mattered to Linda in that moment was Becca’s tit in her mouth. She then kissed down to the partly shaved snatch. Becca and Brianna then snuck a deep smooch.

Liza and Lucy brushed their breasts together, drooling all over them. They then made out while rubbing their bodies together, before Lucy kissed down to Liza’s breasts. She sucked, she inhaled. Lucy was working the entire large breast into her mouth and succeeding, making Liza coo submissively.

Becca turned around to present her ass to the bride, who spanked and squeezed. “I really like your ass!” she cooed, burring her young and face inside. “Oh, thank you, Linda,” Becca cooed back, “You can get lost in there.” Linda retorted, “That’s the idea.”

Meanwhile, Lucy continued to consume and play with Liza’s perfectly well shaped tits, her inhumanly long tongue making them jiggle. “OH, oh fuck!” Liza cooed orgasmically. “Lay down, my Liza.” She did so, and Lucy mounted her crotch over the woman’s hungry mouth.

Linda was now excitedly licking Becca’s pussy from behind, nose between the cheeks. Brianne helped by opened the cheeks wider. “Yeah, what a butt!” Linda cooed and slapped.

Liza began to tongue fuck Lucy, who swirled her knowledgeable fingers in and out of Liza’s pussy. “Oh, so fucking good!” Liza cooed, mouth full. Lucy then grabbed Liza head, and began to fuck her face.

It had been maybe ten years since Linda tasted pussy. Yet, it really was like riding a bike. It was glorious. She might not have missed pussy, but she was loving it now.

Lucy repositioned herself into a sixty-nine with Liza, who ate even more hungrily than she did. Well, maybe Liza was compensating for not having a tongue as apparently as orgasmic as Lucy’s!

“I want Brianne’s pussy!” Linda cooed. “Me, too!” Becca chimed. Brianne sat back onto the couch, feet on the cushions and legs open wide. She then went down on the clean shaven snatch, lapping up the moisture.

Liza’s tongue out, Lucy moved her rear back and front, cooing joyously. Lucy sat up, and began to embrace the pleasure her Liza was giving.

Linda and Becca began to play with Brianne. Becca took the top, as Linda took the crotch. “You taste so good!” Linda complimented. Brianne cooed lustfully in thanks.

“OH FUCK, OH FUCK, I’M CUMING!” Lucy cried orgasmically. She humped Liza wildly, extending her massive, wet orgasm. Lucy’s thick green cum spewed all over Liza’s face and down her throat, making Liza cum hard. “I love it …” Liza gurgled, “More, please …” They soon began to scissor wildly, thick green goo dripping down their bodies.

Linda climbed up, and spread her pussy over Brianne’s hungry mouth. “Oh, that’s so fuckin good!” Linda cooed. Becca played with hers and Brianne’s pussy at the same time, cooing even louder.

Lucy repositioned to grind their pussies with her on tip. She ground Liza wildly, with Liza’s legs as open as humanly possible. Lucy then came hard like a geyser, that thick green stuff splattering into and on the orgasmic Liza. She scooped up some of the goo and fed it to the mind blown woman.

“Oh, fuck, I’m gonna cum on your face, Brianne!” Linda cooed loudly. “Oh, yea!” Brianne cooed in encouragement, mouth full. The women on the couch came wildly in near unison. 

The domineering and triumphant Lucy, her thick green cum dripping down her muscular inner thighs, walked over to the trio. If Linda was not so lost in the afterglow of sexual frenzy, she would have been shocked by the site. Lucy now donned distinctly red skin, deep muscular lines, and large wings. The cat-eyed Lucy really looked like some kind of Demon! Lucy then grasped the back of Linda’s head with her red clawed hands, and buried her face into the goo saturated crotch. All Linda could do right then was consume. The goo tasted unlike anything, yet she wanted more. Even eating that little bit nearly made her cum. So, she desperately ate out Lucy, as the powerful Lucy humped her face. Lucy soon blasted a massive load of her inhuman cum within and without the already addicted Linda …


“I guess I forgot to tell you, Jason, my best friend Lucy isn’t Human anymore!” Linda said with a joyous laugh. 

They were walking down a long hall with several others, including the demoniac Lucy. All but Lucy appeared Human to Jason.

“As I’m sure you new ones are starting to feel,” Lucy began in deep tones as haunting as arousing, “This is not some Demonic apocalypse, as it might seem on aesthetics alone. I was the first of my group of friends to transform into something else, thanks to corrupting my now beautifully alien husband. This is more an alien invasion. 

“One year ago, a group of men and women had to swim through what looked like a normal underground pound in a rarely traversed cave near Vancouver. Just enough remnants of a special meteorite found its way into those cave waters, making it nearly identical to the alien cum genetically corrupting you now, and the group emerged from those waters as the first of the horny, demon-like aliens that led to me and now so may more. The difference for their ‘descendants’ is how the alien cum merely begins our journey away from humanity. You don’t have to create a short-lived harem like I did, but you need to have someone corrupted with that alien cum. This requirement is being encoded into your DNA as I speak, as the need to transform is being encoded …”

Lucy led them into a large sunroom with several latex bags on the floor. All were attached to some kind of vacuum. But before any even noticed those bags, the scent of mouth-watering, alien cum permeated the room.

Linda gave Jason a long, lustful kiss, and said, “Thank you for coming, Jason. You had to come here on you own free will, you know. Now that you are corrupted, I shall finally become like my friends …”

Similar words of gratitude were exchanged amongst the other pairs. In all, three were reverently entering the bags (one man and two women), which were clearly filled with that thick, alien cum. All the Corrupted were addicted to that goo, but their altered DNA also prevented them for truly sating that addiction within that bag until they ensured the Corruption of another. Jason could feel how perfect and methodical this invasion really was, while his DNA was already altered enough for him to be happy about it. Indeed, Jason suddenly had the sense that he and Linda would be mates after she changed, if they choose so.

Linda pressed a button on a remote with her long clawed finger. A loud vacuum became audible, while the air in the bags was quickly sucked out. They were naturally in a fetal position, the shiny black material highlighting every healthy curve of their bodies. They quickly began to writhe and cry not in fearful agony, but it blatantly orgasmic bliss.

Though Jason mostly just watched Lucy, it was clear the all bodies within the bags were beginning to morph. The man’s was the most blatant at first, Jason somehow sensing that the transformation exemplifies the true self. His waist sunk inward  as hips noticeably flared out, creating a blatant hourglass figure. The dick then disappeared into a sexy cameltoe, before large breasts ballooned outward. Her body then developed distinct musculature.

The woman not Jason’s wife was different. She proportionally grew multiple inches larger, developing notable musculature like the former man. Jason then went wide-eyed, seeing a thick, foot long dick grow down between the “woman’s” legs.

Jason’s wife grew a little larger, but not to the degree he just saw on the other. Still, she became more blatantly athletic and imposing than all of them.

The orgasmic trio then rolled onto all fours, squirming wildly. Distinct nubs became apparent on the outer ends of they shoulder blades and tops of their foreheads. The bag of the man turned demoniac Amazon broke first at the shoulder nub, showing the forming wing and naturally bright red skin. She squirmed out of the bag, eyes now catlike. Her twisted black horns quickly finished forming, adding almost half a foot to her already massive stature, as her wings and tail grew large and proud.

The now dick-clad, demoniac female then began to emerge. Her tone was almost like an organic fire. The dark brown horns swept back with her hair, meeting at the back like a crown, as she flapped her wings until fully formed. “She” had no tail, but her now two foot long member was quite fleshy, as the balls were more than healthy.

Lucy then began to emerge. Her skin was a hypnotically shifting red and orange, like wildfire, while her more than enhanced body was that of the sexiest athlete. Her respectable, reddish-black horns curved outward, as her very long tail slithered happily. Her quickly formed wings were large enough to engulf them both.

They slowly arose, and walked over to their respective mates. It was not mandatory to choose a mate right then, but it simplified things in the long run. The Amazon whispered, wrapping her tail around the promotionally little woman “We’ll both carry our spawn.” The dick-clad one flipped her man around, forcing her new dick into the loudly grunting man’s asshole, “You will become the female you already are deep down, and carry our spawn.” Lucy cocooned herself and Jason within her massive wings, and whispered, “I can feel myself ovulating at the thought of ordering you to fill me with your soon to be transformed seed …”

“You see the process now,” Linda happily resonated to the many Corrupted. “One after the other; harem after harem. There are tools of conquest not of destruction; there are tools of thoughts, corruption, and desires. Humans keep looking for monsters, but normally find monsters within themselves. We shall destroy the monsters within humanity …”


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